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Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

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Just transferred Popplio to Moon (with Rowlet) and reset Sun to get Litten.    Not sure if I'll play them in tandem or one after another; it'll probably be a bit of both as usual.  I was rather amused by the guy who told me, as we stood in the moonlit darkness "On a nice sunny day like today I like to walk where the wind blows me."   I wonder if that line got missed when they were changing sun references to moon ones.

Incidentally, Z crystals can't be transferred between games, but you can re-get the gift Munchlax+Z crystal after resetting a game.

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I don't know if it's a language exclusive name...but when I was about to get to route 5 I was challenged by Shakira who became a pokebreeder and moved to Alola

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I picked up the game on release day and my initial thoughts: It's absolutely fantastic so far! They've really stepped things up with the visuals and I love the soundtrack. Trials as opposed to the traditional gyms are an interesting concept and a nice change of pace.

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Two days until we Europeans get our copies. Asking all of you who got the game already, how's the difficulty in the main story so far? XY and ORAS were really tame imo. I've been sort of planning my party already but it may change on the way to the 'league'.

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^It sure is! Mallow's trial kicked my ass. I managed to beat it my first try, but boy did I get blown back. Anyway, I beat the game and caught every new Pokemon, clocking in at 38 hours. Now I just have to wait 'til January to transfer over my other 'Mons so I can start taking on the Battle Tree.

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8 hours ago, Conando said:

It's less forgiving than X and Y. Totem Pokemon hit hard and take a few lumps before going down. Trainers can also use Z-Moves. The exp share ends up actually getting you close to the final stretch's level range rather than exceeding it too.


So far the Totem Lurantis was the one that gave me most trouble while Vikavolt was pretty easy.

But yeah, Totem pokemon can be difficult at times.

Also, since I was having a hard time finding a Wimpod at route 8, I ended up catching a Spheal with the scanner for a water type till I find something better

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11 hours ago, BlueFlare said:

Two days until we Europeans get our copies. Asking all of you who got the game already, how's the difficulty in the main story so far? XY and ORAS were really tame imo. I've been sort of planning my party already but it may change on the way to the 'league'.

It gets more difficult later on. Some of the later totem Pokémon gave me trouble and I barely was able to beat them even with a pretty rounded team.

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1 hour ago, CD Sanic said:

Haven't beaten the game yet but, are the totem Pokemon rematchable after beating the league?

Nope. And I think I'm gonna wait till Pokemon Bank updates before I challenge the battle tree or go hunting for legendaries.

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1 hour ago, Johnny Boy said:

Nope. And I think I'm gonna wait till Pokemon Bank updates before I challenge the battle tree or go hunting for legendaries.

Aw, Could have sworn i heard somewhere that the trial leaders use them in their team when they rematch you.

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Beat the game, here are my (no spoiler) impressions

+This reigon is beautiful and so very large. Like one of my fears were that the island set up would make things feel small but o the contrary it feels so compact and full of content everywhere! I always feel like im discovering new things instead of just going through the motions and traveling vast stretches of empty routes.

+Difficulty is solid. After the painfully easy ORAS it’s good to see the difficulty being ramped back up again, still nothing TO hard but it still gave me a tough time, mostly from the Totem Pokemon. I actually enjoy the Trial stuff honestly, they’re a good replacement for Gyms

+Lots of side content, I havent tried everything but from what I came across there’s a ton of features to keep you distracted from the main quest and that’s always a big plus

+Great characters. I thought i wouldnt have much of a opinon on Hau since he felt like another friendly rival but man did he grow on me quickly, it’s nice to have a boy character thats kind of a ditz and overly optimistic for once, hes very likable. Kukui, the Kahunas and Trial Captains almost all hit t out of the park to as well. And Lillie, oh many Lillie, she’s the star of this game honestly, her development is equisite and I am so proud of her and her personal growth. I really like how you have characters actually join you on your jounrney and support you and interact with you consistently rather then just sporadically show up whenever, it gives you a better feel for the characters and fleshes them out more.

+Good story, thought I still think BW holds the title for best story this comes in at a solid second for how unique and diffrent it all is. With the whole “main journey” set up and the stuff with the Aehter, Skull and the UB. No spoiler sof course but it goes in very intersting places, and there are some good twists I didnt see coming.

-The soundtrack is kinda on the weaker side sadly, I cant really remember to many themes in this game. Perhaps I need to go back and listen to the soundtrack entirely when its out. My favorite tracks are the Legendary themes and the “final boss” theme as of right now!

-Yeah I really wish there were more Alola Pokemon, it’s a painfully small dex honestly. I had to go out of my way to find them most of the time. Alola forms that are available early in game are just DARK TYPE DARK TYPE DARK TYPE, like where’s the variation? The more interesting ones arent available until late in game.

-Team Skull just…perplexes me. Wont say more then that.

-The grooming place is TERRIBLY DESIGNED. You have to pay BEFORE you make a choice of what hair style you want and you dont even get a PREVIEW of what it will look like, you just gotta take a leap of faith and hope it looks good. Whoever came up with this needs to be fired and shouldve designed it exactly like how the clothing store is designed.

-not a huge fan of the "call for help" feature, I prefer dex nav.

In the end id say it was well worth the wait to play these they were SO good! It was the break in formula the series needed. Im not sure where id rank these games but they’d definitely be in the first half of my ranking then the later half.

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Before I disappear again to complete post game stuff I thought I would give my thoughts about this game.

Firstly this is a Pokemon game filled with a ton of positive changes but there's some negatives that need to be addressed. Before we get to the nitty gritty about that first I wanna talk about all the good. I will say this game is more plot driven than most and I actually like this change because it felt really well written. A ton of characters develop and grow into better people. There's also a little theme that you should let go of the past and continue moving on forward. Not to spoil too much but basically a lot of stuff happened in Alola in the past and characters move on from then, living happier lives. Next the new Trials are a breath of air. They don't necessarily mean you have to battle all of the time but they do integrate battles in somehow, whether its from random encounters or the Totem Pokemon themselves. Also kind of related but this is actually the first Pokemon game in a long while to actually give me some kind of challenge. I've had my ass kicked several times because I was either not prepared or my love of using only Ghost types fucked me over in some way. And I guess the biggest and most welcomed change is the Pokemon Rides which negate the use of HMs meaning you get to keep a slot for something else. Its great to say the least.

Now for some bad stuff. Namely the S.O.S. system is fucking annoying when your trying to catch shit. They force you into a double battle where you're the one with the handicap. This is fine when you're trying to grind for shinies and HAs which does make things easier for you but its annoying to deal with otherwise. By the way its the best way to getting Mareanie and the ONLY way you're going to get Chansey so good luck with that. Remember when people were so excited for Hyper Training? Well guess what? You're going to have to grind for EVs the old fashioned way now because they got rid of Super Training. I actually did like Super Training because I was able to get competitive mons within an hour or so of training but now its going to hard on others who want to be good in the meta. And if I had any complaints about the story well...


You'll never fight the big bad directly. Shame because they looked itching for an actual fight.

But that's about it really. I think there's more positive changes than most but the bad changes can drag it down a bit.

For some miscellaneous notes namely I love Team Skull. They're officially my favorite villainous gang because they're just a bunch of dorks. I did think about it though and I did realized that Team Skull is a deconstruction of the kids sent out on adventure since they're actually losers in every sense of the term. I should probably mention it but this actually the darkest Pokemon game I've ever played. It casually mentions death and predation like its nothing.


Needless to say the big bad's actions actually did freak me out a little. Namely when you first encounter them in their lair.

But its also mature about itself as it never goes into grimdark territory. I can't give you exact specifics but these characters do feel pretty realistic for what they are. And a final note and another vague spoiler.


This game fulfills the jellyfish fetish I asked for. You'll understand if you reached the climax of the game.

So tl;dr this is now my favorite Pokemon games of all time. It has so much charm and flair while being thought provoking. It also gave me literally all the emotions. I won't be forgetting all these moments in the games because they've just been so gosh darn fun and memorable in one way or another. So thanks Game Freak for putting a ton of love into these games. Its been an honor playing these games for 20 years.

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Seems the official site has updated with new Official Art and info


New Alola Forms/Alolan Regional Variants


Alolan Geodude

  • Category: Rock Pokémon
  • Type: Rock/Electric
  • Height: 1'04"
  • Weight: 44.8 lbs.
  • Abilities: Magnet Pull OR Sturdy

Its body is a magnetic stone. Iron sand attaches firmly to the portions of its body that are particularly magnetic.

If you accidentally step on a Geodude sleeping on the ground, you'll hear a crunching sound and feel a shock ripple through your entire body.


Alolan Graveler

  • Category: Rock Pokémon
  • Type: Rock/Electric
  • Height: 3'03"
  • Weight: 242.5 lbs.
  • Ability: Magnet Pull / Sturdy

Its preferred food is dravite. After it has eaten this mineral, crystals form inside the Pokémon, rising to the surface of part of its body.

They eat rocks and often get into a scrap over them. The shock of Graveler smashing together causes a flash of light and a booming noise.


Alolan Golem

  • Category: Megaton Pokémon
  • Type: Rock/Electric
  • Height: 5'07"
  • Weight: 696.7 lbs.
  • Abilities: Magnet Pull OR Sturdy

It fires rocks charged with electricity. Even if the rock isn't fired that accurately, just grazing an opponent will cause numbness and fainting.

Because it can't fire boulders at a rapid pace, it's been known to seize nearby Geodude and fire them from its back.


New Pokémon


  • Category: Hard Scale Pokémon
  • Type: Bug/Water
  • Height: 6'07"
  • Weight: 238.1 lbs.
  • Ability: Emergency Exit
  • Wimpod evolves into Golisopod


With a flashing slash of its giant sharp claws, it cleaves seawater—or even air—right in two.

It battles skillfully with its six arms, but spends most of its time peacefully meditating in caves deep beneath the sea.



  • Category: Bugle Beak Pokémon
  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Height: 2'00"
  • Weight: 32.6 lbs.
  • Abilities: Keen Eye OR Skill Link
  • Pikipek evolves into Trumbeak


It eats berries and stores their seeds in its beak. When it encounters enemies or prey, it fires off all the seeds in a burst.

By bending its beak, it can produce a variety of calls and brand itself a noisy nuisance for its neighbors.



  • Category: Cannon Pokémon
  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Height: 3'07"
  • Weight: 57.3 lbs.
  • Abilities: Keen Eye OR Skill Link
  • Trumbeak evolves into Toucannon


When it battles, its beak heats up. The temperature can easily exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit, causing severe burns when it hits.

Within its beak, its internal gas ignites, explosively launching seeds with enough power to pulverize boulders.



  • Category: Brutal Star Pokémon
  • Type: Poison/Water
  • Height: 1'04"
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs.
  • Ability: Merciless OR Limber


It plunges the poison spike on its head into its prey. When the prey has weakened, Mareanie deals the finishing blow with its 10 tentacles.

It's found crawling on beaches and seafloors. The coral that grows on Corsola's head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon.




  • Category: Brutal Star Pokémon
  • Type: Poison/Water
  • Height: 2'04"
  • Weight: 32.0 lbs.
  • Ability: Merciless/Limber
  • Mareanie evolves into Toxapex

Toxapex crawls along the ocean floor on its 12 legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits scattered in its wake.

Those attacked by Toxapex's poison will suffer intense pain for three days and three nights. Post-recovery, there will be some aftereffects.



  • Category:  Woolly Crab Pokémon
  • Type: Fighting/Ice
  • Height: 5'07"
  • Weight: 396.8 lbs.
  • Abilities: Hyper Cutter OR Iron Fist
  • Crabrawler evolves into Crabominable

It aimed for the top but got lost and ended up on a snowy mountain. Being forced to endure the cold, this Pokémon evolved and grew fur.

It just throws punches indiscriminately. In times of desperation, it can lop off its own pincers and fire them like rockets.


  • Category: Water Bubble Pokémon
  • Type: Water/Bug
  • Height: 1'00"
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs.
  • Ability: Water Bubble

It crawls onto the land in search of food. Its water bubble allows it to breathe and protects its soft head.

When it comes across enemies or potential prey, this Pokémon smashes its water-bubble-covered head into them.


  • Category: Water Bubble Pokémon
  • Type: Water/Bug
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 180.8 lbs.
  • Ability: Water Bubble
  • Dewpider evolves into Araquanid

It delivers headbutts with the water bubble on its head. Small Pokémon get sucked into the bubble, where they drown.

Despite what its appearance suggests, it cares for others. If it finds vulnerable, weak Pokémon, it protectively brings them into its water bubble.


  • Category: Illuminating Pokémon
  • Type: Grass/Fairy
  • Height: 3'03"
  • Weight: 25.4 lbs.
  • Abilities: Illuminate OR Effect Spore
  • Morelull evolves into Shiinotic

Forests where Shiinotic live are treacherous to enter at night. People confused by its strange lights can never find their way home again.

It emits flickering spores that cause drowsiness. When its prey succumb to sleep, this Pokémon feeds on them by sucking in their energy.


  • Category: Toxic Lizard Pokémon
  • Type: Poison/Fire
  • Height: 3'11"
  • Weight: 48.9 lbs.
  • Ability: Corrosion
  • Only Female Salandit evolve into Salazzle 

For some reason, only females have been found. It creates a reverse harem of male Salandit that it lives with.

Filled with pheromones, its poisonous gas can be diluted to use in the production of luscious perfumes.


  • Category: Sea Creeper Pokémon
  • Type: Ghost/Grass
  • Height: 12'10"
  • Weight: 463.0 lbs.
  • Ability: Steelworker

Swinging its massive anchor, it can KO Wailord in a single blow. What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body.

The soul of seaweed adrift in the waves became reborn as this Pokémon. It maintains itself with new infusions of seabed detritus and seaweed.


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I did a big write-up, and hit post and it deleted everything, so round two?

I finished Pokemon Moon recently, and I thought I’d share my thoughts in a list of bullet points on what I liked and disliked.

+ Alola is easily the most atmospheric and immersive world the Pokemon series has ever had. We’ve seen Pokemon interact with the world in previous games, sure, but Alola cranks it up a bit and it feels like Pokemon are pretty much vital to everyday life in Alola. The game not being restricted to the usual grid-like structure also helps make the world feel more alive and natural. There’s also a bunch of little details too, like how you can hear a Pokemon’s cry while exploring, and the cries will belong to Pokemon who belong to that particular area. Alola certainly isn’t the best in terms of its layout and design, but as far as living, breathing Pokemon world goes, it’s the closest we’ve had and I think that’s fantastic.

+ The difficulty curve for this game is good. Pokemon games are usually piss easy, and Sun/Moon is certainly easy as well, but Sun/Moon at least demands some attention from the player. Trainers use some degree of strategy, like switching out their Pokemon so they can actually tank the bigger hits. I’ve seen some lay down a Stealth Rock and then use moves to force/bait constant switching. The Totem Pokemon are also an interesting idea by having boss-level Pokemon who aren’t legendary, and they too have their own strategies that they use (the Totem laying down Toxic while the support comes prepared with Venoshock, the support applying Sunny Day so the Totem doesn’t have to wait for a charge up, etc.).

+ With the addition of the Ride Pokemon, we no longer have need of HM’s. Now the player is given more freedom as to how they want to make their team, and that's can only be a good thing.

+ Sun and Moon’s soundtrack is fantastic. Gladion’s battle theme is fucking ace.  (may be spoilers in the suggested videos side, I don't know, so be careful)

+ The characters are pretty good by usual Pokemon standards. Much better than X/Y’s shitshow, but I don’t think they’re better than Black/White.


It was a really good idea to make the Box Art Legendary one of the game’s main characters.  I enjoyed Nebby’s antics and her interactions with Lillie, and I was legit mad as fuck when Skull and Aether took her away.  Nebby was the only Pokemon I nicknamed in this game, because fuck it, Lunala isn’t her name.  I was really tempted to put her in my party, but I generally stick to a No Legendary rule for my first run through a Pokemon game.

Nebby's a "her" by the way, you can't change my mind.

+ The story itself follows the usual Pokemon fare, but it does have a few interesting turns in it.


I certainly didn’t expect the Ultra Beasts to be kind of evil. Lusamine certainly isn’t entirely innocent, but seeing how Nihilego can poison someone’s mind like that paints her a bit of a victim in it all. Gamefreak did a wonderful job making Lusamine an intimidating villain though; the moment when you storm the Aether Paradise with Hau and Gladion and you get to her office… it’s kind of chilling.  huehuehue

The best thing about the story is the details of the Ultra Beasts and the dark underbelly of the Aether Foundation. Really cool stuff to see how they researched the UB and how they prepared to battle against them with the creation of Type:Null and the Beast Balls. The world where the UBs come from is like a natural evolution of the Distortion World from Platinum, and that's pretty fucking cool.

+ Team Skull is the best villain team ever. They’re highly entertaining, and their boss is a hoot as well.  Plumeria's is fucking great too.  totes not biased

+/- The S.O.S. mechanic also contributes in how the world feels; it certainly does make sense that wild Pokemon would call out for help and their friends would offer an assist. But, man the fights can drag when you’re shooting to catch something specific. The S.O.S. mechanic does offer a good way of catching evolved Pokemon however, and that’s pretty cool.

- Game feels very linear, which is disappointing.

- I was kind of hoping for more Ride Pokemon.

All in all, I really enjoyed the game.  It's probably my favorite Pokemon game overall (or at the very least, it's waaaaay up there), and I'm seriously considering on double dipping for Sun, and triple dipping after that if the Switch rumor pans out.

My team at the end:

Decidueye - Raichu - Milotic - Bewear - Goodra - Salazzle

Raichu was my breadwinner for most of the game; breed him with Electric Terrain and his Electro Ball did ridiculous amounts of damage; got even worse if I managed to throw on a Nasty Plot as well.  Milotic, Bewear, and Goodra were all nigh impenetrable walls of agony and suffering for anyone foolish enough to challenge them.  Salazzle was fun for setting up toxic on people.  Decidueye was just kind of there.

I finished collecting the Ultra Beasts, so for now I'll focus on filling up my Pokedex, but man I love this game.

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Short post since I JUST finished the main game story.

SuMo became my favorite games, finally dethroning HGSS. Game Freak really did a wonderful job actually making an effort with a plot this time around. The twists and certain events in the story were paced really well, but it were the characters that made it stand out. I actually had feels for certain people in the game and their development throughout. Special mention goes to Lillie; she is clearly THE focal point character of the story and to see her character progression wasn't just enjoyable but uplifting in way. Kudos to the writing for actually putting in effort not seen with this series stories since like, what, BW? 

Music-wise, it may be my favorite in the series as well. So much variance in styles used here with many catchy tunes.

Region-wise, like Nix said it's so full of life and the use of Pokemon as actual partners outside of battle makes it more in tune with the natural scenery than Hoenn tried to do. 

GG Game Freak.

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Speaking of the SOS battles at least, they do actually have ev bonuses attached to the Pokemon that come in. Find the right Pokemon with the evs you want and put on the newly buffed Power hold items with the ev you want and it's pretty fast. Not as convenient as Super Training, but i gets the job done.

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Beat the story/game (Moon Version)



My team, spoilered for size.

Very fun, I had exp share on and off several time and left the battle style on "Set" permanently in the middle of the 2nd island. But man, I really did enjoy the story. It got crazy, some parts were sad, and there was a great zinger.

Gonna do some post game stuff later, but I had a lot of fun.

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