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Draw Sonics Badly: A chill thread for bad art

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Hey guys, I'm glad to see how many people are enjoying this so far. I've got a little announcement: Mikyeong would like to put together a video project of the Sonics you guys have drawn. If you'd like yours to be included, send her a PM or a mention in the statuses letting her know, or mention it when you post a drawing.

She's also volunteered to help out in announcing the new themes, so if you want to get an early start on the next one, keep an eye out for her posts too.

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It's Monday in my part of the world, so it's time to start the first DSB weekly theme. The current weekly theme is: "We're Sonic Heroes!"


Pick three characters to form an unlikely Heroes-style team. Can they learn to work together, or will their differences doom them to failure? It's up to you to decide!

Remember that the weekly themes run in parallel to the character themes, so the current character theme, Sonic, is still active. So if you haven't drawn up a Sonic yet, or you want to do another, there's still time before we move on to the next character.

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Sadly I don't have much to contribute right now. But can I just say I love this thread. (I'm trying to learn how to use image software that isn't Photoshop CS2 so time to practice I guess.

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Sup dudes?

Having a good time drawing bad Sonics? Great! Now lets give the blue pest a little nudge to the side and introduce the next character. Who is the next character theme you ask? WHO CAN IT BE?! It is none other then...



The next character is none other then the good ole doctor himself, Dr Eggman! Of course it can be any style of Eggman you want weather it be classic, AoSTH Robotnik, modern, 06 or Boom Eggman. Your choice. The doctor would be more then happy to see bad pictures of him for a change to hang in his lair, next to those fuzzy puppy posters. (Of course if you really wanna impress the doc, draw a picture of him beating up a bad Sonic, this pleases him*)

Well then lets have it it. ~Moonwalks out~


*it was a joke


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