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I made my first game!

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I'm currently on the second year of a Games Design course. And back in November we got set an assignment, to make a game by the middle of January. We all used GameMaker.

We all chose a partner each and we then set about actually designing the game. For example one group set about making a game where you try and fill up one half of a screen with water by spamming a certain key, another group made a game where you chase monkeys on a train - yeah.

Me and my partner set out to make a basic sci-fi shooter.

Here is the result - you'll have to download it but it's a very small file.


Arrow keys to move.

Space bar to shoot.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give.

A warning that the score doesn't seem to work on the easiest difficulty.



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4 minutes ago, Kaze no Klonoa said:

Do you think that you can show us some preview screnshots on here? I'd like to know what kind of game i'm expecting to play.

I've just added some screenshots, it's a bit difficult to take one in-game as you can't pause :lol:

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1 minute ago, The Tenth Doctor said:

Just gave it a test. Seems pretty sturdy, only real glitch I noticed was the score thing in Easy. Maybe find a way to loop the music if you can and maybe the gap on the main menu can be a bit for controls? I think it's pretty damn good for your first game, be proud! 


The music was a last minute replacement as the one we did have didn't end up sounding right. It should be an easy fix.

And funny you mention the gap, that's meant to be for the options. We just didn't have any implemented!

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Not a bad start for a first game, but I am running into some weird bugs, specifically after dying and starting another round. It seems like some things aren't being cleared/reset properly between rounds, maybe? I've had two sessions where I've ended up invincible after dying a few times, I'm thinking maybe the health wasn't properly reset to full and it ended up in the negatives, and the game's only checking if health=0?

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