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F1 World Championship Grand Prix - bringing sexy back to the track

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The new ownership of F1 is bringing with it more video content, such as this test summary:

Very interesting order there, not easy to tell who has pace in their pocket they've year to show. If Sauber's pace is real they need to try and score their points early because that 2016 engine is going to start being a limitation as the season goes on, everyone else's engine will get better while theirs is the same. 

Toro Rosso being last seems too far for them to drop from sandbagging, they're either dealing with an unforeseen problem or their Mercedes like car is too draggy for the Renault power unit. 

And we also begin a new season of "Would the Mclaren be any good if the Honda engine was better?", which at the moment I'm thinking their car, even with a better power unit, would still not be that special considering that they're slower than sauber who were running last years Ferrari engine, which Honda speculated they could match if development wasn't so limited... and well, development isn't limited. 

 Now I'm wondering, of the teams that seem weirdly out of place, if they had their cars configured with a different level of downforce than they would normally run in Barcelona?

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