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Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

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OK, here's a recap on the last October Trailer for Sun and Moon

Japanese Trailer


Starter Final Evolutions


  • Decidueye
  • Category: Arrow Quill Pokémon
  • Type: Grass/Ghost
  • Height: 5′03″
  • Weight: 80.7 lbs.
  • Ability: Overgrow

This Pokémon is able to move about while completely masking its presence from others. Once an opponent has lost sight of it, Decidueye seizes the chance to attack it unawares. In a tenth of a second, Decidueye plucks an arrow quill from within its wing and sends its hurtling toward its target. Its speed is astonishing, but not more so than its precise aim, which enables the arrow quill to pierce a target through and through from half a mile or more away! Decidueye usually acts very cool, but it can become terribly flustered in unexpected situations like a surprise attack.

A skilled Decidueye can boast acrobatic curved shots. It seems some are also able to shoot arrows that reach up through the sky, only to come drilling down from above, piercing multiple targets one after another.

Spirit Shackle is a Ghost-type physical move that only Decidueye can learn. An opponent hit with this move will become unable to flee from battle or switch out for an ally.


  • Incineroar
  • Category: Heel Pokémon
  • Type: Fire/Dark
  • Height: 5′11″
  • Weight: 183.0 lbs.
  • Ability: Blaze

As its fighting spirit increases, the flames that Incineroar produces within its body burst from its navel and waistline. Since the flames somewhat resemble a championship belt, they’re known as its “flame belt,” and the Pokémon unleashes moves that use flames from it. In the heat of battle, Incineroar shows no concern for its opponents—and sometimes even launches attacks that strike the opposing Trainer! As a result, many tend to dislike this Pokémon and keep it at a distance.

If a crowd watching it battle is pumped up, Incineroar’s fighting spirit will burn brighter. But a lackluster crowd can make it lose focus or fight shoddily. When it receives the admiration of young Pokémon and children, it may keep up its cold attitude on the outside, but in its heart of hearts, Incineroar is immensely happy. It loses the desire to fight when faced with a Pokémon that’s clearly weak or injured, and it sometimes gets taken advantage of as a result.

Darkest Lariat is a Dark-type physical move that only Incineroar can learn, and it allows Incineroar to deal damage while ignoring the effects of any stat changes that the target might otherwise be affected by.


  • Primarina
  • Category: Soloist Pokémon
  • Type: Water/Fairy
  • Height: 5′11″
  • Weight: 97.0 lbs.
  • Ability: Torrent

As it dances, Primarina releases balloons of water into the area around itself, moving them using the sound waves from its voice. The sight of moonlight reflecting off its glittering balloons creates a magical scene. Since Primarina controls its balloons using its voice, any injury to its throat can become a grave problem. Its greatest enemies are arid environments and the overuse of its voice during back-to-back battles.

Among the balloons that Primarina releases, some explode when touched, while others do not. Primarina jump on the non-exploding balloons while they make sport of their opponents, and they use the exploding variety to trigger chained explosions!

Primarina’s songs have many variations, and each one changes the motions of the balloons. It has been observed that songs are shared among Primarina living together, so different colonies end up knowing different songs.

Sparkling Aria is a Water-type special move that only Primarina can learn, and it heals the burns of any target it strikes.


The Other Island Guardians and their Exclusive Z-Move


  • Tapu Bulu
  • Category: Land Spirit Pokémon
  • Type: Grass/Fairy
  • Height: 6′03″
  • Weight: 100.3 lbs.
  • Ability: Grassy Surge

Tapu Bulu has the power to manipulate vegetation and cause it to grow. It can use this power on its own horns—which are made of wood—changing their shape or making them larger. This can come in handy in battle! This stolid Pokémon is not very active. People’s opinions differ on whether it’s as docile as it seems, or if the reason it doesn’t move much can be chalked up to simple laziness.

Tapu Bulu does not like unnecessary battles or frightening other Pokémon. Because of this, it makes a loud ringing noise with its tail to alert those nearby of its presence. Although Tapu Bulu may not like to start battles, it shows no mercy when dealing with evildoers. It’s said that when thieves once broke into its ruins, it punished them by swinging trees around like massive clubs.

Tapu Bulu can learn Nature’s Madness, an attack that slams a target with all of nature’s rage, which reduces the target’s HP by half.

Tapu Bulu’s Ability is Grassy Surge, an Ability that no Pokémon has previously had. With Grassy Surge, the field will be turned into Grassy Terrain when Tapu Bulu appears in battle, boosting the power of any Grass-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground and restoring a bit of HP to them each turn. It also halves the damage taken from the moves Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze.


  • Tapu Lele
  • Category: Land Spirit Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic/Fairy
  • Height: 3′11″
  • Weight: 41.0 lbs.
  • Ability: Psychic Surge

There is a legend which says that long ago Tapu Lele once brought an end to war between the islands of Alola by scattering its scales and soothing the tired warriors. 

Tapu Lele scatters glowing scales that physically affect others—providing stimulation to their bodies and healing their illnesses or injuries. But these scales can be dangerous as well, because a body can’t withstand the changes brought about by contact with too many scales at the same time. It will scatter its scales over humans and Pokémon for its own enjoyment; while it is innocent in one sense, there is also cruelty in the way it casually brings others to ruin.

If Tapu Lele doesn’t have much energy stored in its shell, it may lack the strength to seize victory in a head-on battle. With this in mind, it tends to prioritize not losing a battle over actually beating a foe, and it’s skilled at strategies such as inflicting status conditions on opponents.

Tapu Lele’s Ability is Psychic Surge, an Ability that no Pokémon has previously had. With Psychic Surge, the field will be turned into Psychic Terrain when Tapu Lele appears in battle, boosting the power of any Psychic-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground and preventing them from being hit by priority moves.


  • Tapu Fini
  • Category: Land Spirit Pokémon
  • Type: Water/Fairy
  • Height: 4′03″
  • Weight: 46.7 lbs.
  • Ability: Misty Surge

This Pokémon is able to create a special water that purifies both mind and body. But Tapu Fini requires that supplicants wishing to obtain the purifying water demonstrate the strength to withstand the tapu’s fog. Many humans have tried to withstand Tapu Fini’s fogs in pursuit of its purifying water. Among them were some with evil intentions, which may be the reason for Tapu Fini’s sense of disgust and lack of interest in appearing to people.

Tapu Fini is able to attack by manipulating water. Since it hates to risk harm to itself during battle, it prefers to create a thick fog that puts opponents in a trance and leads them to destroy themselves. Tapu Fini’s expression remains listless even when it’s unleashing moves. Some people say that it might look this way because using its moves is so exhausting. The Pokémon's Nature’s Madness attack slams a target with all of nature’s rage, reducing the target’s HP by half.

Tapu Fini’s Ability is Misty Surge, an Ability that no Pokémon has previously had. With Misty Surge, the field will be turned into Misty Terrain when Tapu Fini appears in battle, halving the damage taken by Pokémon on the ground from Dragon-type moves and preventing them from being afflicted with status conditions or confusion.




Guardian of Alola Z-Move
As guardian deities of Alola, the tapu can use the special Z-Move Guardian of Alola. When using this Z-Move, the tapu close their shells and a huge avatar appears from the ground to attack the opposing Pokémon, dealing damage equal to 75 percent of the target’s remaining HP.


New Alola Forms/Alolan Regional Variants


  • Alolan Persian
  • Category: Classy Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Dark
  • Height: 3′07″
  • Weight: 72.8 lbs.
  • Abilities: Fur Coat/Technician

The round face of Alolan Persian is a symbol of the rich Alola region, and it is held to be a Pokémon of great beauty. It is such a distinctive Pokémon of the Alola region that all Persian are well protected, and strict inspections are required before tourists can be permitted to take one back to their home region.

Persian is highly intelligent, with an even higher opinion of itself. In general, it looks down on everything other than itself. It doesn’t tend to grow attached to its Trainer, either, so it’s a difficult Pokémon to have as a partner in battle.

Its exquisite coat shines with the glow of high quality and enchants both humans and Pokémon. For this reason, it is a very popular Pokémon in the Alola region.

It usually puts on a refined act, but once a battle begins, it will indulge in the most underhanded of tactics, including surprise attacks, trickery, and even foul play. Yet its haughty personality causes it to underestimate its opponents, and it’s often taken in by their counterattacks.


New Pokémon


  • Cosmog
  • Category: Nebula Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic
  • Height: 0′08″
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs.
  • Ability: Unaware

This extremely rare Pokémon is known to only a select few in Alola. At one time, it was known only by the kings of Alola and their heirs, and it was called “the child of the stars.” The Aether Foundation is researching this unusual Pokémon, and one of the professors at the foundation recently dubbed it Cosmog.

Cosmog is very curious and shows no fear of people or Pokémon. If you treat it with any consideration at all, it will take an immediate liking to you. This personality trait often leads it into danger.

Its gaseous body is so lightweight that it’s sent flying when the wind blows. When light falls on this Pokémon, Cosmog absorbs it and grows.


Alola League - Currently Under Construction



The Pokémon League
In the regions that have served as the setting for your adventures in the Pokémon series so far, the ultimate stage for battle has always been a place called the Pokémon League.

The Pokémon League is where the Elite Four—four Pokémon Trainers with powerful Pokémon partners—and the Champion, who reigns as the top of all Trainers, await challengers. A challenger who defeats the Elite Four and the Champion will be hailed as the new Champion of the Pokémon League.

In the Alola region, the setting of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, there is no Pokémon League yet—but it seems that there are plans to construct one on the peak of a certain mountain.

After the growth you achieve through completing the island challenge, will the day come when you also take on the Pokémon League to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer?


The Battle Tree



The Battle Tree—Where Strong Opponents Await
Somewhere in the Alola region, you’ll find the Battle Tree: a place where those Trainers who have completed their island challenge—or who are strong enough to have done so—battle one another. All of the Trainers you can encounter at the Battle Tree are strong. It seems you might even encounter two battle prodigies from the Kanto region...



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1 hour ago, Marcello said:

So, since we're getting Red and he's being shown as some sort of legend, shouldn't we be getting the guy who beat his punk ass, Gold?

Screw Gold/Ethan/Lyra/ whatever where the hell is Silver D:

And my confusion over the Battle Tree has been resolved. Another post-game Battle facility. 

Speaking of,  while we know now there IS a Pokemon League being constructed, anyone think that once you become island champion not only you can gain access to the Tree but the League will be completed as a special post game thing? 


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Something like that seems possible; it would be fairly logical to shift the Kahunas over there with postgame-level teams to serve as the region's Elite Four.  I'm not sure who the champion would be, though.  Maybe they could do a reverse RBY and have you be first past the post with Hau walking in a second later to challenge you.

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I'm probably going with Primarina this time around. While the owl is cool, I'm really dead set on Marowak and he kinda covers my ghost stuffs, as well as fire so the fire starter is kinda out too. I mean I guess I could still without much issue but I really do like the water starter haha. Water/Fairy is a pretty awesome typing and while I don't like the first two evolutions very much, this last one really takes the cake. I miiiiiight struggle awhile when I'm allowed to select my Pokemon, since there's a part of me that wants this cocky ass fire wrestling cat on my team, but we'll see lmao. He just reminds me so much of the beast dude in A Boy and His Beast.

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Oh, Incineroar's the "Heel" Pokemon?

So that confirms that GF knows everyone is pissed off at the Fire/Fighting stereotype.

Heels in wrestling are professional wrestlers paid to play the role of the "villain" in wrestling events, with "faces" serving as the good guys. Heels intentionally do dirty things like use other objects, hitting in illegal areas on the body, spitting, etc....In Incineroar's case, it attacks the opposing trainer sometimes too, which would be considered a foul move. 

Dark type is known as Evil type in Japan. Incineroar looks like a Fire/Fighting type. Incineroar is a heel, an Evil Wrestler, a wrestler that we are naturally grown to despise


A+ Self-awareness. Now if only Primarina was interesting like that.

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New and probally the last of the TRAIN ON trailers



A new trailer was released as part of the Train On series and in this, a variety of new footage and details confirmations were shown. For example, it confirms Exeggcute evolves into Alolan Exeggutor through the Leaf Stone. It also showcased the English name of the Normal-type Z Move, Breakneck Blitz, which had been seen in previous trailers and demonstrations, as well as the first look of the Rock-type Z Move


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Some people have been pointing out that the "bullies" on that trailer are a parallel to Team Skull... Is that a sign of things to come?

Leaks Signs points towards yes, but this game can still surprise you after everything that's been revealed.

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Great that Incineroar (dumb name) isn't another Fire/Fighting starter, looks cool, and has a great looking signature move. 

Grass Owl looks the best of course, sad I won't use it. Water Siren is lol.


And man, Game Freak's really out to get Priority Attacks. Really makes me reconsider putting priority moves and Fake Out on my Pokes now that there are like 3 abilities that negate them now (and more could come who knows).

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I usually go with a water starter, Snivy made a difference in B/W, but this time I'm going to choose either fire or grass starter. I'm super into owls, grass and ghost typing seems great to me and I love the final evolution design. Rowlet will most likely be my choice.

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Here's another tidbit on Decidueye:


It appears to be based after the Stilt Owl; a now-extinct (so that's likely where their Ghost-typing comes from) species of owl that were once native to Hawaii. They were recognized for their long, stilt-like legs and highly territorial habits. So that may be the inspiration for it.


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25 minutes ago, TCB said:

Japanese YT uploaded a "7 Themes" trailer

Little things I've noticed:

Have we seen the Z-Move Crabrawler used yet?

The Dratini line are numbers 281-283; so if anything that tells us a bit more of how big the Alola Pokedex could be.

That along with the Z-Moves that Vikavolt and Oricorio use are also new.


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Just learned that Juniper(Japanese Dedidueye) is an actual word in English.

Anyway, the Japanese names for the starters:

モクロー Mokurou  =  moku(Jp. "tree") + fukurou(Jp. "owl") 
フクスロー Fukusurou  =  fukurou + throw? 
ジュナイパー Jyunaiper  =  ju(Jp. "tree") + sniper

ニャビー  Nyabii  =  Nya (Jp. "meow") + bi(hi, Jp. "fire") or tabby 
ニャヒート Nyaheet = Nya + heat
ガオガエン Gaogaen  =  Gao (Jp. "roar/growl noise") + gaen (kaen, Jp. "flame")

アシマリ Ashimari  =  ashika(Jp. "sealion") + marine or mari(type of Jp. ball) 
オシャマリ Oshamari  =  oshare(Jp. "fancy,stylish") + mari 
アシレーヌ Ashireenu  =  Ashi + reine(Fr. "queen") or sirène (Fr. "siren/mermaid")

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I finally pre-ordered my copy of Pokémon Sun today. I was meant to do it much earlier but for some reason I pushed it this close its release (which is 23rd in Europe). I'm will get the Steelbook Edition since it wasn't that much more expensive than the standard version. yay!

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