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New Year, New Staff

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Wow, new staff.  Congrats guys, enjoy the great power and  the great responsibility that comes with it as Uncle Ben would say.

Actually, I think I'll throw in another one.  "The Mod Force is calling to you.  Just let it in..."

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3 hours ago, Diz said:

Welcome aboard, all! Good job, and best of luck! (Also yay, welcome back Sean! <3)

We trust thou with these holy powers. Now, make sure to use these for good, and do not try the ban tool on each othe---


Oh, shit.

Oh no! It looks like Star Wars: The Cat Wars is confirmed! XD

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Well, what a surprise!

Especially Monkey for being a rather new member who got promoted quickly. Congrads along with Celestia and Zaysho!

...and Sean? fuck I mean, great to have you back! :lol:

I think that was the bigger surprise. He/She (still a bit confused on how to address them, since they're...genderfluid??) said last year s/he lost the interest in being a Mod, so what brought them back? Always glad to have a strict mod back tho.

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3 hours ago, SSF1991 said:

I see how it is. The bearded meme guy isn't mod material. =P

Shut up Donnie, you have already plagued the Sonic community with your beardedness and my dead Steam gifting meme is WAY BETTER of a meme, than any of your memes.




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