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Jay (Eggemann)

The Opinion Zone Podcast

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Well hello everyone! I am a person called Jay and we do a podcast. I know episodes are occasionally posted on the front page, but since the podcast is a sister to the site rather than an intergral part of it, (plus I've seen staff share their stuff all the time), I thought I'd share my little podcast with you guys!


ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sonic-show-podcast/

ANDROID / WEB BROWSER: http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow

RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thesonicshow

The Opinion Zone is an Explicit rated podcast featuring myself and a group of Sonic fans discussing a whole world of Sonical topics. The only rule here is that NO opinion will be forbidden. The whole point of this show is be allowed to have an opinion and not be worried what the internet thinks of it!

The podcast traditionally covers a similar format every week which goes as follows:

  • Todays Topic: Sometime news, however we find ourselves jumping into topics about the community in general.
  • Defeat Donnie: Every episode we let a member of our audience challenge Donnie to see who is the more knowledgeable Sonic fan.  For those that do not know, Donnie is a member of staff for TSSZ News, Sonic Paradox, Radio Sega, The Sonic Show, FTCR, plus a regular guest on things like Tails Channel and EVERY SONIC THING EVER. For someone who is all over the community like a rash, it is only fair that we make sure he can justify such a position. Some people have suggest the quiz is tailored to his disadvantage, however I cannot comment on this.
  • Ask Uncle Poxxy: We call a special life advice hotline where the mysterious Uncle Poxxy answers a variety of fan dilemmas, all sent in to the show from our lovely listeners. Questions have included delights as "What Sonic toy can I use to make me wetter than Labyrinth Zone", and "How do I tell my Mom I have a shrine for Big", we also have some more serious and heart warming tales too.
  • Fuad's Things: This (now axed segment) Saw Fuad bring to the table three random pieces of Sonic news from the last week for the group to discuss.

We also have some features that randomly pop up from time to time:

  • The Newly-wed Game: The host (me) will go behind one of the co-hosts backs and talk to one of their boyfriends/girlfriends/family and pull a suprise quiz based on the Newly-wed tv gameshow where I threaten to see how well the they know their loved one or face that person disowning them forever.
  • The Opinion Zone's Amateur Dramatic Society: We are sent fanfics all the time and sometimes we will visit our amateur dramatic club for a on the spot live reading.

Episodes so far!



  1. PlayStation 4 and Preowned Games http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinion-zone-act-2-xboners-and-dogs
  2. Xboners and Dogs http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/the-sonic-show-visits-joypolis-tokyo-
  3. The Story of All Stars http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinion-zone-act-3-the-story-of-all-stars
  4. Let's Go Boom http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinion-zone-act-4-let-s-go-boom-
  5. SAGE Advice http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinion-zone-act-5-sage-advice
  6. Is Shenmue 3 Doomed? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone-episoded6-isshenmue3doomed-
  7. Uncle Poxxy didn't preorder Fire And Ice http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone7-unclepoxxydidntpreordersonicboom-fire-ice
  8. Is Classic Sonic worth £50? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone8-isclassicsonicworth-50-
  9. Who Asked For Sonic Dash 2? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone9-whoaskedforsonicdash2-sonicboom-
  10. Sega Japan says soz for screwing up Sonic http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone10-segajapansaysozforscrewingupsonic.
  11. Sonic has new glasses http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone11-sonichasnewglasses-thes-tepisode-
  12. Where are all the Fan-Girls? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone12-wherearethesonicfangirls-
  13. Can Arcades save Sega? (Live Broadcast episode) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone13-canarcadessavesega-tapedlive-
  14. Is The Community Dying Out? (Special Guest Roareye Black) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone14-isthecommunitydyingout-
  15. Why do trolls live in comments sections? (Special Guest SegaSky) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/theopinionzone15-whydotrollsliveincommentssections-
  16. Was Sonic 06 Really That Bad? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone16-wassonic06reallythatbad-
  17. What was your first ever Sonic game? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone17-yourfirsteversonicgame
  18. What is the point of Sonic conventions? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone18-whatisthepointofsonicconventions-
  19. Frick It's the SammyClassicSonicFan Inteview! (Special Guest Sammy Classic Sonic Fan) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone19-frick-itsthesammyclassicsonicfaninterview
  20. Has There Ever Been a Good Sonic Fan Film? (Special Guest Sasso Studios) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone20-hasthereeverbeenagoodfanfilm-
  21. Who Is The Best (And Worst) Sonic Character of All Time? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone21-whoistheworst-andbest-soniccharacter-
  22. The Deleted Episode
  23. Ken Penders, What Are You Doing? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone23-kenpenders-whatareyoudoing-
  24. A Spooky Halloween Fan Fic Reading! http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone24-aspookyhalloweenfanficreading
  25. A Donnie VS A Johhny (Special Guest SomeCallMeJohnnyhttp://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone25-adonnievsajohnny
  26. Will Sega Keep Their Promises? http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone26-willsegakeeptheirpromises-
  27. A Super Sonic Show Down (Bumper Defeat Donnie episode) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone27-asupersonicshowdown
  28. Christmas Craptacular 2: The Crappening (Broadcast Live on Radio Sega) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzonechristmasspecial-christmascraptacular2thecrappening
  29. Ask Uncle Poxxy with LIVE studio audience at Weston Super Sonic http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone28-liveaudiencewestonsupersonicspecial-
  30. Weston Super Sonic 2016 Review http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone30-westonsupersonicconventionreview
  31. Gotta React Fast http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone31-gottareact-fast
  32. Sonic Interns and Internet Drama (Special Guest Sonic Remix) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone32-sonicinternsandstupiddrama
  33.  25th Anniversary Speculation Extreme (Special Guest Hogfather) http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow/opinionzone33-25thanniversaryspeculationextreme-specialguest-hogfather






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Well, it's about time you posted a topic for this Jay smh.

But yeah, I've been loving this podcast quite a bit. I wanted to take part in Defeat Donnie but real-life happened but I'm still determined to take part!

So yeah, loving the podcast and will listen to more always!

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Oh hey I recognize a couple of these segments like Defeat Donnie and Ask Uncle Poxxy from The Christmas Craptacular over on RadioSEGA Winterfest thing. I've always been looking for more podcasts from the the guys on TSS to listen to.

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it's been 32 episodes jammie, what took you so long?

fun fact, I actually appeared on Defeat Donnie. here is my episode encase anyone is curious
also Jamie if you're watching this, I since then learned the lyrics to wonder man


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On 2/21/2016 at 9:36 PM, Detective Hogfather said:

...I really need to find time to contribute to this in some way.

And looks like you did Hoggy buddy ol' pal!

Because the latest Opinion Zone is out with you in it for some damn reason.


Quick note: This was recorded 2 weeks prior to the SXSW panel, if I'm remembering it right? Right?


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Well holy cow! Things are getting pretty bad in here because @Jay (Eggemann) and the crew are talking about their top 3 favorite Sonic villains! But wait, there's more! Who is that snarky asshole Canadian on Defeat Donnie? His voice and crap jokes sounds so familiar? There's probably some random crap that happened in Ask Uncle Poxxy too but I ain't spoiling the fun for that, so give it a listen and figure the answers like! Will Jay actually follow the guest on Twitter (which goes by ThatSoni, for curiosity's sake)? How many questions does Uncle Poxxy get?

See ya in the next 2 weeks!



Papa bless, things are finally back on track as we got another episode of the Opinion Zone! This episode is about @Jay (Eggemann) and the crew (that's not Canadian so I can't share my poutine with anyone which makes me sad :() and they touch upon the drought of Sonic info so they begin to think about maybe they've grown too old for Sonic (or the fanbase, it's interchangeable at this point) where Tom rambles for like 10 minutes and it sounds deep, it could be just nonsensical white noise but hey, it sounds deep. Including a Sonic-community focused Defeat Donnie where we got a returning contestant from a previous episode. Will this guy win the quiz again or will Donnie get a (very rare) win for once? Also we have a rather interesting Ask Uncle Poxxy, where Jay repeats a question that was already answered in the previous episode (lol professionalism what's that?) and revealing a dark secret of the entire section.

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