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Ask Bill Freiberger A Question For Sonic Boom Commentaries #52!


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Dear SSMB,

This Friday evening myself, Doublexxcross and SSF1991 will be recording the last Sonic Boom Commentary show* for Season 1 of Sonic Boom. It's the thing The Sonic Show puts out that you might see occasionally - there's a really fun pre and post show on Last Minute Continue too, but you're probably not aware of that. >_> 

For our last show we're being joined, once again, by Sonic Boom showrunner Bill Freiberger who'll be chatting with us, answering our questions and commentating on the episode itself of course. As it's the last show and we've got Bill on we thought we'd throw open the doors to questions from you guys who might not neccessarily listen in all the time.

So, what questions would you like to ask the man in charge of the Sonic Boom cartoon about the Season One of the show? Now please note we won't be able to ask about any potential future dealings with the show (yes, that means no Season 2 questions please), but if you've got any questions about characters, episodes, writing, the processes involved in making an episode or anything like that please do put down your question and we'll see if we can ask it during the recording!

Soooo what would you like to ask? :)

(EDIT: You can also ask the commentators a question here too if you want.)
* The pre-show, post-show and commentary will be going out on Christmas Day


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  • Are there any current plans on bringing the Chaos Emeralds to the Sonic Boom Universe? If not, will we ever see Super Sonic/any other transformation appear Sonic Boom?
  • Could you give us a hint or two on any main series characters (potentially) making an appearance in the next season?
  • What can you tell us about the Angel Island in the Sonic Boom Universe? How does it differ from the main series? All we know right now is that Knuckles is from there, and that's it.
  • As of right now, there are no Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic Boom Universe. Does this mean there's no Master Emerald as well?
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Added new questions, modified the old one.
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I got a few questions.

1: Were there really no communication at all between the producers of the games, the show and the comic book?

2: Which other SEGA characters would the creative team have liked to introduce to the show in season 1?

3: Are there going to be any longer, story driven episodes in the second season?

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  • Have you played Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or Sonic Boom: Shattered? If yes, what is your opinion on them?
  • Is Shadow really a villain in the Sonic Boom universe or did he use Eggman's invitation as a chance to fight Sonic?
  • How long is the production for a single episode?
  • Is Sega aware of Cartoon Network barely advertising Boom on there main channel?
  • If the show's intro could be longer, what modern Sonic song would you choose as the theme song.
  • What are some of the other shows you have worked on? Any recommendations?
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I think he meant Roger van der weide, the guy that did the first and forever last interview with Ken Pontac.

And to be honest, I prefer that not to happen since people caused an absolute ridiculous uproar over the fact he didn't know much about the Sonic lore. And they already done the commentary too sooo yeah.

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