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Battle of the Bigs (Event)

Indigo Rush

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18 minutes ago, Forte-Metallix said:

Oh, man! This is just too awesome! 

I'm not sure if the universe can handle two Bigs in the same room! What's more, we finally get to hear Kyle say sentences with more than two words as Big!

Forget Sonic's 25th! This is now the Year of Big!


Nah, I'd just as it's Big Month. Also, the 4kids Big is missing from this.

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Icon vs. Icon

Cat vs Cat

Hey Big Guy vs. Hey Big Guy

Main event of Bigtlemania 2016 for the World Big Cat Championship

Is the world really ready for this I...I don't think the world is ready for this

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You know I'm surprised they got John in this considering his distaste for the character. It goes to show he's willing to at least please fans which does give me a lot of respect there. But regardless either way it would be cool to see both these guys in the same room.

And can someone going get them to play a scene where Ryu and Duke walk into a bar with the actor's role being switched with the other (John being Ryu, and Kyle being Duke). It needs to be heard.

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5 hours ago, SonicDX said:

I am not sure what is this about... How they gonna 'compete with their voices'? It's gonna be a word battle, or what?

It's going to be a rap battle to see who's got the phattest rhymes, obviously.

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