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The Sonic Stadium's 15th Anniversary!!! [24 OCT 2015]

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I'm a little late to chime in but hi anyway.

Happy 15th SSMB. As of this last September I've been here for 10 of those 15 years and its still weird for me to say haha. This site was a large portion of my growing up in my teenage years and I have a lot of the past members here to thank for taking part in shaping me who I am today (for greater or for worse lmao). I've had so many friends come and go that looking back on it it's both sad and happy. I can't help but wonder where the folks like Nomad the Hedgehog, FullmetalSonic84, Oni, Strongbad, and so many more are up to today. I guess if you're a past friend stumbling across this I've been really good. Just working normally and playing games, living in Seattle with the gf and just being happy day by day.

But back on the site's birthday, just wanted to say a big thanks for having so many fun things to do over the years. I'll never forget getting runner up for that Sonic Gems Collection arcade fighting stick contest when I built a Sonic snowman and painted it even (losing to CosmicFalcon's amazing lyrical version of Sonic 1 ending theme is fair though. And by the love of god if ANYONE has that song I'll do literally anything to hear it again, it gets stuck in my head to this day even hahaha). Being apart of the short lived SoniClans was one of the more creative forum group efforts and being that giddy 15 year old accepted into Team Sonic will never be forgot. Contributing to the first two SSMB music album projects was a really personal and special time for me and I still get props for some of my songs; always making me feel great and want to do more (even if I'm a lazy bastard that doesn't lmao). And the core of it all, being around the New Sonic Games section whenever a big game was announced and being apart of the hype will forever always be some of my fondest experiences here.

However, the biggest thing for me was being a SSMB Staff member for near half of my time here. It was such a good self esteem booster being a person that people could look to for help and just in general trying to make this the most fun place for people that called this place their internet home. Heck if I was still doing it we'd be having another Halloween Werehog special for badges where I'd make you werehog-ify anything your little noggin could create. But better yet all my best friends online at the time seemed to be staff as well, and I think that was the most important thing of all to me. Even if some of the staff were ones I barely talked to, they felt like age-old friends I could easily talk to and I don't think anywhere except Sonic Stadium could have such a thing for me on the internet. I'll admit that sometimes I want to come back just for that as silly as it sounds, but SSMB is definitely in capable enough hands in it's current state with it's staff line up.

While I hope SSMB continues to chug on for far long than anyone either intended or hoped for, I guess there's this selfish part of me that I hope at least me and/or some of us other older farts will still be in its history as time goes on. I know I'll remember so many of you anyway, even if you were just one of the casual posters here and there. I just don't think some people realize how much of an impact you have just for being apart of the community and that's what makes SSMB so great to me.

Anyway keep running onward Sonic Stadium, 15 years old is a great milestone but you have so many more ahead of you and I can't wait to see what the future of this place holds

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Wow, 15 years! I can only congratulate, you did a very great job! I am a member of this community for one year (if you check my profile, there is 19 March, because my account was deleted in the server crash :P), and I had a very good time while I was here. This is the best place to discuss about Sonic and get the latest news! ;)

Keep up the good work!

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Some accomplishment to keep this place up and running for 15 years, I've been a fan for about as long. 

Really makes me think how much I've stuck with him as I scoured all across the web from SonicHQ, CuLT, Sost, GHZ, the Sega Forum, etc. after being so captivated by this series. May the future be as cherished as those memories.

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Don't worry Dreadknux, i'll be 30 next year in September. Happy 15th. I remember finding this site in ... I forgot the year. It had to be in the mid 2000's cause I was obsessed with Sonic when I graduated high school in 2004 and a few years after that. I took a long hiatus afterwards and decided tonight just to check up on it. 15 years. Wow, my memory is going.

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