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ARTWORK: ebongrey's Art Binder

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Hey guys. Would like to show a few drawings today. I don't have a scanner now so I have to take pictures of them or do them on tablet. :3

First drawing is of my current avatar but the whole picture. I did this on the tablet. It's a cat on a tree stump.



This one I also did on the tablet. It's a piggy!



Sonic the Hedgehog. I had fun drawing him. Had to take a picture. 





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Mini update: Sorry I haven't updated my art thread in a while guys. Here's some drawings I've done. ^_^


Lynx the Chao. Part lynx,tiger and butterfly.




Autumn the Dog. Traditional and Digital versions. 


Autumn 2. Had fun drawing her again. :3


Turtle saying hello to his neighbors( a bear and a monkey).


A human doodle. 






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