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Sonic Headcanons

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No explination needed. Share your headcanons here: any continuity and subject (as long as they keep to the rules) are welcome.


-Everyone involved in the events of Sonic Generations only partially remember said events. Specifically, everything that happened in the white world eventually faded from everyone's minds. Classic Sonic, Tails and Eggman forget everything that happened the moment they returned to their own time.

-Human/Mobian romances are seen in a similar way to same-sex couples in the real world: they're gaining exceptance the world over, but is still considered by some to be "controversial" subject. Like same-sex couples, human/mobian couples are unable to procreate (regardless of the genders involved), which leads to a lot of couples seeking surrogacy or adoption as an alternative.

Archie Sonic-specific:

-The Super Genesis Wave was the final "Day of Fury". Additionally, the mural in the Hidden Palace, from the perspective of the old canon, was predicting the event, specifically, Sonic and Eggman during the final moments of Worlds Collide. Some details were inaccurate, but the basic premise was intact (Super Sonic facing Eggman in a giant mech which had Chaos energy at its disposal (reprented by the Master Emerald)).

-Sonic still experienced memories of the old canon in Worlds Collide, even from the perspective of the new one. It was a side-effect of time and space being distupted.

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Sounds like fun! I'll share my headcanons for the Boom universe.

1) The real reason Sticks is so paranoid is not for her own well-being, but her friends'. They're the only family she has, so she doesn't want to lose them and go back to a life of isolation.

2) Shadow spent his whole life as a wannabe hero, but Sonic kept showing him up with his more noble attitude and friendship. That's why Shadow wants to kill him so badly- not just because he finds Sonic annoying and is disgusted by his willing to rely on his friends, but because Sonic's the hero Shadow wants to be but can't because of his bad disposition.

3) Both Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal are canon, the latter taking place a few months after the former. Lyric escaped his captivity at the end of RoL, went into hiding, and then remembered there was a ninth Chaos Crystal said to be more powerful than the other eight combined. After Sonic and Tails trapped him in the past, he tried to steal the Lost Crystal, only for the other Ancients to shatter it and imprison him. Meanwhile, Team Sonic got to know Sticks, whom they met during RoL. They became so close to her that she joined the team, and Tails was able to replicate Lyric's technology to make Sticks her own Enerbeam!

4) After Shadow kicked Lyric out of his airship at the end of SC, the rotten reptile fell to his death. Shadow disappeared to find Lyric and make sure he was gone for good. He eventually found him, and if the ancient snake was still alive at that point, Shadow made sure he wasn't anymore.

5) Each of the Chaos Crystals gives off a specific kind of energy: Shock- Electric, Sun- Solar, Flame- Fire, Radiant- Radiation (Overexposure to this Crystal is what made Lyric sick), Verdant- Bio, Tidal- Hydro, Twilight- Antimatter, Sky- Wind

6) Dash 2: Boom is canon. It involves Team Sonic going on their weekly ring hunt (This is where they get their income) and discovering Red Star Rings. They then compete to see who can collect the most. Last December, Shadow saw Eggman covering the town with mines. Sonic and the gang were out of town hunting for rings, so Shadow took it upon himself to destroy the mines before they detonated. When Tails heard about this, he rewarded Shadow with his own Enerbeam on Christmas Day. Shadow decided to keep it because he figured it would be useful. (And because nobody had ever given him a gift before, but he'd never admit it)

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I have a head canon, specifically explaining a few plotholes in Adventure 2.

When the Ark incident happened, Gerald hadn't programmed the crash course as he wasn't insane yet. He was taken to Prison Island where he cracked. He plotted his revenge, somehow snuck out of his cell (this is the sketchiest bit) and found Shadow's pod. He programmed the new plan into him. Then Gerald was executed, sounding like a rambling and bitter old man. 50 years later, Shadow is released and steals his emerald. He then goes to Ark, programs the new plan into the central control room and waits for Eggman to show up. 

I don't know how Gerald could sneak out but I find the Shadow reprogramming Ark bit to be quite solid.

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-Twinkle Park's "cute couples get in free" policy wasn't actually that literal: any couple could get in. However, they quickly had to abandon the policy as they realised if was easy to exploit (just about anybody could go up and say "hey, we're a couple, let us in").

-The Second Genesis Wave was also the catalyst for the Archie Meets Glee crossover (which was being published around the same time as Worlds Collide). Because the second wave was activated in a pocket zone located between the Sonic and Mega Man multiverses, this allowed some of the energy to leak out, and it would end up opening the portal between Riverdale and McKinley.

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-The Silver Sonic you fight in Pocket Adventure is the one in the Final Egg in SA1.

-Genesis Portals are how Sonic crossed over with Angry Birds in Dash. They also allowed Sticks to participate in main-universe games, and alternate versions of the Werehog and Mephiles used them to get into Runners, as did Classic Sonic.

-Sonic and Eggman's involvements in Wreck-It Ralph are canon. In fact, this is how Eggman first met Bowser. They've been friends longer than Mario and Sonic have.

-The main Sega universe was affected by the Super Genesis Wave, as well. But the only change it brought to that world was bringing the Lost Hex back to Sonic's world, as well as a few Genesis Portals, as mentioned previously

-The Boom universe was created by the SGW.

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I love making these! :lol:

Here's something I posted on reddit yesterday:


Lost World takes place in a timeline created due to Classic Sonic learning about his future in Generations, with differences such as:

  • The original tornado surviving (It was shot down in Sonic Adventure, with the Tornado II and the Unleashed version replacing it that could both transform.)
  • Eggman still using badniks and flickies (He switched to Small Animals/E-Series in the adventure games, then abandoned the animals by Heroes/06 and started using other robots.)
  • Sonic being better at the homing attack (Due to learning about it early in Gens)
  • Orbot and Cubot not being stranded in space at the end of Colors.
  • Sonic dealing with Amy's obsession better (Sonic acts differently towards her in Lost World than he does in Black Knight or Gens. There's also the 'secret' scene in Lost World which doesn't make much sense considering the earlier games)
  • Sonic becoming more reckless (His recklessness is a major point of Lost World. If Sonic knew about his future up until then, it'd make sense for him to fuck up the first one he didn't see coming.)

Of course we all know the real reason behind this stuff is due to things like Pontaff writing (Fun Fact: The Japanese translation of Lost World removed a lot of their shitty jokes and made everyone generally more in-character), but it's still fun to think about stuff.

I also have a partially filled notepad file explaining other headcanons I have, but for the sake of not making this post go too deep I'll just make a list here:

  • Oil Ocean Zone is on the outskirts of Metropolis Zone.
  • When Eggman's machines lit Angel Island on fire in S3K, he told Knuckles it was Sonic's doing.
  • The Master Emerald was moved to Hidden Palace Zone when the original altar began to fall apart. After Eggman ruined Hidden Palace in S3K, Knuckles moved it back to the original altar.
  • Building a robot Sonic that could match the real one was one of Eggman's larger projects across the Classic series. Silver Sonic and Mecha Sonic were clunky prototypes that he used both to test out his latest work and study Sonic. The result of this project was Metal Sonic, who was made to be like Sonic in pretty much every way.
  • Sonic CD comes after S3K
  • Speaking of Sonic CD, since Sonic CD ended the game in the future I'm assuming the time posts only affect the planet itself. Which is why Metal Sonic got back so easily when it reappeared in 4.
  • Sonic didn't get all the good futures in CD so Little Planet wasn't totally free from Eggman, which is one of the reasons he was able to do what he did to it in 4.
  • Most of SA1 is each character describing the events leading up to Perfect Chaos, which is why the dialogue is different in each story. The recount stops when Sonic gets to Station Square to take on Perfect Chaos. (In the intro movie to the game, you can see him running there from where he was in the Mystic Ruins)
  • Aside from meeting Tails for Sonic 4, SA1 was the first time Sonic saw Tails, Knuckles and Amy since the Classic series - which is more than a year, considering Little planet only shows up once a year and Sonic 4 happened before SA1.
  • Sonic's vacation was the thing that was "happenin'".
  • As I said in the quote, the Tornado gets destroyed by the Egg Carrier in SA1. Sonic gets thrown towards station square and Tails is left to abandon the plane and fly an exhausting trip back to the Mystic Ruins.
  • When Sonic and Amy went to Twinkle Park in SA1, Sonic went the wrong way and into Twinkle Circuit first.
  • Amy stayed in Twinkle Park literally all night in SA1. She only leaves after Sonic has completed Speed Highway, after all.
  • Egg Viper takes place after Egg Walker. Sonic spends all night in Lost World and wakes up the following morning when Eggman is flying back to his base after being beaten by Tails in order to take the Egg Viper to Station Square and attack.
  • Gerald researched the echidnas and designed Shadow based on either the mural in hidden palace zone or something very similar to it. I mean, he knows what the Master Emerald's altar looked like, right?
  • Gerald only knows there are 7 emeralds due to the echidna research he did. The 7th one didn't pop up until Sonic 2 after all.
  • Shadow was the one who put the destruction sequence on the ARK in SA2 and Gerald told him to do it because he was the one who made the capsule Shadow was sealed away in.
  • When Shadow was released, he went around GUN's base getting things such as Gerald's execution tape and learning about Rouge in the process. He didn't need to be a genius once he got to the ARK: all Shadow had to do was press the buttons Gerald told him to, really.
  • Shadow knew about the mural stuff because Gerald told him. During Final Hazard, he starts to realise that the mural/whatever they came across is probably depicting Sonic and not him - which is where the 'I think you're the real Ultimate Life Form' comment comes from.
  • Speaking of which, GUN investigated the ARK and found nothing to do with Gerald's tape nor the calculations in his cell. They could only add that second sphere around the ARK to prevent the Eclipse Cannon from firing.
  • Shadow needed to lose the police after robbing the bank in SA2 so he dumped them on Sonic. When he says Farewell to Sonic in that game, he's actually teleporting himself to the ARK ready for Eggman to show up.
  • GUN didn't mistake Shadow for Sonic, they framed Sonic in order to stop news about Project Shadow from getting around.
  • Tails and Amy came from different backgrounds/places as the rest of the characters, which is why they have regular names compared to the "X the Y" format characters like Sonic have.
  • Metal Sonic's mind is programmed to be to emulate Sonic's except with certain things like his love for animals reversed into a love for robots. His behaviour in Sonic Heroes is nothing Sonic himself wouldn't do had he been through experiences like the ones Metal Sonic had been through.
  • Falling just can't kill anyone in the Sonic universe. Sonic falls out of the sky so many times in his games - S3K, SA1, SA2's hero intro and Unleashed being good examples.
  • Shadow working for GUN is one of the ways he 'put his past behind him' after ShTH. He was able to do so easily due to his influence with the GUN Commander and Rouge.
  • Sonic is one of the only main characters that doesn't originate from the United Federation. Tails could very well be from West Island, but considering GHZ (South Island) is located in the UF in SA2 I'd say West Island is probably somewhere nearby. Angel Island is located within the UF, Amy lives in Central City (which Station Square is a part of) and since Gerald was working under the UF it's reasonable to say Eggman is from there too. Sonic himself is from Christmas Island. He shares this with Silver and Blaze, with the former coming from Soleanna and the latter coming from somewhere but not the UF.
  • Sonic and Amy are different types of hedgehogs to Silver (and possibly Shadow, but as Shadow wasn't born naturally there's no way to be certain), just like Big seems to be a different type of cat to Blaze.
  • Knuckles will get slightly taller and buffer as he ages, judging by the knuckles clan echidnas. Not to the extent of Boom Knuckles though. In a similar sense, Cream will likely grow to be Vanilla's size.
  • Eggman manages a lot of companies under his belt. Him expanding and building bases and factories in locations all over the world is how Sonic learned of him.
  • Sonic can't get away from Amy because she uses things like the tarot card stuff to always know where he is.
  • Sonic used the Tornado as his primary method of getting around the world in the classic era. When he got older, he left the plane in the care of Tails and simply ran across the water instead. He wouldn't actually fly a plane again until Unleashed (You can see it in Adabat), when he needed to do so due to the broken planet and the werehog preventing him from doing his usual thing.
  • The prerendered cutscenes in the last story of SA2 show the United Federation, Spagonia and Shamar.
  • Every level in Shadow the Hedgehog is canon. I don't know the order they happened in though nor who Shadow sided with. The end bosses from each path probably aren't canon though, considering Black Doom, Eggman and Sonic pretty much die in a bunch of them.
  • Eggman knew about Shadow having a prototype in SA2 (Presumably from the information onboard the colony) but didn't know about the Biolizard being in the core of the ARK. Final Hazard is when he first realises that it's still alive.
  • Sonic was considered a "World-Renowned Hero" in SA2 but this was pretty much the first game where he did things that affected the entire world (Rather than a select location). I believe Sonic was considered a "World-Renowned Hero" from the locations he would travel to stopping Eggman's plans among other things prior to Sonic 1.
  • This is a larger headcanon, but I think that most living things in Sonic speak the same language. Tails needs a translator for the wisps, but not only does everyone around the world in Unleashed speak the same language, but so do ancient civilisations such as the Knuckles clan (and Knuckles for that matter, if there were different languages he'd probably be speaking their one) and beings like Chip too.
  • Metal Sonic was decomissioned following his attempted coup in Heroes. He hasn't been seen in canon since then aside from Generations, which seems to be a version of CD Metal Sonic created by the Time Eater.

I think that's everything so far but if I remember more I'll post them here too.

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-(ARCHIE/Post-SGW) Amy wasn't made into an official Freedom Fighter until shortly after Sonic Heroes, when she was commended for leading her own team in the fight against Metal Overlord.

-(ARCHIE/Post-SGW) The Penders Echidnas all still exist, but they are now members of the Nocturnus Clan in the Twilight Cage. The females also no longer have hyphenated names: Julie-Su is now just "Julie" and Lien-Da is now "Lienda".

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I like to think that everyone is alive from Archie Preboot, but they don't remember their previous lives. For example Elias lives with his wife and daughter as farmer finally free from responsibilities to the crown.

Also, Chocola Chao belonged to Cream parents: Vanilla and Strawberry the rabbit.

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I only have ONE headcannon. And its the best one you'd hear! (minus all the headcannons I had to make up to excuse Sonic 2006's story. Those NEED to exist in order to keep the story stable.)

Sonic is shadow's failed prototype. He was either made or found in the wild and mutated. Black doom thought it would be better to have a black one and injected his dna into Shadow and dumped sonic along side maybe the other antromorphs. Its just wierd that Shadow has a backstory and noone else does, not even explaining why they act the way they do.

And if we go be Genesis only logic, I like to stick with the fact that Sonic is a mythological creature, perhaps even part of a phrophacy since "super" "hydrocity" and "hidden palace" all reference him cleanly.

Also one of my 2006 headcannon's suggest that shadow is the only one who remembers everything, kinda ironic considering the previous game. Also I remember reading on some old 2006 game website something along the lines of "Blaze is the princess of the sol demension, now desides to travel to the future to help silver fight off iblis." Thus indicating that blaze found a way to cross-demension travel and go foward in time, and that she knew silver needed help. I mean Blaze ended up at Sonic's birthday picnic and that doesn't get brought up as much.

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56 minutes ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

I like to think that everyone is alive from Archie Preboot, but they don't remember their previous lives. For example Elias lives with his wife and daughter as farmer finally free from responsibilities to the crown.

I have a headcanon that's kinda an extension of that:

The preboot characters could exist in the new timeline in just about any form and at any point.

Random examples: Geoffrey St. John was alive a few decades before Sonic was even born, Mina is alive in Silver's future, Fiona is alive in the present but she's, like, 80.

Additionally, characters who were related to the current cast in the old continuity still are in the new one, but in different, more distant ways. Like, Elias is now Sally's distant relative rather than her brother (and I mean distant as in you would need to go back centuries to find the point where the lines diverged).

(Those examples are just random hypotheticals, not actual headcanons for where those specific characters are)

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A small little headcannon for me is that Sally and the gang exists in the GAME universe, and Sonic met them the same way he met them in the rebooted comics. Unlike the comics, afterwards, he hadn't seen them in ages.


But this one is a doozy; you'll think I'm mad.

I think Blaze is the incarnation of Princess Elise.

Now let me explain. We all know that Blaze has the power of fire. Elise was some sort of living containment for Iblis, a fire creature. One scene, when Silver and Blaze went back to time, Blaze kept muttering about 'blue hedgehog' like she felt it was familiar.


However, in the end of the game, Sonic and Elise prevented all that by blowing the flame of Solaris. Without that flame, Blaze can't exist in the future. But Blaze caused herself to exist in another dimension by giving herself to Iblis, so that doesn't matter for her.

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The old Archie characters, along with X and Fleetway ones (maybe others), existed in the reboot prior to Worlds Unite, like how some others mentioned above. Worlds Unite did displace them into the Mega Man universe, where Copy-X rounded them up and Roboticized them.  Any random Reploid enemy throughout Zero and ZX could have once been a Sonic character. Those characters were truly erased from Sonic's realm.


Worlds Unite had even more devestating effects on the multiverse than Collide. French Sonic Adventures was completely destroyed, Martin Adams books was stripped barren of life, and Dash and Spin was turned into an exact copy of the games universe. The game universe was also re-written so many games no longer happened and characters were displaced. The characters also had personality changes. 


The Olympics and All-Stars games were the results of Genesis Waves deliberately designed (by Robotnik Prime) to damage Sonic's world further and further. As Mario is of an exact opposite polarity to Sonic, both universes suffered heavy damage. Sonic's canons eventually merged,  destroying millions and causing the combined world to rot from the inside out, causing Lost World and other terrible games. Blaze learned of this and warped herself to a planet known as "AV-41-1153" in a vast realm of nothingness, using the sealed powers of Iblis, Ifrit, Dark Gaia, Chaos, and Enerjak. 


Blaze used her new powers to build an ideal world, terraforming the planet into Avalice. But she was cast into a deep slumber soon after.  

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Chao evolved from a combination of freshwater and rings (which contain life energy)

  • Chao like to live near clean water.
  • According to the wiki, chao have pudding-like bodies, which probably means they are 90% water. 
  • The most ancient chao, Chaos, a 'mutated' chao, is probably what a chaos chao looked like before another period of evolution. 
  • Chao evolve taking traits from the character that takes care of them. This is similar to a study regarding music, words, pictures and water, even though it is unscientically proven. http://www.youtube.com.sg/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8http://highexistence.com/water-experiment/. Basically, the water changes its structure, as seen after freezing, when different sort of words etc. 'thank you' vs 'stupid' are spoken to them. 
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5 hours ago, Alienrun said:

Sonic is shadow's failed prototype. He was either made or found in the wild and mutated. Black doom thought it would be better to have a black one and injected his dna into Shadow and dumped sonic along side maybe the other antromorphs. Its just wierd that Shadow has a backstory and noone else does, not even explaining why they act the way they do.

That would require Sonic to be over 50 years old.

10 minutes ago, caseykz said:

Chao evolved from a combination of freshwater and rings (which contain life energy)

...why rings and not the emeralds, since the earliest chao we know about were living around the emerald shrine?

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Oh boy, I absolutely love thinking about Sonic's world and coming up with interpretations and headcanons :D

For the record, I tend to interpret the Sega Sonic universe (which is what my headcanons are largely based on) as consisting of things that have actually been shown in the games, with virtually no regard for statements made by Sega, Sonic Team or anyone else. Also, even though they're based on the games 'verse, that doesn't mean I don't inject things from other canons. I like to imagine that characters from other universes such as Archie and SatAM still exist, they just aren't as important in Sonic's life.

Spoilered for size and convenience and the fact that you might not care. :P

General Thoughts About Sonic's World



I completely reject the notion that the Sonic's adventures take place on two separate planets, one with anthropomorphic animals and one like our own, as there is nothing whatsoever in the games that actually indicates this. Rather, I imagine Sonic and co.'s world is a version of Earth in an alternate dimension. This would explain both the great resemblances to Earth and the great differences, especially since there are many things in Sonic's world that are quite similar to things in our own but not the same (such as the United Federation being an obvious United States analogue without actually having that name). This alternate version of Earth is known both as "Earth" and "Mobius".

No one in the Sonic series has ever gone to our version of Earth or anything like it, but I sometimes like to imagine that anthropomorphic animals are the native species of Sonic's world and that the humans actually came over from a version of Earth essentially like our own a very long time ago. I'm not completely committed to this idea, though.

Assuming that previous idea is true, maybe the original inhabitants of the planet called it "Earth", as it was an alternate version of our own planet, but when the humans came over they wanted to distinguish it from their earth, so they coined the name "Mobius". This is sort of a parody of the fact that in the real world, the name Mobius was created by "foreigners" to the original creators of the Sonic games. However, despite it being created by humans, many anthros use the term and very few consider it offensive. However, some insist that Earth is the "correct" name by virtue of being the original one.

Mobius (I'm not one of those people who insist that Earth is the correct term :P) contains large continents and areas that are counterparts to our own, and these are mostly populated by humans. Anthros are usually a pretty small minority in these areas, but they're not unheard of. Of course, just like in the real world, racial diversity varies a lot between locations.

Aside from the major, human-populated continents, there are many islands on Mobius (inspired by the fact that it seems like all the classic games take place on islands) which don't have many human occupants, so the majority of the sentient population there is anthros. Though there are exceptions, these anthro-dominant areas usually aren't as densely populated as the human-dominant ones. Most of the populous areas consist of small villages. This accounts in large part for why anthro "civilians" seem absent from the games.




I like to think that the rings and how they behave in the games is a reflection of actual physical reality in Mobius. When a person grasps a ring, its energy is absorbed into their body and the physical ring collapses into a little burst of sparkly dust. Because there is always a lot of this "ring dust" in the air, a person can eject a ring from their body (to pay for something, for example) and it will automatically reform. In addition, they are forcefully ejected from one's body and partially reform when the person who has absorbed them strongly impacted or injured, but they are in an unstable state, which is why they vanish pretty quickly.


How Knuckles Exists, Even Though The Echidnas Were Supposed to Be Killed Millennia Ago



As Chaos was slaughtering the echidnas, some of them felt regret in their heart over what they had happened, either out of never truly agreeing with Pachamac's ways in the first place or in a spirit of repentance. In addition, while Tikal was praying to seal herself and Chaos into the Master Emerald, and at the same time she prayed that the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald would be protected from evil hands in the future. As an answer to her prayer, the spirits of these repentant echidnas were sealed in the Master Emerald along with Tikal and Chaos. However, because they did not possess as pure of a heart nor the initiative or spiritual power of Tikal, their souls could not be preserved as well, being changed by the chaos energy into more of a spiritual ether. Thus, for all time thereafter, Tikal uses the power of the Master Emerald and this soul energy to bring a new echidna into existence every generation to be the Master Emerald's guardian. In the earliest days, the souls were better preserved, so the first echidna that was brought back - the most virtuous of them all aside from Tikal - retained his memories and his adult form. But in the future, all new guardians have been born as infants (or hatched since they're monotremes :P) and raised by the previous guardian. In addition, not only do they not have any memories from the ancient echidnas' lives, but as previously implied, the chaos energy has been so mixed with the souls as to compromise their integrity, to the extent that each new guardian doesn't exactly correspond with one of the individuals alive at the time in Chaos' rampage. It might be semi-accurate to say that each guardian's spirit consists of many tiny fragments of different souls melded together and transformed into a brand new whole by the power of chaos energy.

It's a little bizarre, but I'm actually content with this explanation because it just doesn't make sense to me to just say that "a few echidnas survived" or something, because then why is there exactly one alive today? Hundreds or thousands of years is plenty of time to rebuild a population. In that case, Chaos' rampage wouldn't provide any explanation whatsoever as to why the echidnas were wiped out. Another explanation, which was actually used by Fleetway, would be that Knuckles is an immortal being with amnesia, but I personally prefer to think that he's a relatively normal being who's actually a teenager.


Why Chaos is Angry at The World in General Instead of Echidnas in Particular


We all know that, despite the fact that the echidnas were the ones who killed the Chao and tried to use the Chaos Emeralds for selfish reasons, Chaos seems more angry at the world in general as opposed to, say, Knuckles in particular. My explanation for this is that Chaos (and Tikal, for that matter) could actually see through the Master Emerald and know what was going on around them during their millennia of imprisonment, and over those many years Chaos witnessed beings of all species attempt to steal it and use its power for evil, leading him to conclude that violence, greed and evil are universal traits, and that the echidnas weren't really any worse than other races or tribes.

There's more where that came from :P Man, what a great thread idea.

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2 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

...why rings and not the emeralds, since the earliest chao we know about were living around the emerald shrine?

It isn't exactly the focus of my headcanon but... 

You need rings to keep alive. And chaos energy depletes rings. So chaos energy may not encourage evolution. A combination of both sounds more likely. But then reading the above post, i don't know what to think anymore.

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Here's a headcanon I just came up with: The repeated destruction and recreation of Earth by the Gaias is responsible for the moon, the Little Planet, Lost Hex, and any other moons or microplanets orbiting Earth that may exist in the series (maybe some of Colors' planetoids? Aside from Planet Wisp naturally). They're all chunks of Earth that Light Gaia failed to reintegrate with the rest of the planet (or perhaps chose to remake as satellites?).

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Any continuity? Well, here's some for my fan-made united continuity (mostly based on Archie, though most games happened as-is with some explanations for things like Knuckles and Blaze in 06). Here are some of those explanations:

  • In Sonic Battle, Chaos was infact the copy accidentally created by the Drakons using a warrior of theirs and Chaos Energy. STCChaosIsBorn.jpg Chaos proceeded to not only flee from Emerl's attack, but later went on to murder Johnny Lightfoot like in the comic. He then went on a rampage that killed millions, ravaging Emerald Town like the first one did Station Square. This explains why Tikal wasn't there. This monstrosity was eventually stopped by Sonic with the help of Ebony.
  • The Master Emerald helped to contain and control Super Sonic throughout S3K, and it was responsible for Hyper Sonic. Again, the ME helped control Super Sonic in the Adventures, and he later learned to control it himself.
  • I'm still taking the "Blaze was Silver's imaginary friend" fanon.
  • Knuckles in 06 was Julie-Su incognito.
  • The Drakons have had their fins all over everything from Chronicles and onwards, convincing Thrash to do what he did, confiscating Gemerl to make sure he didn't interfere with the Nocturnus, and even giving Robotnik the Cacophonic Conch. The recent games may be Sonic in a Lotus-Eater Machine to distract him from what they are doing now.
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-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Tails was briefly involved in the comics version of Sonic Adventure 2...or at least his duplicate that Mammoth Mogul created was. Mogul could sense that Mobius was in danger from the ARK crashing, so he had the Tails duplicate materialize up there. The burst of energy created from Tails' transportation was actually what neutralized the Chaos Emeralds (in place of the Master Emerald).

-(ARCHIE/both realities) everyone on the planet was briefly effected when the first Genesis Wave was reversed. In particular, Shadow came out of it feeling as if the last few seconds felt like 50 years.

-(SONIC X) The Black Arms exist in this reality. In fact, in an alternate timeline, the aliens came back to Earth just a few months after Sonic and friends went home, and laid waste to it. This was changed by a time travelling Silver: from an abysmal future brought about by the Black Arms invasion, he travelled to the past and managed to delay the invasion by another 10 years or so, with the knoweledge that before that time came, Sonic and friends would he back, ready to defend it.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Da Bears (from AoStH) were defected members of the Bear Pack.

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-(Sonic Boom TV/Comic) The characters are in fact rather old, around their 50s for most of them. Eggman may be even older.

-(Aosth) The series is set in the same universe as Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, and Avenger Penguins. With Avenger Penguins, the connections are obvious. The aformentioned series references Planet Cute, tying into Count Duckula, which ties it into Danger Mouse.

-(Project X Zone) In the combined Sega/Namco/Capcom/Nintendo universe, Sonic and company are denizens of Makai.  They didn't help our heroes because they had Makai politics to deal with.

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Sounds like a fun idea ^^


- The Sonic Boom universe was created as a result of Sonic Generations.

 Classic Sonic, Tails and Eggman learned of their future in Sonic Generations, after finding out that he could never beat Sonic; Eggman stopped taking his plans as seriously as he used to and lost most of his ambition; this in turn caused Sonic and Tails to retire to an island where they fought Eggman on a smaller scale, this is why Sonic, Tails and Eggman are the most similar to their game counterparts while Amy and Knuckles are dramatically different.

- Rouge's commitment and respect for Shadow is based off of her guilt for not telling him who he really was upon awakening after SA2 and how she essentially used him as a tool to get to Eggman before discovering the androids.

- Shadow's "sacrifice" at the end of SA2 permanently weakened him, I say this because he hasn't canonically beaten Sonic once since then. While it is possible that Sonic may have gotten stronger; I think that the power gap between the two of them formed far too quickly for Sonic to have gotten stronger, so I can only assume that Shadow got weaker...

- The cannon Eggman used to shatter the earth in SU was based off of the blueprints to the Eclipse cannon, they're both orbital planet busting lasers that are powered by the Chaos emeralds. Nuff said.

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(Boom) The reason why Shadow hates Sonic is because he lost a freind (maybe even girlfreind) and Sonic wasn't fast enough to save him/her (Shadow wasn't there). After that accident Sonic lost faith in himself and left them and started new life on an island. After few monhts Tails (they knew each other before) finds him an that island and stays with him. Then they met Amy and Knux. Sonic after time moves on from a tragedy, but dosen't comes back to his old lifestyle (he was traveling with Shadow, like brothers). Shadow on the other hand still remembers his loss and never forgives Sonic.

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