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After so many hours of digging through old posts and statuses, I've compiled up to 24 pages worth of headcanon posts...out of 315 pages. I'll keep on going later on, but this is all I got for now.




It's actually not entirely farfetched that Sonic would somehow be decent at using an Extreme Gear in the first Riders game because:

1) He used a board (well okay it was a slab of metal, but still...) in Sonic Adventure 2 and there was boarding involved in SA1's snow levels, so he would have some idea of how to board.

2) The board that Sonic used in Sonic Riders was stated somewhere to be very stable and best for beginners, so Sonic would have an easy time using it combined with his pre-existing skill from the SA2 incident. Granted hovering is different from metal on the ground, but it still applies.




Random thought: In regards to Knuckles losing the Master Emerald so often, the reason he keeps on making the same mistakes is not purely because he is gullible, but rather because he is too PRIDEFUL to admit that he screws up, and thus a cycle of being to proud to recognize his mistakes and thus continually making them over and over again ensues. This pride is also partially because he has a fear of not being a good guardian and thus fears validating this part of himself, but ironically only makes it into the truth.



Random thought: I kinda like to think Professor Pickle is actually friends/acquaintances with some of the elder characters you meet throughout Unleashed, like Gwek and Zonshen. My headcanon is that his younger years as an archaeologist and potential globe trotter meant that he not only saw many strange and unusual things (hence a lack of reaction to the Werehog situation), but also meant that he interacted and befriended people from many different cultures.




In hindsight, I'm surprised that Eggman didn't try to implant Shadow with cybernetics after his fall from space in SA2. He likely could not have gotten out without a scratch (although Sonic didn't get a scratch from Unleashed, but he did have Chip help him), and Eggman was a bit more sinister back then, so it wouldn't have been that odd. Heck maybe it could have been some kind of proto-roboticizer if they had wanted (though then again I'm not really sure if Sega Japan even knew what a roboticizer was anyways so there's that).




Headcanon: In the game universe, the Babylon Rogues were much like the Archie comics in that they were once part of the Battlebird Armada. During that time, Jet's dad was the one with the title of "Legendary Rogue", the same one his son currently uses and was once considered a potential candidate for Grand Battle Kukku (it's normally hereditary, but Jet's dad was a potential exception). However, Speedy's dad (the Grand Battle Kukku XV) was jealous of Jet's dad due to his skills and charisma (and slight loopiness; imagine Jack Sparrow as an anthro-bird), and thus through an unknown incident was able to embarrass/shame Jet's dad, causing everyone except for his closest friends to lose respect for him. Humiliated but not out, Jet's dad vowed to find a way to prove his worthiness (probably something related to Babylon Garden) and left the Battlebird Armada to form the first generation of Babylon Rogues with his friends (who were also the parents of Storm and Wave).

Jet continues his father's legacy, but due to his father's disappearance/death/something, never developed the same level of skill as his father in terms of Extreme Gear, leadership, charisma, usable skills outside of Extreme Gear, etc. This is the reason why despite his reputation of "Legendary Rogue" he boasts, he isn't able to actually live up to it; his father was the legend, not him. As a result, despite his boastful exterior, he actually has a deep inferiority complex that (KNOWS that) he isn't good enough to live up to his father's legacy. He also has a very personal hatred towards Speedy due to a prior encounter when they were younger, with the latter taking every opportunity to taunt and belittle him (imagine the Eddy and Kevin dynamic from Ed Edd n Eddy, with Jet as Eddy and Speedy as Kevin), often in regards to Extreme Gear and speed, hence why he takes offense to the idea of someone being better/faster than him so easily, like with Sonic.




Reaction: Cheese (the Chao) has a mental pyramid of people he likes.

From Top to Bottom:

Cream - She's his owner and they are close as a result.

Vanilla - Mother of owner and kind.

Sonic - saved Vanilla.

Amy - friend of Cream, but she's lower due to being kinda scary.

*everyone else in the middle due to not knowing everyone that well*

Shadow - *headcanon* He dislikes him because Cream thinks Shadow is cool, and is taking her attention away from him.

Omega - Too scary.

Eggman - Evil, dumb and fat in his personal opinion.




I'd like to think all of the other robots in Eggman's army are scared of Metal Sonic due to his stoic cold nature (my interpretation) and the fact that he looks like their worst enemy, so none of them really know anything about him or want to be around him.




Prior to Lost World, I always saw Eggman as the inventor who can create cool and dangerous, but not always practical or safe machines, and Tails as the inventor who is good at creating stable and effective (for the most part), but usually boring or not particularly flashy machines. 

That's not to say Eggman can't do the latter or Tails can't do the former, it's just that personality-wise Eggman is too impatient or reckless to really bother with the latter, while Tails is too cautious or by-the-book to do the former that often. It's also highlighted by how crazy most of Eggman's machines tend to be (and the numerous gaping weaknesses or impracticalities they tend to have), while Tails' machines tend to be heavily modified versions of existing machines like his plane, or are practical like his MilesElectric.




I'm of the belief that while Sonic may be a big supporter of things like freedom, change and other related things, he would actually not respond very well to change that is directed at his own life, like say Eggman GENUINELY becoming a good guy, Tails no longer wanting to be his sidekick, or him developing feelings for someone else but being too close to his freedom to truly commit. This is because he as a person has never really needed to change even as the rest of the world around him changes, thus allowing him to see the world in black and white, so when he is finally confronted with something in his life changing, he doesn't take it as well as he dishes it.

This probably isn't a popular opinion or anything, but it is my thought on the subject.




In regards to SatBK, who do you think would have been Morgana Le Fay in the story?

I can sorta see it as either Rouge (if we are going by the mainstream "evil" version) or Vanilla (if we are going by the original good version before her character was changed over the centuries).




I kinda like to think that everything Eggman did in Sonic 1 - 3 was to build the Death Egg as a massive robot factory, and that he was only at the islands to pillage resources. That's why most of his machines and badniks don't look purely combat oriented or look like animals: They're actually construction equipment and the animal forms were a half-assed attempt to make them "blend in".

Eggman legitimately did not expect to fight Sonic so he and his robots pretty much had to improvise with whatever the hell they could find. Also the various powerups lying about like the Flame Shield, Electric Shield and so forth were actually supposed to be for his robots' usage in certain terrains, but Sonic was so much faster than the badniks that he usually ended up using them instead. It was only in later games when Eggman wised up that he started focusing on more combat oriented machines like his Egg Fighters and Egg Pawns (although the latter is more a middleman between his badniks and the Egg Fighters, since he still needed construction worker robots to build his stuff), and stopped dropping powerups as frequently as he did during the Classic Era.




Reaction: I can't remember if I already did this one (knowing me I probably did), but in SA2, Eggman wasn't actually trying to blow up half of the moon. He was actually trying to carve his face into the moon as a demonstration of his vanity but severely underestimated just how much power the cannon possessed even with only 6 emeralds and he had to make it look like he was deliberately trying to blow up the moon to save face after his blunder. The reason why SA2 appears to portray this as being his true intention is because SA2 (and SA1 by extension) are actually in-universe videogames/retellings of the events from Sonic and his friends' point of view, and they made Eggman out to be more evil than he generally is (not to say he isn't, but they definitely exaggerate certain aspects).




Reaction: The carpet from Sonic Riders was designed to be an extreme gear for the elderly ancestors, after they become too old or starting throwing out their backs for the regular gear.




This question has been asked many times now, but what happened in between Adventure and the present that would make Knuckles the last echidna? Adventure establishes that the echidnas got wiped out by Perfect Chaos, but if that were the case, how on earth did they survive long enough to allow Knuckles to exist in the first place? And frankly how is it that he doesn't know about any other echidnas like say his parents if he exists which means that he must have had parents?

There's really just a giant gaping hole in between these times and it's never been answered.

MY own theory is that Knuckles was stuck in some kind of temporal stasis as an egg and thus he never even knew his parents, and thus is technically hundreds of years old, but this runs into the problem of how he can speak perfect english...unless Tikal somehow learned english during that time and transferred the knowledge to him via Master Emerald deus ex machina or something...




Potential headcanon in the early morning: Chaos Emeralds are drawn to conflicts and periods of strife. The appearance of a Chaos Emerald or being able to find one was in ancient times considered to be a sign of a potential disaster, usually large (like a war) or incredibly dangerous (monsters/gods/high level energy such as large scale weaponry being used). The only time this does not occur is when Chaos Emeralds are either still being created in the Special Zone and thus not powerful enough to manifest outside of it, or if the Chaos Emerald is destroyed prior to a conflict.




Headcanon: Sonic has a harder time fighting against enemies who are the same size/smaller than him, or can move very quickly in wide spaces because he is so used to fighting against machines that are bigger than him, or against foes that tend to have low mobility/agility that he tends to overshoot smaller/more agile foes unless they happen to be in a relatively small tight space.




Eggman's family is composed of an expy of every version of Eggman that ever existed in the media, all as one big utterly dysfunctional family.

Julian Robotnik (SatAM): Eggman's dad. Known for being a sadist and asshole corporate executive. Died in a supposed accident related to the study of ring energy, possible murder by his nephew Snivelly Robotnik, although never completely confirmed. Snivelly currently incarcerated.

Baldry Robotnik (AoStH, with Long John Baldry's last name): Eggman's uncle. Goofball of the family, known for his creativity and Eggman bases many of his robot designs on Baldry's  creative ramblings. Unfortunately also completely bonkers and tends to talk of pingas. Incarcerated in an insane asylum.

Garry Robotnik (Underground, with Garry Chalk's first name): Eggman's cousin. No one remembers him; fairly forgettable for the most part.

Pollock Robotnik (Boom, self explanatory): Eggman's other cousin, and the only one who works out. Still looks like an egg though, and he's only considered a minor annoyance by those who know him.




Dr. Fukurokov from Tails Adventure and Old Man Owl, real (invented by me) name Wol Fukurokov from the Sonic OVA (or at least his alternate universe counterpart) are estranged brothers.




Despite his portrayals in more recent games, I tend to see Shadow as the kind of guy who is aloof, prone to saying jerkish things in a blunt way, and more than likely to put the happiness of others before himself.

This is because even though he's moved on from his past, he still feels some sense of responsibility for his actions during SA2 and as such might not believe the happiness part applies to himself even though Maria probably would say otherwise. I could also. see him interpreting the "Give people a chance to be happy" promise to Maria as "I'll give people a chance to be happy, but I'll be a dick to them if they squander/complain when they squander it, and if they get their happiness via the misery of others, they die/I'll force them to do otherwise" or something like that.

This would put him in direct opposition to Sonic, who's is very social and friendly, somewhat cocky but ultimately not a jerk unless you really deserve it like Eggman. However, he also tends to (in my mind) put his own wants and views above everyone else, especially in regards to freedom in all forms. This causes friction between him and Shadow since Shadow's willingness to force people into doing something (even if it's for their own good) and his willingness to use more brutal methods to achieve his goals rubs him the wrong way.




I've always wondered if the reason why Eggman is so outright evil and childish is because he's never been exposed to more than just his own point of view for his entire life?

I could kinda imagine him being the kind of kid who didn't take criticism very well, or was either heavily spoiled while being praised for his brilliance, thus causing his ego to become so massive that nothing gets through his mind unless he wants to hear it. So in the event he ever did try to be brilliant in real life (in-universe), he would have been subjected to criticism and scorn for his callousness and lack of empathy, which caused him to block them out and confine himself into an echo chamber via his robot lackeys (who are all sycophants) and his own thoughts. With that in mind, Sonic is probably the only true outside force that he interacts with on a daily basis, and since he and Sonic are essentially opposite extremes, it just exacerbates his already existing ego problems and inability to think of any view outside of his own.




When one thinks about it, Shadow isn't just the dark counterpart to Sonic, but is also a broken version of Tails, particularly during Heroes. His early life is based on an important older sibling figure (Maria), he didn't have a purpose or sense of self (his life was defined by what other people set for him, like Gerald putting him as the Ultimate Lifeform), and he followed a person who puts their own freedom and wants above others, but ultimately will do the right thing when it counts (Rouge).




I'm of the opinion that despite Eggman loving to be hammy and over the top, he is ironically better as a behind the scene manipulator than an up front and center conqueror. After all, if he can establish businesses behind people's back and use the money he earns to build his armies (Zero Gravity), then it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to assume he could probably take over the entire world without anyone ever realizing it through manipulation and monopolizing. Of course the reason why he doesn't do this IMO is because it doesn't give him the satisfaction of being the one to say "I CONQUERED THE WORLD! NANANANANA!" and it doesn't get him the short-term attention he wants, and thus his current situation.




Reaction: The characters of Sonic Generations were not actually travelling through time and space, but through a warped combination of every character's memories of the various locations, people, and bosses caused as a result of the Time Eater's (or should I call it Dream Eater?) powers acting in a way Eggman didn't expect. As for Crisis City... I'm not so sure.




I might have said this in the past, but I think Metal Sonic and E-123 Omega could have served as counterparts/foils to each other. GO SEE THE SPOILER FOR MORE DETAIL.

Metal at first would be the loyal robot to Eggman, and thus Omega sees Metal as a rival of sorts. However as time passes on, Metal's loyalty would start to deteriorate as a result of something/series of events showing that Eggman ultimately sees Metal as being just as disposable as any of his other machines, easily replaced without a second thought. Also, Metal's single-minded loyalty to Eggman means he never bothered to consider any of the other robots as his friends, or saw them as sacrifices/cannon fodder, thus leaving him without anyone to help him when he realizes his own disposable nature. This on top of the fact that he also notes how he doesn't have his own identity, being a doppleganger of Sonic, would lead to a complete mental breakdown and cause him to go rogue/insane.

By contrast, Omega at first secretly feels like a failure compared to Metal in spite of his boasting about his power, and acts the way he does (dislikes Eggman, psychopathic need to prove his power) because he feels like he's being shoved aside for Metal, who Eggman prefers over the more independent and uncontrollable Omega, and thus he has a dislike for Metal as well. However, as result of his friendship with Rouge and Shadow (he'll never admit it out loud), he starts to find value in things outside of proving his superiority to Eggman's other robots, and that while Metal will always be a robot doppelganger to Sonic and thus not his own being, Omega has his own identity, which Omega takes pride in gleefully rubbing in Metal's face which also contributes to Metals' breakdown.

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-(Multicanon) The reason Sonic's home planet is never named in certain continuities is because it literally doesn't have a name. The inhabitants of Sonic's world never really felt the need to give the planet a name because for as long as they've existed they've just called it "the world", since in ancient times their world was the only "world" they knew, thus no distinction was necessary. They still give names to other planets however. Outside of Sonic's planet on the other hand, various other alien races have names for Sonic's world, since to them it's "another world" rather than THE world.

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Here's a few, ED's post actually reminded me of a few things.

Sonic characters have really good balance and coordination to start with, so they can hop on a hoverboard reasonably, Knuckles and Tails just kind of hopped on and got on with it, too. That said, Sonic himself is kind of an unusual case, he's been wing-walking ever since Sonic 2.

More on Sonic, he's a very unusual case,assuming he understands his environment as well as he traverses it, he's pretty intelligent, though it's limited in area. Sonic deals with balance, motor-skill, decision-making and other perception/processing related issues while flinging himself at objects at super-speed, which is pretty mean feat. The intuitive knowledge might not translate well into conscious knowledge, which is why he doesn't really mention it.

The way I see it Knuckles is gullible because he believes anyone can be good if they just try (that part I believe to have been canonically stated), but he also believes the inverse is true, anyone can decide to be an asshole, he sees the world as grey and finds it difficult to compartmentalize people into "friend" and "foe", he trusts everyone and the same time trusts no-one, he also has difficulty reading people's intentions so he's basically screwed.




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Here, we, gooooo.

-Sonic's home is an underground burrow like what we've seen in the early Archie comics. You can enter by using the log tunnel or by using a door that usually acts as an exit. The tunnel is just more fun. He keeps all the cool items he's collected through out the years on a shelf. He also has many pairs of this trademark shoes. Additionally, he's got a fire place and a couch. This is visible from the first cut scene of Sonic and the Secret Rings. He only comes back occasionally since he'd rather globe trot.

-Sonic occasionally enjoys reading. I like the idea that he's got this one habit that no one would've guessed based on his outward behavior. I got this from a Sonic Says segment and took further cues from Secret Rings. He's read all of those books that we had to read in high school: Shakespeare, Edgar  Allen Poe, etc. He's got a deep appreciation for fine literature. Additionally, he was furthermore fueled by his insatiable need for adventure because Chuck would read him abridged versions adventure classics like The Odyssey and Hercules.

-Sonic can speak multiple languages. Come on, he's been traveling the world since before he could talk. He's bound to have picked up something.

-Sonic can process information insanely fast. Yeah, no shit, but I want to further evaluate by stating that he's mastered a sword like literally within five minutes of picking it up and caught up to Jet the Hawk who was a seasoned air-board rider after picking one up for the first time. Because of this, he's a fast learner and can run through dozens of scenarios before making the best decision. In other words, he could be an excellent planner if he wasn't an impulsive thrill seeker. Granted, he's no genius, he's just able to think fast.

-Tails can process information quickly too due to having an IQ of 300.

-Knuckles especially hates being lied to because when he was little, his father said he'd be right back after going out for a pack of cigs to handle some guardian related business but never returned.

-Amy has every type of Sonic themed clothing to ever exist. In pairs.

-Cream's got hops that would be the entire NBA to shame.

-Shadow's reserved because he finds it pointless to maintain extensive bonds with people he knows he'll outlive. And he's got issues with letting go of his friends. He's very selective with who he chooses to do so with.

-Shadow donates his blood to hospitals who use it to combat diseases. Bringing hope to humanity one needle at a time.

-Bean was an orphan  He doesn't know his birth name. He got his current name after Fang found him eating out of a can of black beans in an alley way one rainy evening during a heist. Everything but the word "Bean" was scratched out.

-Bark was a promising young boxer with a talent for singer bass. He lost his ability to speak at the age of 15 during a match where his opponent accidentally punched him on the throat. He couldn't even scream in pain. He was banned from boxing after beating the fighter to death. He was sentenced to 10 years, originally being sued by the victim's family for second degree murder. His lawyers convinced the judge to lower the sentence and that he was acting under duress. He served 8 years and was let out early for good behavior. Applied to G.U.N to turn his life around. Was rejected after failing the written exam. Turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. Teamed up with Fang to form a partnership.

-Cheese often feels like he can't protect Cream from everything because he's not strong enough.

-Eggman sells Sonic merchandise as a means of profit.

-Before the Sonic Simulator was made, Eggman used an advanced A.I. to play Sonic games to learn from his mistakes. Now he just uses the old games for target practice.

-Metal Sonic has a highly advanced A.I. that records every fight he's ever been in allowing him to develop new ways to avoid, mimic, and further develop attacks used against him. Whenever he's in stand-by mode, he replays all of his fights with Sonic.

-I saw Big catch a bullet in Sonic the Comic Online. That shit was sick. He can do that in my head canon too.

UPDATE 4/5/2016

- G.U.N is comprised of every human army in the world. Years ago, the United Nations agreed to combine forces in order to better maintain world peace. It also serves as an incentive since no single nation can go rogue without having the rest of the world overpower them. 

-Gemerl has a minuscule recollection of his experiences from Sonic Battle. AKA he's got some of the skills from then.

-Vector only graduated high school. His family never had the sufficient funds to pay for college. While he was brilliant in school, he never fully applied himself and never qualified for any scholarships. His lack of proper credentials is a part of the reason why the Chaotix Detective agency is in perpetual debt.

UPDATE 7/1/2017

-Sonic is one of the richest people on the planet. With rings being a source of currency, Sonic has spent years accumulating wealth via his adventuring.

Due to his massive popularity, many merchandising outlets used his image as a means of selling products. This also led to fierce competition between some companies, although Eggman was one of the most successful producers and distributors of Sonic goods. However, after Sonic discovered his image was being used without his permission simply due to him being a "public domain figure", he applied to copyright himself and threatened to sue every major business selling products using his image unless they donated a percentage of their profits to charities at the end of the year. In addition to receiving a small percentage of their revenue, he has a bank account dedicated exclusively to the profits he receives from Eggman named "Eggman's Tears".

Anti-Sonic did the same thing except 80% of all profits go to him.

-Atushi, a orange chameleon was a part of the Shinobi Clan, comprised of chameleons of Rainbow Valley. He was a former intelligence agent. The foundation of the Shinobi Clan was companionship through trials and unwavering loyalty and honor. Humility and utilitarianism were fundamental concepts. It went without saying that any one citizen would die for their neighbor.

As the son of the Bride of Constant Vigil, the leader of the clan, Atushi received guidance and training by the wisest martial arts experts, weapons masters, spies, and tacticians. He would one day take over his mother's place as the Groom of Constant Vigil. Growing up, he found a best friend in fellow shinobi Valdez, a prodigy ninja four years his elder and formed a close bond with Liza, a kunoichihe was trained alongside with.

When he was 14, the Shinobi Clan was nearly wiped out in a war with Yagyu Clan, a rival clan of bats. Their echolocation served as a foil for the chameleon's invisibility and stealth. Unable to use their strongest asset, it turned into an all out war directly within the kingdom. During an ambush against his mother, he was directed by Valdez to abandon the fight. After passionately refusing to do so, Valdez said "A true ninja has no use for their emotions. We won't win this battle. You have to flee in hopes of one day reuniting the clan. And...we will always be with you in the shadows of your heart."

After Valdez and Liz made an opening for him, Atushi abandoned Rainbow Valley, confused and upset with his own inadequacy and lack of honor. Aware of the possibility of him being chased, he would decided his goal would be to make his way to a highly populated Empire City, one of the major cities of the world. At first glance, this would seem like the opposite of what he would want to accomplish since there was the possibility of wrapping up innocents. However, the very first place the Yagyu Clan would expect him to head would be to any of the neighboring ninja empires for assistance if not out of familiarity, Atushi would subvert their expectations by heading to an area entirely out of a ninja's element, Empire City. As one of the world's major cities and economic power, it was under protection of the world military G.U.N, which had vastly superior fire and numbers, although admittedly inferior tactics. Additionally, traveling to a city that's constantly busy would disrupt the effectiveness of the Yagyu Clan's echolocation. He would swiftly make haste by traveling on a predestined route.

In addition, Atushi needed to change his identity. Being the child of the leader of any political power made him fairly famous. He could be remain invisible but if he were spotted, it would be over. Although he was confident in his skills of remaining unseen, he decided a change would be necessary. He changed the color of his skin from orange to magenta (along with the designs on his gloves and shoes), and altered his eye color from green to a dim yellow. Their are many chameleons in the world and many ninja in the world. The shinobi known as Atushi died. From that moment on, it would be the story of Espio the Chameleon.

-Charles Bee was the 3rd prince of Cornelius and Hivana, king and queen of the Bumble Kingdom. All Charles ever wanted to do was run around as a free bee, enjoying his youth without a care in the world. However, he was constantly involved in preparation becoming ruler one day, being forced to know worldly matters and act in an unnatural and pretentiously proper way. He was forced to go against his true nature for reasons he did not ask for. He abhorred the responsibility forced on him. 

Despite being taught manners, Charles still did things typical of energetic children; he was loud, constantly in motion, lacked an attention span, and made silly remarks. His father made no effort to hide his disdain for his son's behavior doing no favors to Charles' self-esteem. Even so, he still had people who accepted him such as his best friend Mello, a worker bee his age, and his mother. Hivana spoiled her son and affectionately referred to him as Charmy for his charming innocence. Even though he still hated the responsibility forced upon him, Hivana still tried to win him over to accepting his role by promising a prosperous future where all children can run freely.

While playing around, Charles and Mello happened to accidentally discover his parents plans for taking over the Kingdom of Acorn. Hivana was capable of producing a brand of royal honey that could connect her to the minds of every bee in the kingdom. Hivana had ordered her scientists to develop a method of weaponizing it in order to discover the secrets of the Acorn's Light Magic. For whatever reason, it did not work on Charles or Mello. Charmy did not want to rule a kingdom through violence. All his life, his parents and brothers have been lying manners when underneath the surface, they were ruthless warlords.

Charles said he wanted to run away. Mello agreed, stating that "All adults care about is looking better than the next guy." However, they were discovered attempting to escape. Mello sacrificed his escape in order to give Charmy a chance of freedom. With tears in his eyes, Charles successfully fled the kingdom.


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My headcanon for why Ray hasn't appeared in any Sonic games is that the little guy is a 'blink and you'll miss him' sort of guy. He's so timid and nervous from his escape from Eggman's capture that he tends to hide in the sidelines. He likes adventure just not in the thick of it.

He gets on well with Cream and she and Vanilla occasionally check to see if he hasn't got into another accident or mishap from his anxiety playing tricks on him. 

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-(ARCHIE/Post-SGW) Rotor and Big actually know eachother extremely well. This is due to the fact that Big was a frequent visitor when Rotor was working on the Sky Patrol in the Mystic Ruins. Rotor always enjoyed his company. Big would even occasionally bring his latest catches over so that Rotor could cook them.

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11 hours ago, Azul said:

Here, we, gooooo.

-Sonic's home is an underground burrow like what we've seen in the early Archie comics. You can enter by using the log tunnel or by using a door that usually acts as an exit. The tunnel is just more fun. He keeps all the cool items he's collected through out the years on a shelf. He also has many pairs of this trademark shoes. Additionally, he's got a fire place and a couch. This is visible from the first cut scene of Sonic and the Secret Rings. He only comes back occasionally since he'd rather globe trot. I like the idea that he's got this one habit that no one would've guessed based on his outward behavior.

-Sonic occasionally enjoys reading. I got this from a Sonic Says segment and took further cues from Secret Rings. He's read all of those books that we had to read in high school: Shakespeare, Edgar  Allen Poe, etc. He's got a deep appreciation for fine literature. Additionally, he was furthermore fueled by his insatiable need for adventure because Chuck would read him abridged versions adventure classics like The Odyssey and Hercules.

-Sonic can speak multiple languages. Come on, he's been traveling the world since before he could talk. He's bound to have picked up something.


I think you might like this. It's something I found a long time ago.


Credit: http://raseinn.deviantart.com/art/sonic-relax-326002976

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SWEET! I love headcanons! I've already shared a TON of mine through "Hedgecanons" so most of the ones I'm gonna post here are from there (though with a few tweaks for improvement or due to not being limited by text). Here are most of the short ones:

-I have two differing headcanons on Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. First one is that it's a magic construct, created specifically for Amy (either by her or someone she knew), which is normally "non-existent" but materializes into existence when Amy wills it so and, due to its supernatural nature, is nigh-unbreakable (and should it be broken somehow, it can always re-materialize into its normal form as if nothing bad happened). Also, because the weapon was created specifically for Amy, it embodies two of Amy's most defining traits: Strength and Heart, with Strength being manifested by it being a hammer while the Heart is manifested by the hammer's cute, toy-like design (and I further headcanon that, due to that nature, the hammer only harms what Amy wants it to harm and so to those Amy doesn't want to harm, the hammer feels like a harmless rubber toy). The second headcanon (that I created just now) is that the hammer is an actual Piko Piko Hammer, albeit an over-sized one, and it was simply enchanted to materialize into Amy's hands when she wills it and was also enchanted to be such a force to be reckoned with. (Either way, magic was involved as Amy has a fascination with the arcane)

-Cream and Vanilla come from a clan of dairy farmers and it's a family tradition to name their children after dairy products, or things associated with dairy (as is the case with Vanilla, which isn't normally dairy but is famously a flavor of ice cream). Though Cream and Vanilla decided to extend that tradition to their respective Chao, Cheese and Chocola. However, this would mean Cream's father wouldn't have such a name since he doesn't come from the family (though perhaps he did have a name that is loosely related to dairy, like Hershey :lol: )

-Eggman secretly wears a powered exoskeleton suit (patented as the "Egg-so Skeleton Suit"), which boosts his normally weak body to much higher levels. This is how he's a Power Type in Sonic Riders (and presumably its sequels but I'm not entirely certain of that) and, more importantly, this explains how he was able to outrun Sonic in those particular moments, though he can only do that in short spurts because that drains the suit's energy fast and risks damaging both the suit and his legs. I guess this suit is also how Eggman takes part in the Olympic Games but he doesn't use the suit's full power, otherwise it'd be blatant cheating.

-Espio has a super-long tongue, just like regular chameleons, but he keeps it hidden at all times and strictly refuses to use it for attacking/grabbing objects, reason being that he's pretty much ashamed of it. Espio is willing to remotely show it around close, very trusted friends (Vector and, to a minor extent, Charmy) and will use it to attack/grab objects as a last resort but otherwise that tongue stays strictly in his mouth. (Not taking "Sonic the Fighters" into account as that game is most likely not canon at all).

-Cream refers to everyone except family members and known enemies as “Mr.” or “Ms./Mrs.” by default. But if her relationship with someone grows enough, she refers to them by title less often as she starts to consider them family. This has already happened with Amy and Sonic, as she considers both a sister and a brother respectively (though, in Sonic's case, it's also because he bluntly told Cream to stop calling him "Mr." as he canonically dislikes being referred to as anything but "Sonic"), and this will soon happen to Tails and Blaze.

-Because they share her name (or she shares their name?), Cream tries out any foods that are cream-based, or simply have "cream" in the name. So far, she likes all of them, even sour cream (though she learned the hard way not to eat it like ice cream :lol: ).

-Cream and Charmy honestly don't like each other at all and try to avoid one another as much as possible. The reason why is fairly obvious; they're polar opposites, with Cream being a gentle and very polite little girl while Charmy is incredibly hyper and (for lack of a better term) a brat. Cream, given her nature, has attempted to befriend Charmy but his behavior is just too off-putting even for her. It doesn't help that Charmy seriously doesn't want to befriend Cream, finding her overall behavior to be too "disgustingly nice" for him and, as an immature young boy, he thinks Cream has "cooties" to boot.

That's all for now! By the way, are "shipping" headcanons allowed or should we not post such headcanons, either out of professionalism or to prevent ship wars?

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Charmy is still fully herbivorous, with a lengthy small intestine that occupies much of the abdomen.  He also has a lengthy large intestine. He likes nectar over most other food. He gets antsy around non-herbivores.


And two more Robotnik family members adapted to Sega canon.


Arktivus Robotnik (named for Lord Arktivus Brevon): Lived a long time ago, and was the most terrible and vile Robotnik. (Older comics version) Probably the oldest ancestor of the Robotnik family, or at least the oldest to use "Robotnik". Arktivus's original last name was Kintobor. As a "Great Civilization", the civilization was toppled by the actions of Freedom Fighters. 

Robotonic: A fake Robotnik (but still related to the others) who built his own Metal Sonic and Power Armor, he organized the Sonic the Fighters tournament but died on board the Death Egg II.

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Sonic and Rouge knew each other before SA2. Sonic seems to consider Rouge a close enough friend that she was invited to be part of his Surprise party.

All Sonic universes are part of a single Multiverse. They may have had some minor alterations after the SGW but X got it the biggest. Sonic X was in a slowed time zone during the last arc of season 2 in the comics and the SGW put it back to normal leading to the second half of episode 50.

Sonic is Pansexual. He's so layed back he doesn't care about Gender or whether you're a Mobian or human (as proven by his relationship with Elise) he's just not one to settle down.

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These are all headcanons I submitted to the "Hedgecanons" blog myself:

-(MULTICANON) All of the international translations of the different Sonic media exist in their own alternate realities:
There’s a Japanese video game universe as well as an English one. There are French and German variants of the Archie Sonic universe, as well as StC. There’s a “Sonic Le Rebelle” reality, and even a Latin Spanish AoStH reality where Tails is a girl.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Nicole thinks of Rotor as a father. This may be due in part to the fact that she was created by his alternate future counterpart.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Earth holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah are still celebrated within the Hidden City of the Ancients (Station Square) on Mobius. Certain traditions would end up catching on with the rest of the planet in the years following the city’s discovery.

-(MULTICANON) Mobian society doesn’t place as much emphasis on academic education. Mobian children are required to attend at least three mandatory years of school, and are given the choice to continue further if they wish. Any other knowledge is usually picked up from their parents or own general experience.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) The Omega Care Unit had a variant created for Mobini. They resembled the first five E-100 series robots.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Moebius has its own neighbouring Sol Zone. This version of the zone is covered in arctic levels of ice, all because of that zone’s version of Blaze, who wields the power of ice.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Cobar’s death affected Rotor deeply. For months afterward he suffered from constant nightmares and severe depression. For a time he also developed a resentment toward Tails who, unlike him, was capable of separating himself from the old Light Mobius timeline whenever he wanted (just remove/destroy the spatial armband) and forget the baggage (a part of Rotor wished he could forget the man he loved just to make the pain go away).

-(ARCHIE/Post-SGW) The year in the post-Super Genesis Wave timeline is still 3237, but it’s the actual Earth calendar year (not the Mobian). The calendar in the new canon also follows the Earth dating system (January, February, etc.)

-(GAMES) Both the Sonic and Tails versions of Casinopolis are canon to some degree. Sonic successfully filled the ring storage vault enough to obtain the Emerald, but then a loose badnik swiped it at the last minute and took it and, trying to make its escape, accidentally dropped it into the sewer. Sonic and Tails went down there again and raced for it.

-(ARCHIE/both canons) The NiGHTS universe is, and always has been, a part of the Archie Sonic multiverse, in both timelines. The version that appeared in the old Archie miniseries is part of the original multiverse, while the version that showed up in Worlds Unite is the same one but altered by the Super Genesis Wave. The real human world is the counterpart of Mobius itself, while Nightopia is that universe’s version of Maginary World.

-(ARCHIE) If Mega Man used a Wisp, he wouldn’t use them in the same way other characters do. He’d use them in the same way as his copied Robot Master abilities, by gaining new abilities based on the Wisp absorbed.

-(ARCHIE/Post-SGW) Due to being a time traveller, Silver not only had his memories scrambled like Sonic and the Freedom Fighters did after the SGW, but to a much more drastic degree. Not only could he remember the old timeline, but also every single alternate timeline he’d ever experienced, such as two alternate versions of the timeline ruined by Iblis, and every minor alteration he brought about during his old mission to find the traitor. Like everybody else however, this eventually faded from his memory.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) The events of Sonic 06 occurred just after the events of Enerjak: Reborn.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) If Rotor is gay, then his Moebius counterpart Boomer is gay too. However Boomer is terrified of ever coming out because of likely backlash from his teammates. Especially Scourge, who’s no stranger to throwing around homophobic slurs…

-(MULTICANON) Once when travelling through the time warp, Silver narrowly avoided crashing into a flying blue box…

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Hershey’s Moebius counterpart is named Nestlé.

-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Eclipse the Darkling existed in the original timeline: he was created to aid the Black Arms in their ongoing war against the Xorda.

-(WRECK-IT RALPH) Sonic and Eggman often hit Tapper’s bar after work for a friendly drink.


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Funnily enough, I have a similar headcanon in regards to Mobians and education, which I'll elaborate on right now, alongside other headcanons from that blog that I'm going to share:

-Just as in real life, Humans greatest "strength" is their high intelligence and they as a species specialize in technology, which is a good deal more advanced than our own. Mobians, on the other hand, largely have much greater physical ability (be it in strength or agility) and generally possess powers/abilities (super-speed, super-strength, flight, and Vector can breath fire if Heroes is any indication).

-As a result of the above, schools and other education facilities are a purely Human invention, created solely to boost the intelligence of their young and prepare them for whatever profession they choose (primarily high academic ones such as engineering or medicine). Though, while schools are considered mandatory for Humans, Mobians largely find schools pointless since they don't rely on their intelligence like Humans do and they feel that any essential education can be learned from their parents or by experience. Though Mobians do often visit schools for the more "athletic" classes and there are a few Mobians who legitimately attend schools for the education. Most of those "academic" Mobians usually end up as doctors or scientists.

-The above headcanon is also one of the major reasons why Tails was bullied before meeting Sonic; not only was he a "freak of nature" due to his twin tails, but Tails' higher intelligence and fascination with technology made him more "Human" than "Mobian" and, of course, the other kids didn't take kindly to that. (And, in hindsight, the same would be true for the "academic Mobians", though Tails wouldn't attend school since he doesn't need their education :lol: )

-The spikes on Knuckles' knuckles are actually a bone disorder, one that is genetic to Echidnas and inherited by all males of the Knuckles Tribe (and indeed that's where they got their name). Unlike most disorders of this nature, however, it doesn't deform the hand or render it non-functional. If anything, this disorder improves the hand as it gives it a natural weapon, something with which to climb walls with, and makes the hands extremely durable.

-Magic in the Sonic universe is fueled by Chaos Energy and most forms of magic/spells can actually be considered lesser but more controlled forms of Chaos Powers. By extension, "magic wielders" (i.e. wizards) are merely people that are able to tap into the relatively insignificant Chaos Energy flowing across the world and utilize them for their own purposes. And most "magical creatures" (such as elementals or "mythological animals") are either Chaos Energy Mutants (as is the case with Chaos, a Chao turned water elemental) or sentient manifestations of Chaos Energy (likely the case for most ethereal spirits).

-The true nature of the Chaos Emeralds is that they are the remnants of the "Primordial Chaos" (the void before existence, which the universe and most gods were born from and currently acts as the "fabric" of existence), being composed entirely of the energies from the primordial chaos and having formed the moment the universe was born. This is the reason they are called "Chaos" Emeralds and also explains their infinite power, as said energy comes straight from the fabric of existence itself, as well as their numerous abilities (warping time-space and "granting wishes"), as the laws of reality don't apply to them.

-Related to the above, the Special Zone is the "link" between the cosmos and the primordial chaos, being more-or-less the primordial chaos itself (explaining its very odd properties) but with hints of "order" created by the cosmos (which allows people to safely enter the Special Zone and is the reason for the various challenges required to obtain a Chaos Emerald).

-The Black Arms originally lived on an actual planet, one that existed in a galaxy far from Earth and actually predates Earth by a few centuries. Although, the Black Arms' planet was fundamentally a "death world", being filled with incredibly harsh climates and all sorts of vicious life forms that, needless to say, shaped the Black Arms into the monsters that they are and explains many of their traits (namely their hive mind nature). The Black Arms themselves weren't anything special among the lifeforms of their planet, that is until they got exposed to a constant source of Chaos Energy and gained innate Chaos Powers, in addition to some serious evolution, transforming them into the top species of the planet: but that reign would soon end as the Black Arms' abuse of their Chaos Powers ended up destroying their planet. The Black Comet is pretty much the only significant remnant of the planet and the surviving Black Arms resorted to using the comet to travel to other planets for food and resources.

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-(ARCHIE/Pre-SGW) Like I stated before, mobians and humans are unable to produce off-spring. However, mobians and Overlanders can, as can overlanders and humans. This is because, when it comes to genetics, Overlanders have roughly 50/50 of human and mobian genes.

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Deadly Six Backstory:


Each of the Six is of a different species of Zeti based on habitat. There also exist non-anthropomorphic versions of these Zeti creatures as major wildlife on Lost Hex, and the Six are basically Mobians.

* Zazz: Plains Zeti (Zettus Zeti). Nocturnal carnivore creature that lives on the plains in packs of 7-12 members, male dominant. Prefer large prey such as wildebeest and sheep.

* Zomom: Desert Zeti (Zettus Scrofa). Diurnal omnivore that prefers indoor habitats. Live in colonies of 50 Zeti and are usually predatory towards small prey.  The ring of horns are usually larger than those on Zomom, even though his own are fully grown.

* Zik: Sea Zeti (Zettus Maritimus). Marine frugivore that lives in tropical, shallow waters Live in pods of 12-22 members. Prefer land fruits such as durians.

* Zeena: Polar Zeti (Zettus Ursa). Diurnal omnivore that lives in small forested areas and migrates along the tundra in search of berries, durians, and sheep. Live in troops of 100 or more. Unlike the desert variety, they prefer plant material. They mate for life.

* Zor: Tree Zeti (Zettus Myotimmus). Nocturnal parasite that sucks the blood of oryxes, cassowaries, and giant tortoises.  They may also have a symbiotic relationship with crocodiles. They live in swarms of 20. They make homes in hollowed-out trees.

* Zavok: Mountain Zeti (Zettus Zettus). Nocturnal carnivore that prefers harsh mountains. Eats oryxes, goats, Wisps, storks, and dingoes.  Lives alone.


Lost Hex was originally located in the Sol Dimension, built as a wildlife preserve. It migrated up to the Chaos Dimension, where the Xorda found it and used it as a breeding ground for trying to create soldiers out of the wildlife. Their experiments were successful, and as the planet went back to the Sol Dimension, it was seen over Soleanna, opening up a small gate and being seen as a herald of Solaris. During the First Great War (Echidnas Vs. Drakons), the planet migrated between dimensions and collected tons of debris, being unable to reach the Drakons they were intended for. A Drakon scientist got wise and intercepted the path of the realm, finding the Six's ancestors and unleashing them on the echidnas. While the creatures were defeated, their power signature called the Black Arms into the conflict, with them subjugating the Floating Island for a hundred years.  After they were driven off by Echidna rebels using some of the survivors of the Zeti, the Drakons returned to claim the planet in a bid against the Xorda. The Drakons, Xorda, and Black Arms all went to war with Zeti and Metarex as playing pieces. As Argus collected the Nocturnus, it also ceased the wars by teleporting the Zeti and Metarex home.

During the Fifth Great Civilization (now known as "The Ancients) of the Chaos Dimension, they were able to obtain Zeti as a slave class. An ancient relative of the Acorn family was appaled by this, and banned slavery in the Acorn Kingdom (Sixth Great Civilization?). Lost Hex remained lost in dimensional space, collecting bits and pieces of dimensions, until around the time of the Second Great War. During this, all of Mobius's Zeti were wiped out. When Robotnik built the Death Egg II out of Little Planet, the Lost Hex ended up covering this station, convincing Robotnik to make a third Death Egg.


Now for each Zeti:

  1. Zazz was partially engineered by the Nocturnus to prove a berserker against Iblis. His Moon Mech was first constructed to serve as a gate to the Special Zone by them. Now that the Special Zone is destroyed, it uses remaining void fragments to attack foes.
  2. Zomom and his family worshipped Solaris. His mother insisted he was a failure ever since he caused a great collapse of a temple (built by the original sapient race of the area, those who created it in the first place) that the family used to worship Solaris.
  3. Zik is a member of the Order of Ixis, and was able to kill several members of the Order of Magicks. Zik also had contact with the Drakons, and provided information to them. He is strong enough to create all the nonsense layouts of Lost Hex.
  4. Zeena was secretly affiliated with the Nocturnus, who were able to build that casino for her. She was said on her birthday to be a potential member of a "fearsome foursome".
  5. Zor is a member of the Order of Magicks, and secretly despises Zik. In his spare time, he studies chronoligical and dimensional anomalies.
  6. Zavok was born poor and had to claw his way to the top in warfare.

Also, the Sidewinder Gang is the third Fearsome Foursome as appointed by Mammoth Mogul.

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-(GAMES) The Sonic Rivals games occur before the Sonic Rush games. After the events of Rivals 2, Eggman Nega is left trapped in the Ifrits dimension. While in there, he discovers a portal leading to Blaze's dimension.

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17 minutes ago, Ernest-Panda said:

-(GAMES) The Sonic Rivals games occur before the Sonic Rush games. After the events of Rivals 2, Eggman Nega is left trapped in the Ifrits dimension. While in there, he discovers a portal leading to Blaze's dimension.

This reminds me of an old theory: The Blaze-snarl exists and is actually sentient under the form of a being known as Amihso Akan, a shadowy figure of Blaze who lives on Lost Hex and is a good friend of Zor. Guess who this character is based off of.

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Super Sonic costs rings because the rings are annihilated in a matter to energy conversion.

Centrifugal force alone doesn't explain Sonic's on wall and ceiling capabilities, Sonic must generate aerodynamic downforce.  

Not sure i'd call this headcanon: There are multiple sets of Chaos Emeralds pre Sonic Adventure, Adventure was a retcon: Certain elements of Sonic 3's story don't make sense, or at least fit better assuming there are multiple sets, and there only being one set would also mean Robotnik's story that got Knuckles to attack Sonic would have been true.  

On 3/26/2016 at 7:27 AM, Kaotic Kanine said:

-Cream refers to everyone except family members and known enemies as “Mr.” or “Ms./Mrs.” by default. But if her relationship with someone grows enough, she refers to them by title less often as she starts to consider them family. This has already happened with Amy and Sonic, as she considers both a sister and a brother respectively (though, in Sonic's case, it's also because he bluntly told Cream to stop calling him "Mr." as he canonically dislikes being referred to as anything but "Sonic"), and this will soon happen to Tails and Blaze.

I have a feeling that Cream using titles all the time is just their way of translating Japanese honorifics, or this other category of Japanese that i can't remember the name of where there are 4 different grammatically distinct styles of phrasing based on how polite you're being.  

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I think part of the reason why Rouge is interested in Knuckles (aside from the Master Emerald and saving her) is because he's an earnest and relatively honest person who is committed to his duty. I get the impression that Rouge probably grew up in/is more used to environments where greed and deception was the norm for her, and she herself chose to be the same because she didn't see any reason why she should bother to be better when it would likely just result in her being taken advantage of. The fact that Knuckles is so committed to doing his duty despite often being back-stabbed, ridiculed, and taken advantage of, and despite how the power of the Master Emerald would have been a source of temptation to commit evil acts might have appealed to her better nature deep down.

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11 hours ago, Phos said:

I have a feeling that Cream using titles all the time is just their way of translating Japanese honorifics, or this other category of Japanese that i can't remember the name of where there are 4 different grammatically distinct styles of phrasing based on how polite you're being.  

Yep, that is actually the case; Cream using titles (Mr./Ms.) all the time is basically a translation of the Japanese honorifics. Presumably, every other (non-impolite) character uses honorifics in Japanese as well but, since politeness is a core trait of Cream, they kept it to a degree in the English translation via calling others Mr. and/or Ms./Mrs. and I presume it's the case with other translations. To be honest, I actually want to make a headcanon about that instead; Cream being the only character who uses Japanese honorifics in English (and by extension Cream is actually of Japanese descent), but not only is that NOT the case but I fear it would come off as insensitive (and being insensitive is NOT what I want to be).

Anyway, since I'm here, I might as well add in a few more headcanons of mine...

-I already shared this in another topic (Unanswered Sonic Questions) but I'm gonna put it here as well; Cream's ears are actually much larger than normal for Lop-Eared Rabbit Mobians and the reason why is because she actually inherited her ear size from her father, who is a Hare (which have much larger ears than rabbits). It's because of this large ear size, combined with the "lop" nature of her ears, that Cream is able to fly and is so far the only rabbit to do so. No other rabbit, even lop-eared ones, could fly since their ears are too small. And hares wouldn't be able to fly as well since their ears stand upright and presumably can't be controlled to flap like wings.

-Cream has always dreamed of flying, ever since she was a baby. But she learned early on that she will never fly due to being a "Ground Mobian," a fact that saddened the young(er) Cream greatly. However, that all changed when she saw Tails (via television I guess) flying through the air, despite himself being a "Ground Mobian," and she became motivated with extreme determination to make her own dream come true. After a few failed attempts, Cream eventually learned to fly by using her ears as large wings. Once Cream had met Tails and befriended him, Cream actually told this story to Tails and thanked him for the motivation. Tails was caught of guard by this, as he didn't think he could inspire anyone, but he became incredibly happy to find out that he did inspire someone and graciously accepted Cream's "thank you" (and even thanked her in turn for telling him this).

-Cream usually spends her time doing "flying exercises" in the hopes of improving her flight speed and stamina, as well as learning new techniques for flight. Whenever Tails isn't busy, Cream almost always comes over to his place (or invites him over to hers) and does flying exercises with him since he makes the exercises much more fun and because Tails usually gives good advice on flying. (I want to include the part where Rouge acts as a coach for Cream on rare occasions from the original "Hedgecanon" submission but I want to keep these headcanons as close to canon as possible and, sadly, it's highly unlikely Rouge would canonically do this sort of thing with Cream, either due to her personality or her line of work. It's really adorable and awesome to think Rouge would hang out with Cream, but it's realistically very doubtful...)

-Cream and Vanilla are vegetarians and strictly avoid anything meat-based (unless it's "false meat" such as tofu). Reason why is mainly because Cream and Vanilla (Cream especially) love and respect sentient life and, of course, don't like eating anything that was once a living, breathing creature. In fact, the smell of meat is enough to make Cream nauseous (and for that reason she doesn't like being around Sonic when it's chili dog time :lol: ). It helps that Cream and Vanilla are rabbits and while Mobian Rabbits aren't restricted to a vegetarian diet, vegetation does taste delicious to them and so they have no issues with eating them. However, Cream and Vanilla don't object to others eating meat since they understand the vegetarian diet isn't for anyone and that some people actually need to eat meat. Though, Cream secretly wishes people wouldn't want or have to eat meat.

-Dark Gaia has a semi-symbiotic relationship with the Moon, due to it once being a part of the Earth (at least, that's the most common theory) and the moon's association with the night, one of Dark Gaia's domains. Needless to say, Dark Gaia felt the damage the moon suffered when Eggman blasted it with the Eclipse Cannon in Sonic Adventure 2. Had Dark Gaia gathered enough energy to maintain physical form at that time, he would've burst out from the planet and pretty much ended the world right then and there. Dark Gaia hadn't forgotten this by the time of Unleashed and it's a major reason, alongside the premature awakening, Dark Gaia attacked Eggman at the end.

Wow... I know that I'm obsessed with Cream but this is getting out of hand. Then again, who else is willing to make many headcanons for an unpopular character like Cream? lol

Edited by Kaotic Kanine
Note to self: NEVER use the square brackets again

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So last night I was brainstorming one I could make for Silver regarding his overall design since out of all the cast, his is the most unusual. Sort of give a in-universe reasoning for it. Initially I was going to say he was trending on popular fashion styles in the future. But whenever he goes into the present, he feels awkward and well, sticks out like a sore thumb. People of the past commenting or thinking about his strange appearance probably doesn't help. This sort of scenario could really play into Silver's insecure nature and feeling isolated for being so unique in who he is.

But the more I thought about this admittedly funny headcanon, the more I began to see another potently interesting, if not, kind of sad one:

Like his Psychokinesis, Silver was born with his head-quills the way they are. He would usually try to comb them down to blend in more with his back quills, but they usually sprang back in normal fashion much to his chagrin. Because of this, he tends to get mocked by people in his time for his head-quills and he has to learn to refrain himself from using his PK powers so he doesn't inflict so much fear of him as a freak. so whenever he goes back in time for a significant purpose, he feels he needs to be way, way more cautious in using his PK in retaliation for any open mockery he might get from people of the past simply due to not wanting to cause an unfortunate  Butterfly Effect for himself in the future.     

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