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"The First Level of Every Sonic Game"; Analysis From Super BunnyHop

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You know after hearing what alot of you guys said about this video, I thought it was gonna be a cringefest. But it's actually not that bad, granted it's not as good as ShayMay's Sonic Spitball or heck Sonic Dissected but for a analysis video from a non-Sonic fan that looks into the first stages, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen.

Granted, I was kinda confused on what is the purpose of the video but whatever. But I do disagree with some of his points like some have said, when he criticized a platformer for having platforming. Come on man really? Granted it could be helpful if the platforming is designed with speed in mind but still.

Like I don't know, I thought it was ok. A interesting idea for an analysis video but I see the same points being told several times before.

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I appreciate that SuperBunnyHop tried to criticise the Adventure titles without just throwing sweeping statements out. From my experience, most people are either apologists for Adventure that pretend the serious flaws of the game are overblown and others are overly-critical of Adventure and claim it's a completely broken mess.

I do think SuperBunnyHop went over the top though. Adventure is a very flawed but enjoyable game and it's aged much better than he claims.

I also don't like the entire concept of basing a game off its first level. Seems pretty bizarre to me. 

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