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How characters can fight the true final boss (a idea) READ POST #27

Rey Skywalker-Ren

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And I personally like to say I'm not a big fan of Super Sonic myself. I kinda only like it as a extra little bonus reward for collecting all the stuff or whatever in the game... not as a forced alternate awkwardly made play-style and cheesy story moment for the last bit of the game. Playing as normal Sonic or any other character for the last boss is much more intense to me and fun... as long the battle isn't lazy or sometime... and it fixes any problem of making other characters strong enough to take it on if the game has multiple playable characters.

I agree, that's not a bad idea! Certainly makes me think of Sonic Heroes for some reason.

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Okay i I did some thinking to this thread and I thought that if I didnt want Sonic to be thrown around like a rock why would I want that to happen to the other characters? So I decided to change it. So I play sonic Heroes again and thought that its a good idea for the friends of your choice to take down the boss for you at the beginnnig and then allow Sonic to have the final boss as a hero. 

With the metal Sonic they help you to weaken him. However if the playable friends must be there then something like Sonic Adventure 2 and then Sonic gets the final boss. I am good with this idea and I reject my old one. I still want Sonic getting the final punch but i will try to challenge it.

(Though Tails helping in Sonic 3 was cool!)

I am pretty sure that I would be 100%* okay with a solo-Sonic game that ended with you pummeling the final boss with Eggman. Or any other character that would be sufficiently amusing to kick around (Knuckles, Shadow, Silver...).

*okay 99% because I'm still burnt out on non-Eggman final bosses

like this?


yes I did this a month ago.i put this in my art thread but I HAVE to show you guys this. my gift to you. 


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