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Draw Sonics Badly: A chill thread for bad art

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I can't believe I've never done this before!:o This is too hilarious.:lol:

It'll be too late for me to do the previous themes so I might as well do the current one and so on.

Here's my hilariously bad Knuckles pic!:P


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All Right! Charmy's up first! I'm doing one Chaotix member by one. Espio and Vector are coming soon.


This is the hyper bee or at least he used to be hyper after having a bit of honey overdose....

I dare someone to make a Barry Benson Charmy.:P

Edit: Darn it! I forgot his wings.

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It ain't dead quite yet. Next up, love him or hate him, the corpulent king of easy living, it's Big the Cat!


And that's not all. The weekly monthly weekly themes return, with the expertly-timed theme of "Cute Couples Get In Free"!


Valentine's day is the perfect time to let loose your inner shipper and draw your favorite Sonic couples. Crack ships are not required, but encouraged.

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