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I really don't know how I feel about Ashe. She looks fun to play as, but the exact moment I shook my head and knew this probably wouldn't be good was the second I saw Rein and Brig together, and especially the close up reaction shot on Brig. Because just makes it exactly telling to me that Ashe is going to be yet another "band-aid" hero designed to try counter and fix the last overpowered band-aid hero - Brigette.

Every time Blizzard designs a hero to attempt to specifically counter a certain hero, they usually end up fucking the job up because they overpower it and make it stupidly hard to deal with for everyone. Brigette's design is the reason she is so OP for example. She was designed as a anti-dive solution, especially with her shield bash, but said ability mixed with her self-heal and shield made it insanely hard to deal with her for any class, let along the ones she was meant to counter.

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The neverending complaint of Tumblr made me salty, but watching the update took that all away.

It was a very nice short.  Happy to see a familiar face. I wonder if this means they're going to use all the other characters in Recall one way or another. Oh, and hi Bob!

I used to imagine a hero with an individual AI attacking for you like that, nice too see Blizzard trying it out.



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I don't normally post about the seasonal events, especially with how honestly shit the Archives event was this year, but I feel this one is important, due to what it's going to bring in...

The third Overwatch anniversary event will be dropping tomorrow at around 7pm GMT/2pm EST. Beyond the fact it's really hard to believe this game is over three years old, it is also bringing in one of the features that will either make or break a lot of returning players who have been feeling completely burnt out with the game...

On top of the usual event skins, and cosmetics, the long awaited Workshop functionality will finally be hopping onto the final game, for every console. For those unaware - the workshop in essence is basically a simple programming tool that you can use to make your own game-modes in Overwatch, with a ton of cool ideas already having been made whilst it was on the PTR on PC. These game modes include the likes of Gun-Game (Swapping hero after a kill), a zombies like mode where players try to kill zombies, and will turn if killed themselves, a hide and seek mode, and much more.

In short, it's a far more evolved way to make your own custom games, like you might've done with simple stuff, like Hide and Seek, Hook Fishing, and the likes. Personally, I'm really excited to try it, as I hope to use it to update and evolve the old boss mode games I made with Reinhardt and Genji. 

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