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Well hello to all the new SSMB'ers

I'm DogTagz, the resident level headed enthusiast of (almost) all things. I joined this forum back in November after lurking for a year or two. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised how much the people of this community had to offer.

Oh, and it sure is good too see a lot of the regulars back after the “Flames of Disaster” hit


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*Insert awesome ass organ music* BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

I have finally returned to this place filled mostly Sonic's people!!! And it's going to be like before now that I'm here!!!! FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

For those who don't know who I am well... I am Wei, SSMB's former resident zombie (supposely...) and I'm a huge horror fan as my name suggests... I like a lot of music (mostly from Slipknot, Malice Mizer, and Moi Dix Mois...) and I obviously play video games... Mostly Sonic and Nippon Ichi games... But I like a good action or shooter every now and then...

And so... I'm back and I hope everybody enjoy themselves...

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I'm ya boy ChaosSupremeSonic (spelled Sawnik now <_< ), and I'm the last guy you want on your ass. Just kidding.

But any who, I've been around the SSMB pre-wipeout since 2005, and many of you should know how I am on certain topics regarding Sonic:

-Characters in the games (I prefer a mix of the cast instead of just those from the Genesis. You old-schoolers know good and well you're not the only fans around.)

-Classic vs Modern debates (why can't we be friends?)

-Music (okay seriously, no more generic rock and electronica music being the main genres of the series unless there's a variety of different ones)

-Old gameplay mechanics vs. new ones (don't know what to say for this...except this...and this.)

And whatever else I've debated/argued over. Hey, I'm a nice guy, I just appreciate it if we all used the power of Teamwork here. *shot*

But that's just in the Sonic Forums.

Oh, and I'm one of the few fans who likes Hip-hop/Rap (and knows it much better that most of you put together :P).

...that is all.

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I guess I will introduce myself.......

.......my name is ChaotixMan, from the USA.

I've always been a huge Mario fan since 2002, but, as of 2007, I'm more interested in Sonic. (Still love Mario though)

Some other games I love:


Soul Calibur IV

Street Fighter IV

Grand Theft Auto IV (OMG IV FRENZY)

Call of Duty 4 (OMFG ITS 4 NOW LOL)

The Legend of Zelda

Super Smash Bros

Every other game I own; I know when a game is a good or not

I also enjoy Taekwondo, Art, Drama and I'm also getting better at BasketBall.

I'm also known for using "lol" a lot, and you will often see me use it at the end of posts. lol

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Hey, guys, I'm OvErLoRd Darkspine, as you can most likely tell from my display name. I was a regular SSMBer before the site crashed (did it? I'm still not sure), and so I'm back and finally able to access something. I wasn't sure what was going on at first... I was scared it was permanently down.

... So everything's been wiped out, eh? No use crying over spilled milk, though.

I'm a big fan of all Sonic games (of course), but I also play and love Pokemon, Smash Bros, Call of Duty, and most all racing games (one of my favorites is Zero Gravity, a combination of the first category and the last).

I play many sports; some are street hockey, soccer, American football, and basketball. I'm 14, and I'm kinda tall for my age, so that gives me an advantage in some of those sports. Also, when I first started liking Sonic, I really wanted to be like him, so I trained myself at running until I can now run a 5:30 mile. (Pretty slow compared to some, I know).

...And that's enough about my boring life.

It's nice to see some familiar faces, here. Here's to the new SSMB!

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I'm back. I was once Wes Weasley but since the forum wipe I now had almost free pickings at a user name. So I greedily snatched up Doctor Eggman.


Hey Wes!

Small note, El Gran Gordo was formerly known as such... not sure if he'd be happy to see your new username! :P

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I'm not exactly new to Sonic Stadium. I joined a few months back under a completely different name and posted a total of 4 times (I think). I never bothered to properly introduce myself and if this isn't what you'd call a proper introduction then I never will.

Edited by Erazor
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Hey Wes!

Small note, El Gran Gordo was formerly known as such... not sure if he'd be happy to see your new username! :P

Technically, EGG's name was Doc Eggman, not Doctor Eggman, so it should be okay. Maybe.

Anyways, welcome back to the forums, Wes!

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We all got blind-sighted by Spicy, she totally came out of nowhere.

Not a bad thing though and as Eggman would put it;

"You Know What They Say, The More The Merr....." *shot*

anyway good to see some more Reg's reenlisting, keep em coming.

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Hi, I'm The-Full. Any other people with the name Full are posers. Its short for Fullmetalsonic84. Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. SO! We will now have a big group hug to get acquainted/ reacquainted. My hobbies include writing....and well writing. That and stealing pastries from everyone. Especially rum cakes. I listen to Japanese music and symphony orchestra music as well as classic rock and old metal from the early years. I am also a histroy geek and well that is about as far a the ground is below you.

Watch out for my mad ninja skillz when you pastries disappear.


Edited by The-Full
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Hi, everyone. I'm SkiLLusHi (or Ski if you wish). I'm completely new to this site and the world of Sonic. I enjoy drawing anime as well as writing fiction and poetry, and will hopefully become more knowledgable about Sonic through this site! :D

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