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The Introduction Topic

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I'm Kevin. I'm a Computer Information Systems graduate who's looking to be a PC Technician or Software Tester. I like to write reviews and take photographs for fun. I've been on SSMB since 2005 and mainly hang around the Computer Games and General Discussion forums. I love a good debate, so once in a while, I'll make a debate topic whenever a subject comes to mind if there isn't a topic about the said subject already.

Interests of mine include traveling (it's a dream of mine to travel all over the world one day), playing video games, and working with computers. My favorite genres of music include soft rock, smooth jazz, house music, 80's music, and some j-pop.

I've been a Sonic fan since 1991. Unfortunately, the newer games, in my opinion. have been quite disappointing, so I'm more of a retro fan myself. The last real good Sonic game in my opinion was Sonic Heroes.

Anyway, that's my re-introduction. I'll be seeing you all around the forums.

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I thought another topic was the introduction topic so I'm worn out

from typing so much. I'll keep this short


and In the words of the great and all powerful Dokken:


Ya can't kill me man. I'm like one of them there annoying flies.


I so glad to see that Indigo Rush,Dreadknux,badnikz and el gran gordo are all back.

but we're still missing many

Lightning Duchess


Aquaslash (who kept us sane with those elimination games)

and is one of the biggest sonic underground fans I know besides me.

But anyway, I got into sonic when in 1998 my mother bought me a 2nd hand genesis

with sonic 2 with it. I've been hooked ever since.

2 years ago, I decided to learn to play guitar and become a musician. and I've

grown attached to SONIC UNDERGROUND. The black sheep of the old sonic shows.

even so, I love it.




Justice Calling-From "bartleby the prisoner"


SATAM theme instrumental



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Hey guys Hyper here! I'm the excited hedgie that runs Hypersonic's Top 10 Countdown on SSR! I usually lurk around in the "Sonic The Hedge' forums naturally, so you can spot me posting there every now and again. I'm pretty much into just about anything so shoot me a line sometime :)

That's all I got to say since I never said anything when I orginally joined back in Dec. 2005 ha ha! Anyway GOTTA JUICE!

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Hey, I'm Dartanian or Dartanian881. People may know me from the IRC chatroom. I'm just another one of those SSR listeners who seem to worship Turbo, Hyper and the like. I think I joined in 2007, though I didn't post much. I'll try and change that now, and be more active.

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I'm Scorch, also known as Golden Sonic. As it says in my signature, I've been a member of this forum since August 2003, but I'm not exactly one of the most popular members of this board, since I don't post here as much as I used to. Yeah, I suck at introduction messages, as you can see, so that's pretty much all I have to say.

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I am gunthetra, formally gunthenerB, Gunther, Goober, and The Artist Formally Known as Gunther.

These days I just tend to lurk a lot rather than post, but I'd like to think I'm not too bad of a guy. I like animation, movies, vidya games, drawing, those kind of things. I'm probably not that unique. :P

Feel free to get to know me (preferably if you're a sexy young female willing to give away your address).

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I'm Jake and I like NIS games. A lot. I've been around since before 2004, but I forgot when exactly. I also almost found TRUE LOVE on these forums, too! I also had a dream last night that I was infiltrating a factory during a rain storm.

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Hi, I'm Flyboy, your resident apparent-Tails-nut-but-actually-more-of-a-Sonic-nut-weirdo-collector-obsessive-staffer-person :)

I'm not new. I'm guessing most people have seen me around here even if you've not really noticed me. I got a lot of press lately for having a two-tailed tattoo done on my lower back last month. Consider it my 5 minutes of Sonicdom fame!

Let's see... I'm 24 years old and currently living in Bournemouth at University. My real name is Alex, but I'm known as Jai or Flyboy to most. I'm most probably female, but have been known to confuse some people. I've been a moderator at =SSMB= for a while now, although I'm still one of the newer staffers in retrospect. I love =SSMB= and I'm absolutely chuffed that it's back so soon (even if right now I can only get to it via a buggy and ad-filled proxy site).

I'm known for collecting ridiculous amounts of Sonic stuff, doing crazy Sonic-related things, and for being a Sontails fan :P

I'm also "lame" and "not funny", so let's end this here ;) Welcome back to =SSMB= everyone!!

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Well a good number of people were posting here to re/introduce themselves, so I thought to myself "Why not me too?" Well i want to look cool like everyone else, so *ahem...*

So yeah. Name's Alex, or across the internet Wyde. And in complete contratst to what my username implies, I'm actually underweight so nyeh. I've been a member of these forums for a little over two and a half years now, and used to frequent this sties chatroom until recently for some reason. Perhaps the events here may inspire some life back in that place, but yeah. I'm just an otherwise unremarkable user with odd interests, 'tis all. attention plz

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I shall throw my hat in the re-introduction line.

*ahem* Good evening. I'm 22 year old Brit called Dan, I'm a big Anime and Manga fan and I love to draw art and create clay models. I'm also a humble winner of the Black Knight Art Contest.

I constantly try to be a really good friend and someone to laugh and joke with.

Heh, I'm also one of the rare Big the Cat fans as well as loving the original Chaotix, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper, Tails and Dr Robotnik/Eggman.

It's nice to be back. :)

Edited by DanfieldJ86
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Guise I'm Beck!! Anyone Missed Me?....Anyone?...Guise?

Anyway...The Names Mr Beowolf but you may Call Me Beowolf or Just Beo either way is fine. ;)

There is not much to Tell about me, I'm Just your Reguler Videogame/Anime/Moviefan who...does....stuff......yeah....

so Hi, 's good to be back.

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Yup its me. JOSH. Everyones fav TSS member.. or not. :lol:

I might not need to describe myself here, but I will for the heck of it.

I am know as HaloFuMaster.

I'm active on other websites like DeviantART, Youtube, etc. and I have my own website(which is under work)

I'm 16, white male. And I are American. I live in Louisiana ;)

I'm pretty sure someone like me would have the rep of being cool, in which is no different in my case lol. (I am a normal guy, more of less)

I am a kick-butt gamer and I could own you at Halo or Brawl/Melee anyday of the week!

I'm a hobbyist artist I guess.

Oh yeah and I am in training to be a RL Ninja. (I know Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, and some Ninjitsu)

I like to keep fit and I am in good psychical shape.


Edited by Josh
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Hi there,

My names Andy and i thought the least i could do is introduce myself, what with the stadium going kaput and starting from scratch. I'll try and condense it and keep it short. I started visiting the stadium back when it very first appeared on the net although i used to use the sonic foundation for my sonic doses before it mysteriously stopped being updated! ( if any of the veterans around here know what happened to the sonic foundation, i would love to know. It appears to exist now as some sort of forum but it was massive back in the day) So i came here and ive watched this site and forum grow like mental. I dont post here...well i did a long time ago under the name 'Andy ASC' with pictures of sonic furniture i had painted, again some older members here MIGHT remember that? I have no idea. However i do check and read the forum constantly, thank god for the lofi version I can read at work without being obvious.

Also years ago i started "another sonic comic" which now lives on deviantart (link in my sig i hope). I'd like to think of it as a fairly popular internet sonic comic although you never know whose favouriting you just so you visit their own profile right?

Anyway, long time sonic fan, got a megadrive with Sonic 1 and Mickey and Donalds World Of Illusion back in 1991 (not sure how the mickey and donald part is relevant but a memory is a memory) and will never forget actually being STUCK on the greenhill zone boss (oh come on, i was bloody young). I did have a few years where sonic vanished from my radar, probably 1996-1999 until i played Sonic Adventure 1 on my next door neightbours dreamcast and my obsession was rekindled, i was round there almost every day bothering them to just play for a little while.

Currently i think sonic chronicals was poor and sonic unleashed was fantastic.

Well done to the forum mods,admins and members for taking the hit and getting right back onto rebuilding this community without much of a flinch. Keep at it


Edited by supersonikku
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I'm AXB/AXavierB/Brother Boo.

I joined =SSMB= in 2007 and then I decided to change my email address settings... and then I couldn't log in because I never got the confirmation message. After messing around with it, I managed to change my settings and log in, but being an idiot I tried to change it again just to see what had gone wrong before. So after that I couldn't log in and I had to make a new account with my old email address. <_<

But lo, the server wipe has made it so I can restart entirely from scratch. So now at least my email settings are right. ^^;

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Hi I'm SuperLink, previously known as Sought the Poltercow (my mandatory crappy OC) previously known as... SuperLink. I first joined in 2005, and was mainly active for the first time during the Sonic 2006 dramas of late 2005/2006. Since then I've only really posted around release dates of Sonic games, to help flame the awful reviews, get music, etc.

Main interests are Video Games (by a long shot), Anime and Manga. Sonic isn't my favourite franchise, but Sonic himself is my favourite fictional character my quite a ways, so I'll always like his games, even if I can tell if it's a bit on the crappy side.

A reintroduction is great because my last introduction was probably really crap... xD

EDIT: Oh, and I'm a drifter on tons of other forums too (e.g. SWF, WiiRD, 4Chan, Serebii, PokeCommunity, Ushi No Tane) + a mod on Cubed3 :D

Edited by SuperLink
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Hi I'm Phil, previously had an account here called ZPhil but all I ever ended up doing here was posting on a forum game per day and leaving again, thanks to the restart I have a clean start and now contribute as much as I can here.

My main interests are Sonic (of course), Web Designing, Technology in general and Video gaming.

Hope to see some of you around the forum.


Edited by Phil
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Hey Everyone, SSJ is back. Joined the forum a year ago, I am currently in a making of a video that will be made on YouTube soon as long as they do not destroy it.

Also, I'm sorry of what happen to the SSMB server.

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I'm SOTI. I've been a member of the Sonic community since June 2007. I'm not exactly an active member here for some unknown reason though I do pop in from time to time. I'm quite an active member over at Sonic Retro and I'm an admin over at the Lava Reef Message Boards, so if you've seen me from those two places or elsewhere then hi, I'm here. An inactive member does nothing to a growing forum but hey, this place is on steroids! *shot*

Edited by SOTI
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I'm like totally new here~ I feel like helping SSMB out after hearing such terrible news about the server wipe...so consider me as a new active SSMB'er now. >=D

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself - you can call me Spice, Sam or Samantha. Whatever you choose. I'm a total Sonamy freak as well. >w< Not to mention Aisaka Taiga from the Toradora anime series as well. XD

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