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The Sega Central Thread "I swear, it's gotten good"

Badnik Mechanic

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That's actually really nice, it ain't no Nintendo Direct but it's quite nice.

Dan is getting used to his role and it does look he's having fun doing it, good on the ol' chap!

Got nothing else to say really, you pretty much summed it up really Hoggy!

Quite the nice improvement!

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Old SEGA Central's major problem was that the presenters clearly were not fans or SEGA staff, and if they were they came off incredibly fake. They also would cover events, but the videos would be released long after the event occurred. Oh yeah, and I think they had some awkward let's plays.

New SEGA Central isn't half bad, it is seemingly weekly and presented in a bite sized format. Information is current and the notion of reveals on the show has lead me to watch it as soon as they upload for the possibility of a news tidbit. 

I'm not going to get too down on Dan. He seems like a nice guy and I like the effort he has put into the show - assuming the reboot was his idea. I do think they need a small bit of production assistance. The show could be tighter and Dan could act a little less awkward. Also, they should bring on a makeup artist. I'm not asking for new JonTron levels of makeup (Jon looks really weird with makeup), but just somebody to make Dan's face less shiny and lessen the redness. Dude is on camera, so might as well make him up a tad to make him presentable. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Aaron Webber's inherent good looks. 

So yeah, show is getting better and I give it a solid thumbs up. They have nowhere to go but up.

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