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Haalyle's Drawings! [ART]

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Haalyle's Drawings!


Hey guys! Welcome to my showcasing of digital artwork! Every photo is hosted on DeviantArt (a link to my profile will be put into my signature) and posted here once uploaded.

So, only last month, I got a drawing tablet to make my creative portfolio for an interview a few weeks ago (which I managed to get into). At the moment, I'm only really practicing and so most of my artworks will probably just be chibi Sonic characters.

Here's some art I've done lately.

drawing___tails_doll_by_haalyle-d9bw2hy.I first drew this as a pencil sketch, scanned it and clean it up to how it looks now on Paint.net with a mouse.

And so, this is what I've done so far at the moment and you can definitely see how different my style has become throughout them.

Thanks for coming here to view them. I'll edit this original post with each new artwork (put into a spoiler).

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Great drawings, and congartulations to the drawing tablet! I used that technique too (drawing with pencil, and then remaking it with computer). It is very useful, because I can't really draw on the computer, but I can make my pencil drawings look much better. This style also looks nice, good job! ;)

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Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated this thread. Decided I post some sketches I've done over the year, mainly as jokes.

Things I drew over the last two months:



And what I drew today:


(This was a joke in a Discord server I'm in, since everyone was drawing this one pose in different styles, so I did it in my terrible sketch style.)

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