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3D Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 (3DS eShop)

Hero of Legend

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I notice there's not much talk about these at all.

Both are out worldwide now, and more hopefully will be on their way since 3D Power Drift and 3D Puyo Puyo Tsu are upcoming in Japan (for now only as part of the second retail compilation). Sonic Spinball was listed in 3D Gunstar Heroes' RAM alongside Puyo Puyo Tsu before that was unveiled.

Here are Sega's interviews with M2 on 3D Sonic 1 and 3D Sonic 2. :)

What are your thoughts on both?

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I never bothered dishing out cash for Sonic 1 3D. Nostalgia wins me over to #2 more often in general, and it did so once again here. I've had 3D Sonic 2 on my Japanese 3DS for a few months now, and I loved it! Sonic 2 is such a classic!

3D Classics Gain Ground tho...get on it, SEGA! :P

lol, tbh, I'm absolutely and totally satisfied with what they've got on there now. They've gone far beyond the call of duty with these releases, each and every one is so polished and has so much effort put into it! I really want to get Gunstar Heroes: I've never played through it and it's so much fun.

one thing for sure tho: I NEED to get a Genesis sometime in the future!! It's a must for me! So many greats!

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I've got both on my system and I'm more than happy with them. As much as people would compare to the StealthTax versions, when I buy a re-release of the classic games all I really need to be happy is a proper translation of the original game. Adding the spindash to Sonic 1 was a good move on their part, I find it weirdly fun to use in the Sonic 1 layouts.

I would have loved it if they had added in Tails' flight into Sonic 2 but hey, I'll live.

I don't really fiddle with the included screen and audio filters but again there's some nifty stuff in there for those who want it.

StealthTax aside, these versions are definitely up there as one of the most definitive versions.

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I have both and I love them. They beautifully ported these 2 classic games. I can't decide if they ported them better than Sonic Classic Collection on the original DS though. Instead on releasing these 2 games though they could have just rereleased Sonic Classic Collection but made the whole game in 3D. I like how the special stages look in Sonic 2 with the 3D on. I can't explain it. You have to experience it for yourself. The music is really good as well. Sometimes these ports butcher the music... GENESIS!!!!


I don't have them, but my sister has the 1st Sonic game on her 3DS.

She enjoys it. Maybe I should ask her if I can try it out, especially the effectiveness of the 3D.

Trust me the 3D affect is fantastic. If you want it to pop out at you though you have to go into settings and set it for pop out (the settings in the game not the system settings.)

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I've personally never noticed any issues with Sonic 1 3D, but someone pointed out that there's a slight graphical issue. What is it?

Hard to describe but... there's a sort of visual tearing that shows up occasionally.  Like a single square tile or two of the level geometry will have a bar of flickery transparency pass through it, horizontally level with (and in time with) Sonic as he passes the same area of vertical space onscreen elsewhere.  Usually it's a piece of scenery to his left or right, and it's such a small thing it never affects gameplay (nothing like platforms disappearing as you try to jump to them or anything like that).


I dunno if it's an issue with the visuals generally or if it only shows up when using stereoscopic 3D or what.

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