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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle| Super Saiyan 4s are coming

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Well, i am kinda bored, but since these events are very important, im gonna talk about them.

Strike Events

1, What are Strike Events?

Strike Events are special events which ussualy last 3-4 days, in which you can get an specific SR. These events happen very frequently, so dont worry if you dont know what to do.

2.Strike characters

As of now there are 20 Strike Events in JP, 15 in GLB. For each strike, theres 1(exception the two Gotenks Failures) free SR:

These cards are really good, so i would reccomend leveling their Super Attack level to lvl 10(max lvl). Dont underestimate these cards because of them beign SR. Especially because of this:

3.Super Strike Events (JP ONLY ATM)

Even if its JP only as of now, thse events will also come to GLB soon.

The super strike events are ,,evolved'' Strike events which have 2 stages. The first one is the same as the normal strike events, while the second one will sound very similar to a Dokkan Event second stage, because you can now dokkan awaken the character into a natural SSR( he can go to UR*).


The second stage is a Z-Hard only 25 STA stage in wich youll fight the normal strike character first(has a 1 HP bar, similar to a Z-HARD stage 1 boss), and after that youll fight the Dokkan awakened character, who will have 2 HP bars and can attack multiple times. After you defeat him, you will get 1 medal. The problem with the second stage is that your team cost + your friend cost cant be over 100.

Dont worry, unlike the 10 medals for the normal Dokkan events, here you"ll need 7 medals, but to dokkan the character youll also need some Bulma and Turtle medals and some extra medals depending on the characters type.

Until now there are only 2 Super Strike Characters:

An interesting thing about these Super Strike(SS) characters is that they can go up to Super Attack LVL 15. To get him to that level, you need to have a lvl 10 SSR SS character and a lvl 5 SSR SS character and tro train the lvl 5 one to the lvl 10 one.


Did this make you like (Super) Strike Events more? What of these cards do you have? Im really curious. I only have the AGL Vegeta.

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The event was found in the database, so i should make a preparation guide for it.

Hero Extermination Plan

1.Whats is this event?

Since i am making a preparation giude for it, you can tell that its not an easy event. This event has a gimmick: you can only use ,,Super'' characters. Now, super characters are basically heroes.This event is based on the Plan to eradicate the Sayians(an OVA. There are 2 versions of it, the original which looks like the original DBZ and a Raging Blast 2 version which is shortened but in the new art of the anime): 


2. What can you get from this event?

This event has 20 floors/stages with different prizes. You can get several support and training items but that isnt the important stuff. You can get Bojack, Meta Coller, Tree of Mght and Coller awakening medals. Also, there are THREE farmable cards:

SR STR Gohan:  https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1002870

SR TEQ Dr. Lychee:  https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1003400

SSR PHY Hatchyack: https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1003380


3. How many dragon stones can you get?

 This event is very generous as you can get an total of 38 DS.


4. New banner/gasha/summon

Theres a new banner which will include MANY SSRs. PREPARE YOUR WALLETS(or grind, if youre f2p like me). Basically, theres a new SSG Goku, SSJ Bardock, Fusion 13, FP Bojack. All of these are SSRs. 

Good luck in the new event and banner.(Also, check out the movie, its cool)





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Recently, I did a multi-summon and pulled a STR-type SSJG Goku and 4 TEQ-type Great Saiyamen.


STR-type SSJG Goku's Leader Skill and Passive Skill are pretty great. He is a little better and has more Link Skills than AGL-type SSJG Goku.

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Got really fucking lucky. Did two Mulit-Summons thanks to the limit event, and the 35 Stone bonus given out to everyone and came out with 5 SSRs.

SSR STR Super Saiyan God Goku (Finally)

SSR PHY Super Saiyan Bardock (Finally)

SSR PHY Super Saiyan Bardock (Double)

SSR AGL Full Power Boujack

SSR INT Turles

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Today is a very special day in JP. WE GOT A NEW MECHANIC.Thats right. Click the spoiler tab if you want to know it

Oozaru/Great Ape Mechanic

1. Which characters can activate this Oozaru mechanic?

As of now, there are 4 characters which can transform into Oozarus:

The first three(Raditz,Goku,Vegeta) can be obtained in summons while the Nappa is a free farmable one whoch you can get from a new event.

2. How does the mechanic activate?

The mechanic activates only once per battle.The mechanic activates trough the passive which is rare chance for the Raditz, Vegeta and Goku and super rare chance for Nappa.

3.How does the mechanic work?

This mechanic does the following things:

  • Only lets you attack with the Ape for that round.
  • You dont get any damage
  • You cant use ay items
  • The attack is increased by A LOT.
  • Its RNG if you remain like that abter the round is over or not.

4. How does the transformation look like?


What do you think about this mechanic? Are you excited about it?

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Super Sayian 3 Goku Event Guide

This event is coming May 5th so prepare.

I decided to make the guides different soooo


The Gokus you fight are AGL so you should use TEQ units. Remarkable ones are:


Gotenks Failure

Fusion Android 13(hes farmable from the story chapter The Ultimate Android, last stage)(If you want good damage and dont have Gotenks, get this guy now, but i advertise you, his dokkan medals are a GRIND)

Perfect Cell



Unlike the previous bosses, Goku doesnt need a special link. But he has the worst mechanic EVER. YOU NEED TO BEAT HIM IN 6 ROUNDS. If you dont, youre bassically dead.


What can you get?

This is the first event with no farmable card. The only thing you get is a Four Star Ball Medal from the second stage, With it you can dokkan:



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World Tournament Guide

1. What and when is the World tournament?

The World Tournament (or WT) is a special, monthly event which usually takes 3 days.. It usually is announced 2 days before it happens, but doesnt say a specific date, so ill announce you guys when it is found in the database.

2. How does the World Tournament work?

The World Tournament has 4 stages: Prelims, Quartres, Semi-finals and Finals. The Prelims makes you fight 3 A.I enemies, while the others against only one.

What you have to do is get as many points as possible from defeating as many opponents as possible, so youll get higher in the rankings.

Each A.I team has 7 cards.This is where things get a little more complicated.

Each time you defeat a card you get points. But:

  • If you defeat a card by type advantage(EX: If you defeat an STR card with an AGL one) you get more points than normally.
  • If you defeat a card by type advantage Super Attack(EX: If you defeat an INT card with a super from a PHY card) you get even more points.
  • If your card is an z-awakened SSR it gives even more points than an regular SSR.
  • Also, i want to point out that if you press the icon of an enemy card, you will target that card.

Try to defeat all of the enemies since youll get more points(you dont get the points of the enemy when you defeat him).

When you defeat the finals youll get one win.


3. What can I get from the World Tournament?

Each World Tournament comes with an exclusive SSR card. As of now the SSRs are:

Of course, since these are SSR, they wont just give them to everyone. To get the SSR, you need to be top 10000.

Also, i mentioned wins. Each time you get an ammount of wins you get rewards. Also, by gettings more points youll get in an higher tier which also gives you rewards.

The best rewards are the tickets. Each WT, there are 2 special summon which require tickets:the Dragon Ball Summon and the Guaranteed SSR Summon(GSSR).

You can pull in these summon by either using 5 Silver tickets or by 1 Gold ticket. The DB tickets are the easiest to get since you get a lot of them from wins( like 10 golds and 20 silvers per WT).  You will also get more tickets when the WT is over based on your ranking.

The final ,,Wins'' mission is getting 80 Wins, which gives you an Gold GSSR ticket, so try to aim to get it.

4.WT Team Strategy

As of now, there are 2 team strategies(3 in JP):

1. TUR Broly team

As i said in the TUR Broly guide, this guy is a monster in the WT(remember, its only the TUR version which you get by dokkan awakening the SSR) because he attack ALL ENEMIES with his Super Attack.

A Broly team is a team which helps Broly to super. Basically, a support team.

Best cards to support Broly are( with Broly as the leader):

Basically, all cards with a +Ki to everyone passive.

*The Baba Tresaures is as of now a JP only tab, while the Starter SSR Summon is a summon available for the new players since the SSJ3 Dokkan Fest. 

2. Rainbow team

Rainbow teams are teams which have 5 different type card plus one more(EX: AGL,STR,PHY,INT, TEQ, INT). I would reccomend to have the cards awakened.


So, that was the guide. Thanks if you read all of it.  Since now, i will make an analisys for the WT card along with updates of new added SSRs to the summon.

Should i do one for Turles? I mean, the WT started yestarday, so maybe you can still get him if you read the analysis. Let me know.



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Decided to give an update of my characters. I need a team for Broly's event so help would be appreciated

TUR INT Ceaseless Terror Perfect Cell Lvl 94/120

UR AGL Puzzle Wrapped in Enigma Whis Lvl 100

UR AGL The Fruits of Training Super Saiyan 2 Goku Lvl 100

UR AGL Supreme Warrior Awakened Super Saiyan Goku Lvl 100

UR AGL Frontline Fighter Ultimate Gohan Lvl 80

UR TEQ Unlimited Power Super Saiyan 2 Goku Lvl 100

UR TEQ Limitless Strength Super Saiyan Goku Lvl 100

UR INT Fear's Ultimate Form Golden Frieza Lvl 100

UR STR The Roar of Death Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Lvl 100

UR STR Fist from the Heavens Super Saiyan God Goku Lvl 100

UR STR An Exciting Adventure Goku (Youth) Lvl 100

UR PHY Raging Rampage Hatchiyack Lvl 100

UR PHY Killing Machine's Sneer Android #17 (Future) Lvl 80

UR PHY Fist of Conviction Super Saiyan Bardock Lvl 100

UR PHY Power Awakened Ultimate Gohan Lvl 100

UR PHY Triumphant Light Super Saiyan Goku Lvl 100

UR PHY Aiming for the Top Super Saiyan 2 Goku Lvl 100

SSR AGL Cell Fusion Cell (1st Form) Lvl 80 (I have the three medals to dokkan awaken it into Perfect Cell) 

SSR AGL Devilish Deception Devilman Lvl 80

SSR AGL Talent from Dad Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) Lvl 60

SSR AGL Golden Emperor Golden Frieza (Needs Awakened) Lvl 80

SSR AGL Monumental Dreams Goku Lvl 80 (Needs awakened)

SSR TEQ Evil-Borne Monster Android #13 Lvl 80

SSR TEQ Savage Speed Frieza (3rd Form) Lvl 60

SSR TEQ Innocent Assault Majin Buu (Good) Lvl 60

SSR TEQ Inherited Honor Super Saiyan Vegeta Lvl 80

SSR TEQ Early Exhaustion Gotenks (Failure) B Lvl 79

SSR TEQ Reinstating History Trunks (Xeno) Lvl 60

SSR INT Power Unleashed Android #16 Lvl 80

SSR INT Malevolent Magician Babidi Lvl 80

SSR INT Reaching New Heights Goku Lvl 80

SSR INT New Challenges Super Saiyan Goku Lvl 80

SSR INT Roar of Sadness and Rage Trunks (Youth) (Future) Lvl 80 (Needs awakened) 

SSR STR Alluring Assassin Android #18 Lvl 80

SSR STR Future Hope Trunks Lvl 80 (Teen)

SSR STR Blazing Justice Videl Lvl 60 (Needs Awakened)

SSR PHY Perfect Power Cell (Perfect Form) Lvl 80

SSR PHY Indomitable Sense of Justice Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) Lvl 80

SSR PHY White Hot Face-Off Super Saiyan Goku Lvl 80 (Needs Awakened) 

SR AGL Glimpses of Ability Vegeta (Kid) Lvl 1

SR TEQ Vengeful Spirit Dr. Layhee Lvl 1

SR TEQ Hero of Justice Saves the Day Great Saiyaman Lvl 1 

SR TEQ Enraged Onslaught Super Saiyan Goten (kid) Lvl 1

SR TEQ Top-Tier Training Goku Lvl 1 

SR TEQ Titanic Tag-Team Mighty Mask Lvl 1

SR INT A Girl's Rage Chi-Chi (Youth) Lvl 60

SR INT Holy Might Supreme Kai Lvl 1

SR INT Danger Sense Krillin Lvl 1

SR INT Last Minute Technique Super Saiyan Vegeta Lvl 1

SR STR Despair's Onslaught Frieza (1st Form) Lvl 60

SR STR Resolute Assault Gohan (Youth) Lvl 1

SR STR Reignited Fighting Spirit Vegeta (GT) Lvl 1

SR STR Letter of the Law Kibito Lvl 1

SR STR Dual Personality Launch Lvl 1

SR STR In Pursuit of Change Super Vegeta Lvl 1 

SR STR Mercenary's Mettle Cyborg Tao Lvl 1

SR PHY The Future Bearer Gohan (Future) Lvl 60

SR PHY Marauding Bandit of the Wind Bandit Yamcha Lvl 59 

SR PHY Unpredictable Paunch Veku Lvl 1

SR PHY Into the Big Wide World Goku (Youth) Lvl 1.

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Since the upcoming events are much harder, i deided to make guides for all of them.

Ultimate Gohan

Gohan comes in force with his own Dokkan-Fest. With this event, you can TUR 3 Gohans: PHY Ultimate Gohan, AGL Ultimate Gohan and INT Ultimate Gohan (Dokkan-Fest exclusive).

TUR PHY Gohan: https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1006671

TUR AGL Gohan: https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1006691

SSR INT Gohan: https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1006680

TUR INT Gohan: https://jpn.dbz.space/cards/1006701

All of them need 10 medals to awaken.

The Gimmick

As everyone knows, every Dokkan Event has its own gimiick. Gohan has one of the most annoying one. You NEED BUU characters to damage him. The worst part is that only SOME Buu cards damage Gohan. The following are:



TUR/SSR PHY Majin Buu(TUR is JP only):

SSR Super Buu: 

SSR Evil Buu:

SR TEQ Majin Buu:

SR PHY Evil Buu (comes with the Gohan banner):

SR STR Gotenks Buu (comes with the Gohan banner):

SR INT Piccolo Buu:


The Fight

The seconds stage has 3 fights: 1st is against STR WT Gohan, 2nd is against PHY Ultimate Gohan and 3rd is against INT Ultimate Gohan. If you have the Buus, the fight is really esy and you wont really need healing items since the Buus have a link which increases HP.

Best team i can think of:

TUR AGL Buu (Leader)

SR STR Gotenks Buu

SR PHY Evil Buu

TUR PHY Majin Buu

and another 2 stunners( Gotenks, Bardock etc.)

I will update the topic tommonrow with the Beerus guide. Sorry that its an shorter one but there isnt to much of a strategy here.

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Well time for an update, and it's an important update. Because the second anniversary is incoming. So I wanna make this clear to everyone. If you wanna start playing Dokkan Battle, there is no better time than the second anniversary, which begins on the 7th July on the Global version of the game.

Since Japan's version had their anniversary a while ago, I decided to make a little guide for the second anniversary. 

What do I get during the second anniversary?: 

This is based off what Global got for Vegito Blue/SSJ Rose, and the second anniversary in Japan. Firstly, you get a red stone. This red stone is given to all players. What it does is allow you to get a free dokkanfest card out of the original five main leads. These leads give 3000 attack and +3ki to their retrospective types. These are...

  • Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (STR) 
  • Perfect Cell (TEQ) 
  • Super Saiyan 3 Goku (AGL)
  • Ultimate Gohan (INT)
  • Full Power Frieza (PHY) 

On top of this, these characters get a dokkan awakening, upgrading their cards further. For a new player, they might find difficulty beating the events for their awakening medals, which you need ten. However. This is where the next free thing comes in. 

Next are second anniversary coins. These can be used for two things. Three cards representing different DB eras (Kid Goku, DBZ Goku, SSB Goku, although they are honestly awful). Or you can use them to buy the awakening medals for the card you select with the red stone. I'd definitely recommend doing this for a new player so you have a decent card to begin with. 

You might be wondering what makes these cards special other than their leader? Well, each one has a special ability. 

LSSJ Broly - Area of Effect Supers

Perfect Cell - ATK/DEF increases when collecting TEQ Orbs

SSJ3 Goku - Massive Attack Boost for first seven turns

Ultimate Gohan - Raises Attack with every super

FP Frieza - Massive Attack Boost of 120% on Super

Next, for every day you login, you can get a "Second Anniversary Summon Ticket". These can be used on a special banner with incredible SSR cards that are excellent for any teams. If you consume 20 Stamina a day, you can get a second ticket. You can get both SRs and SSRs in this banner, but the rates are pretty good and it's free. The SSR cards you can get are...

  • PHY SSJ Gotenks
  • AGL SSB Goku
  • STR SSB Vegeta
  • TEQ Future Trunks (DB Super)
  • STR Zamasu
  • PHY Syn Shenron
  • AGL Golden Frieza
  • TEQ Kid Buu
  • INT Golden Frieza
  • INT Vegito 
  • AGL SSB Vegeta
  • STR SSJ Gotenks
  • TEQ SSB Goku
  • PHY SSB Vegeta
  • TEQ Vegito
  • STR SSJ3 Goku
  • AGL Ultimate Gohan
  • PHY Super Trunks
  • INT Perfect Cell
  • TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta
  • PHY Ultimate Gohan 
  • STR SSJ2 Gohan (Finale of Cell Saga)
  • STR Super Trunks
  • STR Beerus
  • AGL Kid Buu

As I said, all of these have a dokkan awakening (Which means that they transcend the SSR>UR rarity, upgrade all stats and abilities, add a few new abilities on, and go to Level 120). All of them are useful and as I said, the banner is completely free with these tickets.

Finally, you should also get between 30 and 50 stones for logging in for the first time. This can be used to summon on the new banners, which will feature SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta. These are "Neo-God Leads" which boost stats of a certain type by 120% and gives 3+ki (Which can be used to unleash super attacks). It's definitely recommended that you summon for them as their banners feature some broken cards. They are also use 3 summons, and get 1 free. If they are also like the summons for SSB Vegito/SSJR Rose, it'll be discounted multi summons.

SSJ4 Goku Banner Featured

SSJ4 Goku - 120% and 3+ki Lead for Super (Hero) STR Cards

Super Vegito - 70% and 3+ki Lead for AGL Type, also tanks and counters all standard attacks

Goku Black - 100% Lead for PHY Type

SSJ4 Vegeta Banner Featured 

SSJ4 Vegeta - 120% Lead for Super (Hero) AGL Cards

Super Saiyan Blue Vegito - 50% Lead and +3ki for ALL Super (Hero) Cards

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black - 50% Lead and +3ki for ALL extreme (Villain) cards

TEQ Golden Frieza - 100% Lead for TEQ Cards.

Now, if you're really desperate and want to make sure you have an incredible team from the start, you can always reroll, which involves creating accounts and using the login stones for the banners, and if you do not get the card you want, you delete the app, redownload it, and create a new account, allowing you to collect the login stones again, and keep summoning until you get the card you want. 

Anyways, hope this was useful. Feel free to ask if any details need expanded.

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