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Satam dumped off Netflix


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I'm under the impression that (in recent years) Netflix has some very restrictive conditions that must be met in order to maintain a presence there.  Even cartoons that are both popular and relevant have found some difficulty negotiating their stay on the platform.  It doens't surprise me that SatAM, being twenty years old and probably not as marketable as it once was, would be dropped eventually.

It's worth a note, however, that a program that is scheduled to be dropped isn't always dropped.  Sometimes their deadline is extended, sometimes they renew their contract at like the last minute.  A number of things can happen, but that doesn't leave reasonable assurance that any of those things will happen, either.

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They add and remove plenty of stuff each month. It would be a shame to lose the ability to watch SatAM like this, but as previously mentioned, its possible that they could bring the license back up. Maybe they'll want to keep it on there at least for this anniversary year?

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I didn't even know AoStH was on Netflix. Though it should be noted movies and TV shows get pulled off and put back on all the time. All of Justice League is getting pulled next month, so it's just licencing rather than necessarily any indication of popularity. .

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