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Directly translating the names should get Mad and Had. But the tricky thing is, due to the limited pronunciation in Japanese both Hud (given it's pronounced "huh-d") and Had can be written as ハッド. Same situation for Mud and Mad, both will be written マッド. So unless we get official confirmation, neither is wrong. 


I'd say that Japanese people would prefer Mad because it looks "cooler". Also they're wearing hats so Hat(spelled Had to match with Mad?) makes more sense.

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Ah. I didn't even know that was a thing.

I also still think Mad and Had are the ones the Manga intends, but for different reasons. If you extrapolate Mad and Had back out to Madd and Hadd, there are proper names that could take those as shortened versions (Maddox and Haddon respectively), which fits in with the rest of the family who have normal first names. There isn't an equivalent for Mudd and Hudd, all the listings give surnames instead. 

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46 minutes ago, Linkabel said:

A great resource if you wanted to learn how to draw Sonic and his friends. 

I can't see the resource :/

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6 minutes ago, Adamis said:

Neat, thank you !

Can I share them on a French Sonic forum please ? I'll give you credits of course.

For sure dude, this is for everyone to enjoy!

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