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Adobe Premiere Pro will not work as of the January update

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*sigh* I've tried everything at this point. And I really don't like using this website as a last resort. but oh well, here's another crap topic to waste everyone's time except mine.

Basically the problem is not the usual "it boots up but doesn't load", but rather it won't even show the first loading screen like its supposed to. Instead I get this screen:


...Like what?!

Looking up anything adobe related will only show the former problem I mention earlier, which I don't have. Even when I tried looking up the error code, (which wasn't exact, its literately minus 1 zero and the "d" is instead a "c") it didn't help. I even asked the creator of said video for this exact error code and he said "You simply need to change the name of the application to its original name", yeeaah like that'll work...it didn't. (no seriously, what is "the original name" I didn't change anything!)

I tried Uninstalling and redownloading. I tried ajusting the compalibilty to everything including what I'm running, windows 7. I even tried doing a "system restore" but was unable to do so due to the fact that I tried to intall some extra stuff to fix the problem in the first place, and thus limited how much time I could rewind by half an hour! (even then it might not have worked considering it was going on for a few days before I tried doing this.)

IDK, maybe I should just pirate the previous version or something, that is assuming I even knew what "version" I'm currently on, and that I can find whatever "version" was right before this one! Plus most pirated editors are usually demos or have some restrictions that just make them real crap anyways.

Photoshop works fine though...I guess that's a thing. I'd probably guess all the other stuff on Adobe Creative Cloud would work fine as well, so it might MIGHT be "possible" to get a work around with what I'm doing. (Provided I take the time to learn to use that stuff in the first place though.)

Yeah I don't know what to do. I really don't. So any help would be greatly appreatiated.

Like its just so unfortunate that this happened right when I was getting the hang of things! I literatly have 2 videos on the line that are both 75% done, and can't be completed otherwise. (Unless I wing it with movie maker...but yeah, that ain't happening.) I mean, I COULD just let someone else edit it for me, but I'm not sure how comfy I'd be with that, minus the fact I'm not experienced enough to give proper guidance of this sort of thing, or that I'm reletivaley new to this whole thing in general, I feel it would take away from the "personal creativity" that the videos would have. (Even if I have a clear idea in my mind on what I want the final product to be.) Heck I'm not even trying to make this a consistent thing, after giving it some thought, consistently making videos would wear on me after a while and would stop being fun. As of now, I'm planning on doing this until I find something better to do with my life, which I have, and I want to do that as soon as I get the chance. (It's planned but not fully planned if that makes sense.)

But yeah, advice/feedback on what I said would be apreaciated as well. Just anything really at this point. Cheers everybody! :)

P.S. I can't figure out what to change my signiture to! Even though its outdated! :o ...oh well, I'll just keep keeping it the same till I think of something I guess.

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