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FREE GAME: Bean Ninja!

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Hey guys! I know I'm new and all, but I wanted you guys to know that I just made a game that you can play, right now, for free. It's called Ninja Bean, and it might not be much, but it's something. You play as a little Lima Bean Ninja, who must jump from one platform to another. Why? Who? How? I dunno man, I made the game in 2 days, I didn't really think that far ahead. So, joking aside, I really enjoyed making what was essentially an inside joke between friends, and now I'd like you all to join in on the fun. So, download it, and leave me some feedback if you can. Thanks :).


Download Link: http://gamejolt.com/games/bean-ninja/122001 


Screenshots below.

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (41).png

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Like I've said with @Tom DeLonge's first game project, I'd like to ask if you can show some screenshots/videos of it! Your Game Jolt page should be filled with this stuff too!

I'll give it a shot tomorrow and give some feedback on it, but it'd totally be swell if you showed a bit of what your game is like!

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As soon as I started the executable it asked me to open a file, maybe Bean Ninja I thought, so I did just that. Next it asked me for permission to access my network, fine alright, but as soon as that happened the text box closed, yet the game was shown running in the background in my task manager. That doesn't make me feel comfortable, despite the fact that I had scanned it before running the program.

:ph34r: Insert I'm probably paranoid emoticon here:ph34r:

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