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ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

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At last the last BKC request is finished!

This one is for @MetalSkulkBane. I had trouble trying to find references or images of decent quality in general for Robecca, Fly Fly Freddie and especially General Hunn. Thank you @VEDJ-F for finding that image for me. You've saved my bacon.


So I pulled an old trick of mine out and see if I still had it. The graffiti look still isn't too shabby so I hope you like it!

Also I'm doing commissions at the moment to save some spending money for New York. Click the link http://mightyray.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-are-open-Bonus-update-from-Zero20-2-629077889 and if you like what you see send me a PM or a note on DA!

Thank you! 

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Oh man, it's Woody. WIIIIIIIILD WOODY! Heh, I haven't seen this nutty character in such a long time. 

Awesome work here, Mighty!  Really like the toony marker-esque style. Really reminds me of the classic newspaper comics i used to read all the time. Keep up the great work!

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On 11/9/2016 at 2:59 PM, Mightyray said:

I'm bitter and anxious with a lot of err... interesting thoughts... So I made this image and I've posted it on my tumblr, my DA and now here. 


So... shall we continue?

:( This picture really does convey a feeling of despair very effectively, and it's nice that you can express your feelings in art, but I hope you aren't feeling too bad, Mightyray!

PS, I love your colored pencil work a whole lot. Sweet shading, very colorful and pretty!

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My first picture based on @Failinhearts pretty rad cool RP he and @Crow the BOOLET have been running! This piece is called Atonement and it features @Terriful's character Black Death with two characters I RP (One I'm currently roleplay as and is a main character and the other will be introduced as a Daily Life character.) who both have done things they regret and wish to atone for.


I'd glad I made myself do a background for this piece, it really gives the characters a bit of weight and feels really gloomy like the guilt of the bad things they have done are weighing down on them. I really had fun drawing Black Death, he's a pretty cool character, hopefully I'll have fun drawing Terriful as much as I had fun drawing this guy!


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Time for Mightyray crack RP ideas! Again these are all from @Failinhearts and @Princess Jellicent RP. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE ALL CONCEPT SCRIBBLES AND DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY'LL MAKE IT INTO ANY OF MY STORIES! DON'T EAT ME!)



Top to bottom: Dominic Santiago (A.K.A. the burning man, he'll appear at the end of Ray's story for season 2), *Maria Santiago and her reapers Pogo Bunny and Tio from Dinosaur Adventure (Yes, that same one that spawned the Yee meme) (*They'll appear in season 3) , Concept for a Monster Ray, Burning Man and his reapers Particle (From Ken Penders' classic The Lost Ones), Jiffy (From that terrible bootleg Sonic Mobile game that Retro got a laugh out of) and Trixie (From Trixie in Toyland, a carbon copy asset flip of Ninja breadman and Anubis 2), @Terriful's Dark Terriful and Monster Ray concept... (Why isn't he not kicking Ray's ass? Probably doesn't think it's worth the time or effort?) and on the right my bootleg versions Yaya Panda and Shademon Yoyo and Shadeyman for @Jovahexeon Joranvexeon. And on the bottom is more Monster Ray designs. One seems to think that @Failinhearts's Sentinel Sonic's sword is neat enough to touch...  


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