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14 hours ago, SpikySprinter said:

I read the first post, and still it's not entirely clear to me... Not sure where else to ask this, though, so here goes:

In Sonic Adventure, we see the Knuckles tribe charge through Tikal and a group of Chao to get to the Master Emerald. Tikal gets back up, but the Chao don't. Are they... dead? After all, it was enough to make Chaos go berserk and kill everyone... But all that happened was they got knocked over. You toss a Chao across the room in the garden and it doesn't die. Then again, it's a kids game so they aren't going to show the Chao getting punched and bludgeoned by Aztec weapons... But it being a kids game also suggests that the Chao aren't dead at all. Then again it's also a Japanese-written kids' game, so that kind of darkness has much more precedent in kids' media over there. I'm so confused. 


The status updates might be a good place for this kind of question, and if you present this question with enough elegance, it could probably have enough discussion value to sustain itself as its own topic.  Either way, this topic is mainly reserved for new, albeit tiny, discoveries of Sonic-based things, not speculation of observable happenstance within the games or other media.

But to answer your question, I don't think the writers had any specific fate for the Chao in mind and decided to leave it up to the imagination.  Basically, when the Chao don't get up you're supposed to assume the worst, but aren't quite given confirmation, so technically any number of things is possible.  But the writers either decided to leave it ambiguous... or they just didn't think that far ahead.  I personally don't think the Chao are dead, given that apparently an entire city of humans can survive a flood of Biblical proportions that literally comes out of nowhere, but it is possible that they may have sustained greater injuries as a result of being smaller and more fragile.

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Hopefully this wont get quite so off-topic as the Sonic Retro equivelent

This is fairly not-obscure, but it makes a good start.

"Right said Fred's song "Wonderman" is about Sonic, I didn't catch this until someone told me, it might have helped if I looked up the lyrics, though.

"There he is... havin' a blast,
There he is... hogging the limelight,

There he is... a blue rint that works,
He's number one, he's el supremo,
Attitude and power sneakers,
At-attitude and power sneakers,
To be that good just ain't that easy"



( 3 ) If it isn't verified, don't post it. If there is no proof for validity to your claim then please do not mention it until you do. We're not gonna handle "my dad works at Sega" baloney, nor are we going to just say stuff because it sounds like it's real to you maybe. Don't fool anyone or you've made a fool of yourself. (Especially if you intended that above all else.) Capiche?

How about "I heard/deduce this thing, can I get verification on this thing?"

Magna Fi's "Who I am" is about Shadow, IIRC this hasn't been officially confirmed, but the lyrics pretty much speak for themselves.

"This is who I am.

Not a shadow of who I want to be.

Try to understand.

That this is how you made me, and you're not ever gonna change me.

You have made me, you can't change me, you don't know me.

This is who I am!"

Word has it was to be the opening song for the Shth game, but Magna Fi decided to profit from the song unattached from the game.

Sega also apparently tried to track down Sins of Devine mother to get permission to use their song "Broken" for Shth, but couldn't get in touch with them.(though I'd definitely appreciate some confirmation on this, as it seems to be more or less one of those things that people say )




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I won't be surprised if a lot of people know about this, albeit kinda useless seeing as how more people are going to own the HD port or GameCube version of Battle over the Dreamcast version, especially since the SegaNet servers were taken down a long time ago, but according to graphic files leftover in the data for Sonic Adventure 2, there were going to be more character menu themes that would have been available besides Eggman, Rouge, Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles. Amy, Omochao, Maria, Shadow, and the President's secretary were all going to be usable themes at one point but the save files that would have unlocked them are really hard to come by and never were officially released through SegaNet or via the Japanese release's Chao Black Market. Later on in Battle, the themes would be added into the retail game but it's nice to see they at least thought of those themes at that point, even if the Dreamcast was on its way out.

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On 1/23/2016 at 2:22 PM, Hogfather said:

Level Ten!



They're called Zones, OMG.

There's always been a growing trend of people outside of SEGA who handle Sonic generally knowing jack squat about it. I mean sure, it's just a commercial but I bet a whole buncha people let their inner nerd explode too.

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Sorry, I've been locked into obsession mode. Give it about 24 hours and I'll be back to curious but lax. 

Thinking about it, the Sonic 1 Manga's kinda weird time-wise. It apparently came out in June/July 1991, it uses the very first Sonic band concepts, but there's both art and interviews basically saying that the concepts moved on from that. I guess either the Manga was made well before the game was released and before the concepts had moved along to a later stage, or the Manga staff were only given the earlier art to work off. 

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On 2/6/2016 at 6:55 PM, BxB-Meister said:

Here's quite an elaborate Fun Fact:

There appears to be different versions of the Sonic Unleashed opening, mainly speaking the one used in the games and the one hosted on Marza's website.

The one on Marza's website has an interesting added scene to it when Sonic get's trapped and electrocuted by Eggman.


We can clearly tell this is Sonic's skeleton(is this the first time we see something like this from an official source?), however the version used in the games...


It's completely gone. I even made sure it's the exact same frame so it can't just be because of cut frames between different videos.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this, maybe they were told not to include it because it seems weird they would model it if it wasn't going to be used in the first place.

Bonus: The Wii version of the cutscene is rendered at a native Fullscreen resolution(the game version is widescreen and the one on Marza's website is the same just stretched out).


Images ripped from Marza's MP4 file, PS3's SFD file, and Wii's SFD file.

Link's are down (yes I signed into "Google"). Is there an alternative way  to watch these? Are they still up on their site?

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8 hours ago, Mauricius said:

I found the video on their site but there doesn't seem to be the quality option: http://www.marza.com/works/detail/11

In-game cutscene on Youtube: 



10 hours ago, baba_944 said:

Link's are down (yes I signed into "Google"). Is there an alternative way  to watch these? Are they still up on their site?

Do the images work now?

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13 hours ago, BxB-Meister said:


Do the images work now?

Yes, thank you.


And now for me to enter this conversation. You want an obscure fact? I've got an obscure fact. So obscure, in fact, that no one but me has saw it. And I know it's not fake. This was the only way I've heard about the game. After I finished playing "Sonic Riders" on my PS2 inside my folks bedroom, I turned the input back to TV. I think it was on channels 28 or 29 ("Nickelodeon" and "Cartoon Network" respectively). It was for "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity". The one part of the commercial I remember vividly was that Sonic was in his Riders getup and doing a trick on his board. The sky was orange and he was in a tunnel-like area; it had grey arches. Then the announcer guy says some about "zero gravity". After that I told my sister and mom that a new "Sonic Riders" game's coming out. Has anyone recorded this commercial?

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Hmm, I think I'm beginning to figure out why each character was assigned their particular knight in Sonic and the Black Knight, going off that little drop I mentioned in the dislike thread (note that I'm mostly ignoring how the characters are related in the legend because the game clearly does, bar one exception due to theming);

Sonic - King Arthur, shouldn't need an explanation given the Arthur is known as the best and bravest knight.

Knuckles - Sir Gawain, super loyal to Arthur, and Knuckles would be Sonic's closest ally out of the lot drawn.

Shadow - Sir Lancelot, was the biggest rival to Arthur and eventually (indirectly) caused the downfall of the Knights of the Round table. Shadow is the best fit for a rival who clashes against the hero.

Blaze - Sir Percival, doesn't really have much to do with King Arthur aside from being part of the round table, but a major character in the Holy Grail quest (was originally the main character before Galahad took over the role), he and Galahad died around the same time after finding the Grail, only the third knight in the quest, Sir Bors, made it back alive.

Silver - Sir Galahad, known as the pure or perfect knight, which is essentially what Silver strives to do and represent. Shadow and Silver are also linked by the thematic passage of time (Shadow past and Silver future), while Lancelot and Galahad are literally linked like that. 

Lamorak, isn't too prominent in Arthurian legend but is apparently one of the most powerful behind Lancelot and Arthur, which goes with Jet's rivalry status. Also bolstering that is the apparent feud between Lamorak's family and Gawain's (therefore linked to Arthur) family, further increasing the rivalry status given the team Sonic vs Babylon Rogue thing.

Still very interesting how far they looked into the legends, although I think Blaze's choice can essentially be summed up like this

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Ever wanted to know what Miyamoto thought of Sonic when he came onto the scene or how they viewed and compared developing their iconic series when making the jump to 3D? This interview's the first to have Shigeru and Yuji show how they saw each other during the 10 years of Sonic's life taken shortly after Sega went third party. Some of it is sweet, but also a bit melancholy in hindsight.

"Miyamoto: Of course, as a creator myself, I don’t intend to stop competing with him! If people start thinking “Sega makes better games than Nintendo!” I’ll have gotten us into quite a mess! (laughs)

Naka: I’d like to see Sonic in a Smash Bros. game someday. (laughs) Actually, I talked about it at Space World with the director of the last Smash Bros. He said “I wish you’d have said something sooner!” (laughs)

Miyamoto: Well, if Sega is ok with it, we can add him anytime. I like that idea! (laughs)"


It may come as no surprise but they really had a lot of respect for each other. And I didn't know, or at least forgot way back when that Naka was a bit jealous of Miyamoto for making a game like Pikmin before he did, which reminds me of how he in turn, wished he could have made NiGHTS, instead.

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