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These are ALL of the alternate future timelines that appeared in the comics history, detailing at point in the main timeline they diverged from, as well as how they were eventually undone. Towards the end we also learn how it was ultimately because of Silver that the second Genesis Wave was allowed to happen:

Timeline 1:

Diverge point- before StH#21
In the Freedom Fighters final battle against Robotnik, he roboticizes himself, becoming Robo-Robotnik, and he ends up being destroyed, but his consciousness is uploaded to a satellite. Nicole is destroyed during this final battle. Years later, Mobius is peaceful, Sonic becomes King, with Sally as his Queen, while Rotor creates a new Nicole and sends her to the past (Timeline 2). Suddenly, Robotnik arrives from the past (Timeline 2) and meets his future self. This inspires Robo-Robotnik to make a final strike against his old foes, he does so by nuking Mobotropolis, killing the royal family and the kingdom. Robo-Robotnik then leaves this timeline and travels to timeline 2...
Timeline 2:
Diverge point- before Knuckles story in StH#106
Freedom Fighters battle Robotnik. After a freak-accident, Robotnik is sent into the future (Timeline 1) where he meets his future (Robo-Robotnik) self. Upon returning to the past (this timeline), he makes sure that he doesn't make the mistake his future self makes, thus reshaping the future. Nonetheless he ends up being erased by the Ultimate Annihilator. Soon however, Robo-Robotnik arrives from Timeline 1 and takes his place (becoming Eggman). When talks begin on Angel Island about unification, Knuckles the Echidna becomes corrupted with power. With the truth hidden from her, his estranged daughter Lara-Su travels to the past (Timeline 3) to stop her father from allegedly being killed. Upon her return, she fights to bring down her corrupted father, Dark Enerjak. She is briefly aided by Silver the Hedgehog (who came all the way back from Timeline 7).
Timeline 3:
Diverge point- somewhere between StH#130 and #166
Everything up to the unification talks on Angel Island happens. Lara-Su arrives from the future (Timeline 2) to stop her father from allegedly being killed, but it turns out she was misinformed. Her tampering in the past causes the timeline to go in a different direction. The Xorda return and attempt to destroy Mobius, but Sonic stops them, he gets flung into space in the process. He soon returns and begins fighting in the war against the newly established Eggman Empire. This war culminates in Chaos Knuckles disintegrating Eggman, before he goes out of control again. Sonic is forced to stop him, this event causes Knuckles to lose his eye. 25 years later, Mobius is at peace, but then its discovered that the fabric of reality is breaking down. In an effort to fix it and stop the world from being destroyed, Sonic is sent back in time (Timeline 4)...
Timeline 4:
Diverge point- before StH#195
Everything up to Sonic returning from space happens as it did before. At some unseen point, King Sonic arrives from the future (Timeline 3) and does something to fix the fabric of reality, but alters the future in the process. Many things begin to happen after this point, an invasion by the Supression Squad from the alternate reality of Moebius, and an unknown event that would begin a chain leading to the creation of Tikhaos. At some point, the events with Chaos Knuckles and Eggman happen, except Sonic is somehow missing from the event and Shadow takes his place. He defeats Knuckles and goes on to become King, with Sally as his Queen. Soon, Sonic, who's been displaced from the timeline, is found, and he and his allies rise up to overthrow King Shadow, and he retakes his rightful place as King. The "Five Years of Peace" follow, which ends abruptly when the royal family is killed by a missile strike. That night, Tikaos is released from quarantine, and lays waste to the planet, leading to a ruined future 200 years later. At that point, Silver the Hedgehog is trained as a Knight of Chronos, and he begins his mission to find a "traitor" to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, as he goes back in time (Timeline 5) for the first time...
Timeline 5:
Diverge point- before SU#5 (M30YL)
As before, until the Suppression Squads invasion. This time, Silver arrives from the future (Timeline 4) to find Sonic. Although he learns he was wrong in his assumption that Sonic was the allusive "traitor", he was at least able to help the turn the tide in defeating King Scourge. Later, the liberation of Iceborough happens in some form. Everything from here on continues more or less as it did before: event leading to Tikhaos, Chaos Knuckles, King Shadow, royal family assassination, and Tikhaos' final rampage. All leading to Silver's ruined future. After arriving back from the past (earlier this timeline) he travels to the slightly more recent past (Timeline 6)...
Timeline 6:
Diverge point- before StH#215
Same as before, only this time, Silver arrives from the future (Timeline 5) just in time to save the royal family from assassination. King Sonic then goes on to form the Future Freedom Fighters and manage to seal Tikhaos away again before it can destroy everything. Nonetheless, the planet still eventually goes to ruin...Silver arrives back in his time and continues to research the traitor. He concludes that the culprit is Rotor, he travels to the past yet again (Timeline 7)...
Timeline 7:
Diverge point- before StH#235
Sometime after the events with the Suppression Squad and King Scourge, Silver arrives from Timeline 6 to kill Rotor, while he and Sonic are in the Nothern Tundra to liberate Iceborough. Silver realises Rotor is not the traitor, and he travels back to his time with his tail between his legs. Not long after, the events involving King Naugus, the Death Egg, Genesis and Mecha Sally play out. Antoine falls into a coma after an explosion and eventually dies. This effectively prevents the events of M30YL from happening. Many many years later the infestation of the Krudzu Spore would occur. Silver returns to his time where he learns of this event that he has no memory of. Later, Silver is sidetracked to Dark Mobius (Timeline 2), before returning again. He finds a hidden area in the library, containing evidence suggesting the traitor to he Antoine. He travels to the past (Timeline 8) yet again...
Timeline 8:
Diverge point- after StH#235
Everything up to Antoine falling into a coma. Silver arrives from the future again (Timeline 7) and discovers Antoine has fallen, eliminating him from the potential traitor line-up. Silver remains in the past, and he eventually manages to identify the traitor as Mecha Sally, but he's too late in making his discovery and he arrives at the final battle, not quick enough to prevent Sonic from being killed. All hope is lost, and Mecha Sally's actions lead to the future being ruined, again. In the future, this timeline's incarnation of Silver goes through all the same stuff as before, only this time he's provided with an extra clue: a newspaper clipping showing him (or his Timeline 7 self) and Sonic confronting the traitor! With this, and the evidence pointing to Antoine as the traitor, he goes into the past (Timeline 9) one last time...
Timeline 9:
Diverge point- N/A
Everything up to Antoine's coma happens as before, except for one minor change: Silver's time travel shenanigans has somehow caused a small crack in the fabric of time, which the blue Chaos Emerald would fall through (into Mega Man's world) after the events of Genesis. Silver arrives to discover Antoine has fallen, he then joins the Secret Freedom Fighters, and helps to either prevent or delay the Ixis Resurgence. Harvey Who helps him to identify Mecha Sally as the "traitor", and Silver knows to head toward the Nothern Tundra to help Sonic save her, which he does. Silver has finally completed his mission! But the new future that results lasts for about 5 seconds, as Doctor Eggman and Dr. Wily launch the second Genesis Wave, followed swiftly by the Super Genesis Wave...
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The "Rouge" we see is not the real Rouge. She's really a member of Shayde's species who took her form and flung her into the Shadow Dimension. This explains her comparative evil and cruelty to other versions of the character. Or she's a re-evilized Metamorphia.

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Kaotic Kanine

Looks like it's time to share more headcanons from Hedgecanons! Gonna start sharing a bit more than usual, and I'm starting to reach the longer headcanons that I've made (should I put them in spoilers for space or is that not needed?)

-As most of us know, Amy owns her own home and lives an independent life. After the events of Sonic Battle (or Advance 3), however, that's no longer the case as Amy could no longer afford to live in her own home due to lacking a steady, well paying job, not helped by her frequent shopping sprees. Upon hearing this news, Vanilla invited Amy to stay with her and Cream, which Amy was reluctant to accept at first if only because she didn't want to be a burden to Vanilla, but she ultimately moved in to the Rabbit family's home. So far, Amy actually prefers living with Cream and Vanilla to living on her own since she no longer lives in an empty house but rather has constant company. It also helps that Amy gets to truly be sisters with her close friend, Cream.

-Vector and Espio used to swear quite a lot when they were younger due to not having any parental figures to restrict bad language coupled with their stressful living conditions. Though Vector and Espio have made an effort to quit swearing after Charmy came into their lives and wouldn't stop spouting a certain profanity they had uttered around him, not until Charmy eventually got bored of the word. The group also needed to appear more professional after forming the Chaotix Detective Agency. So far, Vector has managed to completely clean his mouth but Espio still lets a curse slip whenever a situation turns dire, though he at least makes sure Charmy, and other minors, aren't within earshot.

-Whenever Cream gets bad dreams or just can’t sleep for whatever reason, she goes to politely wake her mother up and then Vanilla either puts Cream back to bed, usually with a warm glass of milk, or allows Cream to sleep alongside her. Whenever this happens and Amy is around, Cream will always come over to Amy and Amy is quick to let Cream sleep alongside her.

-Though Mobians retain certain traits from their feral counterparts, most of those traits are either downgraded or outright removed due to Mobians possessing greater intelligence, opposable thumbs, bipedal stance, and (for most species) a longer lifespan. Mobians of venomous animals (such as snakes), for instance, still produce venom but said venom is either much less lethal or only causes paralysis. Similarly, Mobians of animals with high reproduction rates (such as rabbits) are not nearly as *ahem* “fecund".

-Cream was born in a Chao Garden near Vanilla’s original home, which was where Vanilla played and hung out at for most of her childhood. Moments after Cream’s birth, the eggs that would hatch Cheese and Chocola were laid and given to Cream and Vanilla respectively as gifts from the Garden Caretaker for the newborn and new mother. Every year since that day, the family would visit the garden to celebrate Cream's birthday with the caretaker and the Chao, even after moving to a rather far away home.

-In her child/teenage years, Vanilla was an adventurer and used to be part of a team of adventurers, much like Sonic and his allies are today. Everyday, Vanilla would go out to explore the world with her friends and tackle various dangers along the way. But as Vanilla got older the adventuring life was becoming too much for her; by the time she became a young adult, Vanilla quit adventuring all together and chose to live a domestic life instead. Though Vanilla still keeps in contact with her friends, who continue to adventure, and they occasionally come over her place to hang out.

-In fact, the leader of Vanilla's "adventuring team" is actually Cream's father, a Hare named Jack! Vanilla and Jack have always been close friends since childhood and because of that, as well as being similar species (Rabbit and Hare), they decided to pursue a romantic relationship in their late teens. However, as close as they were as a couple, Vanilla and Jack couldn't stop viewing each other as nothing more than friends. It didn't help that the two had differing goals for the future, with Vanilla wanting to raise a family and live a stable life while Jack desired to travel the world in a life of adventure. So, once they became adults, Vanilla and Jack stopped being a romantic couple and Jack immediately went on to live his life of adventure across the world. Though, before that happened, Vanilla and Jack spent a very romantic night together and, well, Vanilla ended up pregnant with Cream afterwards. Jack left before he could be told but thankfully Vanilla managed to tell him about Cream soon enough and, though he still lives his life of adventure (hence his absence), Jack vowed to visit on Cream's birthdays and certain holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.)

I swear, I didn't mean to share this many "dirty" headcanons and I also swear these are the last ones I have! I'm so sorry lol

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Monkey Destruction Switch

Here's one that straddles the line between headcanon and theory: In the Sonic SatAM episode "Sonic Boom", the robot voice that is heard very near the end of the episode saying "Intruder alert" or whatnot doesn't sound exactly like the normal Swatbot voice. I've always thought it sounded a bit like Cat's voice and that it was actually a roboticized Cat saying that. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure that actually makes sense, but it's what I've always liked to think, anyway :P At least we'd get some form of "resolution" as to what happens to Cat, even if it's not exactly positive.

Another headcanon inspired by SatAM - roboticized beings are actually still partially organic; this explains how Uncle Chuck can eat and cry. I like to think that roboticization works by injecting nanites into the body which basically take it over and "reshape" it. So basically, a Robian is an organic being with cybernetics running throughout their entire body...like Monkey Kahn, I guess, but even more thorough. Like, I sort of imagine robotic parts infiltrating every individual cell, if that makes sense. I also like to think roboticization isn't really a process of "flip a switch, get a robot"; we see that the specific way roboticized beings look and function varies wildly, even within a single universe (SatAM has Muttski, who looks wildly different from his original organic version, and Uncle Chuck, who looks very similar to his, and Archie Sonic is just all over the place with its Robian designs, honestly). Robotnik has a lot of input into how exactly a Robian turns out; even though he has a fleshy being as a foundation, the way he builds upon them is all his own, and he customizes different Robians to suit different needs. There are super battle mechs like Mecha Sonic and Mecha Knuckles, and then there are just his ordinary factory workers, which usually don't get any fancy weapons or major alterations. (And there's a lot in-between, of course.)

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Big Panda

More headcanons concerning the alternate future timelines in the Archie comic (Pre-SGW of course):

(To make things simpler, I'm refering to the future Nicole and Eggman came from as IYF)

-Neither the Black Arms nor the Xorda ever returned to Mobius in the IYF timeline. In this timeline, both of their homeworlds were amoung the many planets that E.V.E. destroyed after heading into space.

-On Dark Mobius, the Xorda and Black Arms did return at different times, but they were prompty wiped out by Enerjak.

-Silver intervening in the events of #215-#216 was effectively the moment that Light Mobius ceased to exist, or more specifically, the moment it fell into true "alternate future" status. From Silver's intervention, the timeline would be destined to play out with Sally being roboticized.

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* The Megatal material was forged from mixed minerals from each dimension (Sol Dimension, World Dimension). Hence, it is indestructible except for a combination of those energies together. ("Sol Dimension" is used as a guideline for the various dimensions of Sonic's world, organized and named by their power objects. Hence, the Chaos Dimension, Sol Dimension, Time Dimension, etc.)
* Every last Zone (alternate universe) has the Chaos, Sol, Time, World, etc arrangement of Dimensions. The Sol Zone is the result of a Sol Dimension conquest of the other worlds. There may also be a Chaos Zone (maybe that's where 06 took place, as we see Sol Dimension dwellers in the Chaos Dimension. Runners may also be set here.) So Archie may have two or more Blazeii: the one from the Sol Zone and the one from the Sol Dimension of the Prime Zone.
* Oddly-shaped emeralds actually correspond to other dimensions we've yet to really see. With the Strange Emeralds (the ones seen in Sonic Spinball), these are the representations of the Strange Dimension. Robotnik is working on conquering the Strange Dimension in his spare time.
* The Special Zone exists outside of this, as a sort of series of quick-passages between the Dimensions and Zones. The White World is similar, as a safety-net for erased time. There is also a counterpart in the Black World, a place for entire erased zones.
* The Zone Cops believe there may be a level of multiversal hierarchy beyond Zones. They have termed them "Rounds". Beyond that, they believe in "Adventure Fields", "families" of Rounds that are closely related.
* The Guardian afterlife is formed from the combined power of the Master Emerald and equivalent objects. The neutralizing Gray Emerald is an arbiter that can control any power object, not only the 9 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. This is the link to the Emerald Graveyard, a place where derelict power objects with no guardian rest in peace.
*In Sonic 06, Knuckles was Julie-Su incognito. She cut her hair, applied a sock to her metal dreadlock, stopped using mascara, and rolled herself in mud. She came to check on the Soleanna crisis to see if Angel Island would need to be involved.
*In Lost World, Knuckles was a figment of Amy's imagination, and/or Sonic's, given Amy's powerful imagination that can temporarily create life. "Knuckles" did die when the Six murdered Amy, and Knuckles in the end is again a figment of Amy's imagination.
*Also, before Lava Mountain, Sonic was possessed by either Sonic.EXE or Fleetway Super Sonic, or even both. Hence, he murdered each of the Deadly Six.
*The real Sally is dead, possibly done in by Sigma, Asriel, or Dr. Weil. The reason "Sally" has no romance with Sonic anymore is because she is really Sonia Acorn or her descendant, and Sonic wants to keep a platonic relationship due to this. In fact, many of the Freedom Fighters are gone now.

* A great many of the Boom "originals" are alternate versions of SEGA and other characters, hence why they won't appear (for now, at least). Burn-Bot is the Sonic Boom version of E-123 Omega. On the same note, Dave is Ray the Flying Squirrel and Soar the Eagle is Silver. Maybe Admiral Beaverton is Antoine or Vector.  Perci being either Blaze or Julie-Su is a matter of debate.

* The Hairy Ball is...

2006 timeline Blaze + every character erased by the Super Genesis Wave + Solaris + Time Eater + Deadly Six.

* In the Lost Boom-verse, there are no humans. Baldy McNosehair is an egg.
*Tikal and Chaos weren't alone in being sealed away within the confines of the Master Emerald. The Master Emerald contains dozens of lost souls who have been entombed away within its crystal surface. Tikal's sacrifice opened the floodgates to seal many more people within the Emerald. Pre-SGW, the spirits ran amok after Adventure. Post-SGW, they were sealed away after Heroes. In the Lost Boom (second SGW) universe, they no longer exist.
* The Colors era is canon to Boom.

* STC-O Rouge is Ch'Rell's identity on Mobius. Explains her behavior perfectly.




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-(Archie/Post-SGW) geographically, the Acorn Archipelago is similar to Hawaii. Historically, however, it's similar to the UK, in that the Kingdom of Acorn originally encompassed a lot more territory in prior centuries. They have less land now, but are still a major influence on the rest of the world, despite their small size.

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4 hours ago, Ernest-Panda said:

-(Archie/Post-SGW) geographically, the Acorn Archipelago is similar to Hawaii. Historically, however, it's similar to the UK, in that the Kingdom of Acorn originally encompassed a lot more territory in prior centuries. They have less land now, but are still a major influence on the rest of the world, despite their small size.

I thought the Acorn Archipelago was just South Island and Westside Island and so on.

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3 hours ago, Sparky said:

I thought the Acorn Archipelago was just South Island and Westside Island and so on.

I'm just saying they're similar to Hawaii and Britain, not that they *are* Hawaii and Britain.

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-Silver has his own Chao Garden in the future. The reason why Silver doesn't appear often in major games nowadays, is simply because he's busy taking care of his chao. The chao often take turns using Silver's chest fur as a pillow. Aside from being a chao caretaker, he trains himself regularly on a daily basis to get stronger and discover his true power, to make sure that Eggman Nega isn't causing any trouble.

-Silver's boots are actually made from heavy materials. If he were to take them off, he could run faster because his leg muscles are bigger.

-The reason why Silver thought Sonic was an imposter in Generations, was because he wanted to make sure he wasn't fighting against a weak doppelganger. Silver knows about the Doppelganger Races that you've had up to that point. The Time Eater can't touch the Chaos Emeralds, because they emit spatial rifts at frequencies the T.E. would find disturbing. So, it created doppelgangers of Sonic to collect the Chaos Emeralds, and then destroy them, granting the T.E. the ability to erase time and space at it's leisure. That's why Silver wanted to test you the first time you encounter him in the game, and why he refuses to give up his Emerald until after you defeated him. Why? Because you've proven once again, that the Sonic you're controlling is, indeed, the real Sonic. What this means is that Silver, not only has been watching your progress throughout the game, but also knows a thing or two about the Time Eater, meaning that Silver has faced it at one point off-screen before the events of Generations.


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(SONIC X): Michaelangelo (TMNT 2003) had fallen into Sonic's world on accident at least once. After Tails turned evil/killed himself/left Sonic after Cosmo's death and Sonic's failure to console him, Sonic was able to reach Michaelangelo again and the two became close friends.


(Sonic X): Tails may have turned evil after Cosmo's death. Sonic seemed to be a bit unconcerned towards the poor guy. This is something Sonic now feels ashamed of.

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Monkey Destruction Switch

Forgot to post this, even though it's been so long.

On 3/30/2016 at 3:22 AM, Phos said:

Super Sonic costs rings because the rings are annihilated in a matter to energy conversion.

This reminds me of my own headcanon regarding rings and chaos emeralds: No one understands it completely, but the energy of rings and Chaos Emeralds simultaneously oppose and compliment each other, and give rings the power to regulate chaos energy. This is why one needs rings to turn super: Your body can't handle the chaos energy otherwise, and the rings give you the ability to contain the power within yourself. (Incidentally, the importance of the rings' power is also why many super forms are golden.) However, because of the opposing nature of rings and Chaos Emeralds, the rings can't do their job forever and will gradually be "eaten away". Thankfully, they allow the chaos energy to safely leave your body when they run out. Shadow's Inhibitor Rings are a variant of "normal" rings, which is why they can restrain and control Shadow's chaos powers. They mainly differ in that they're much more powerful, containing the raw energy of many, many rings, and that they cannot be "collected", i.e. absorbed.

While I'm at it, might as well give some other headcanons!

- If anyone remembers my first headcanon post, I mentioned that, while I wasn't totally committed to this headcanon, I thought humans might be non-natives to Sonic's world and traveled there from a world more like our own from a long time ago. Expanding on that, I actually think there may be two "species" of human in Sonic's world - one that is native and one that is not. Dr. Eggman is actually a member of the Mobius-native species. This accounts for his more cartoony appearance and the fact that, like many of the anthros on Sonic's world, he has a "power" - his extreme intelligence. Unlike the human species from the alternate dimension, which are rarely able to do so, the Mobius-native humans can interact with chaos energy and ring energy - but just like with the anthros, how well they can do so varies a lot. Dr. Eggman doesn't exactly have a direct connection to them, but in fact, the fact that he's so good at manipulating and using their energy to fuel his machines is actually sort of a part of his "power", if that makes sense. There's a chance that these subtle, inborn chaos abilities may have also had something to do with how Gerald Robotnik was able to create Shadow. Most of the humans in Unleashed have a significant quantity of "Mobian human" blood, which is why they're more cartoony as well; this is especially true of the Gaia Temple guardians. Most of the realistic/anime-ish humans from Sonic Adventure - Sonic 06 are primarily the non-native species of humans.

- Contrary to the beliefs of most of Mobius' inhabitants, who generally either assume that they're a natural phenomenon or just have no idea where they're from, rings are actually man-made objects, first created millennia ago. Their secrets are still held, and their ongoing production is still being carried out, by an extremely secretive network of "ringsmiths" around the world. Current ringsmiths are actually descendants of ancient ringsmiths of yore; ringsmithing is both a skill and a sort of inborn trait - it seems that they actually provide the rings with a mysterious energy from their own body. People actually know about ringsmiths' existence, but they don't actually know the extent of what they do; they just assume they do experiments on rings and stuff like that, and they think they create rings for that purpose. But they don't know they're actually responsible for the rings' ongoing existence - most assume they generate by themselves, and they don't know what the process of ringsmithing truly entails. Sonic's Uncle Chuck is a ringsmith, which means Sonic has ringsmith blood too, which probably accounts for some of his extraordinary traits, but not even he really knows anything about the ringsmiths' secrets.

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Iblis and the demons were just black arms who had reached the planet before and were viewed as as old gods and ancient evil, which explains Mephilies fascination with shadow. He saw his family, he truly believed shadow to be better than his station in life as of that moment. Would also explain why the demons and the black arms look so damn close.

Eggman is around 50 or so, the moment he found out about what happened to Gerald is the directly the reason he's evil. I remember a speech he gave referencing how he doesn't follows the rules of the world and views them stupid. It would make sense, sort of rebellious soul considering where being a good scientist got Gerald. Though he wouldn't know the whole story untill later.

If cream had a dad, his name would be almond.

Shadow eventually after living for a very long time, basically becomes marcelene, this immortal person who has largely stopped caring about a lot of stuff. Is super powerful and just sort of travels through space.

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A tip of the hat to Cylent-Nite for this one:

The Sonic universe has four principal deities: Gaia, Illumina, Argus, and Solaris. Each can be divided into two assets: Mind and Power, as seen when Illumina and Solaris were first split, and then rebuilt. It is a common misconception to divide each half into Good and Evil, as seen with both halves of Solaris being evil. There are a number of gods beneath them; Ifrit, Chaos, Tikal, Shadow, and a few others.

For some reason, I really like this theory.

Islamic propaganda series "Tommorow's Pioneers" is actually set within some Sonic universe, most likely the one in the games. Farfour is in fact an affiliate of Eggman.

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- (Archie) Big the Cat is bassicly the strongest character of them all. He could save the world by himself, but he's just too lazy and/or dosn't see a reason why. Yes, he does help, but only because his friends ask him to. 

- This one is... strange. But I'm listnening to The Megas- History Reapeting part 2 (link below, if you want to listen some of that Mega Man fanbase's goodnes), and I can picture Sonic singing to himself it, as a motivation song before tommorow's party. Especialy the parts: "I know I can win, I’ve done it before /Get out of my way, I gotta settle the score" "And if it was up to me /I'd rewrite history /And change my destiny" and "The road that I walk is a gathering storm/ Today, the end begins..." Maybe it's a little strange headcanon, but it works for me :D 

"And now it's up to me
To go make history
And meet my destiny
One last time"

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Metal Sonic (also Gamma  and Omega but this is kinda about Metal) wasn't intended to be intelligent in the "living" sense. He was intended to be intelligent, but in a purely cold and calculating sense. His mind wasn't equipped for feelings, but he has them nonetheless.

Eggman did take an interest in living AI after him, but knew better than to equip them with guns or immense strength, so now he has Orbot and Cubot,butlers and proof of concept. But robots with undeniable personhood and armed to the teeth with claws and guns are not what Eggman has in mind as far as I can tell, they're too dangerous.

Ironically robots like Metal Sonic, with high "calculating" intelligence and simplistic emotion are actually harder for Eggman to replicate, because there's no telling what they'll end up capable of, he knows where he stands with an Egg Pawn or with Orbot and Cubot. Metal Sonic really combines the best and worst of both worlds, he seems like the perfect blend of intelligence, common sense, intuition,logic and lack of mercy. For the most part he wants to achieve Eggman's goals and is generally not easily offended.

But Sonic offends him, and he's pretty much either angry or he's not, or rather, any negativity gets processed as anger,and he doesn't really feel joy besides malice or pride. Also as far as he's concerned he's an unbiased observer of fact, because that's what he was built to be. There's also the fact he was programmed to destroy Sonic, which got translated into hate. He seems a little more sane in later appearances, maybe Eggman fixed Metal Sonic's brain to actually deal with shit or Metal Sonic's physically prevented from doing anything to crazy, possibility both.


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-(Archie/Post-SGW) Sonic's World is literally just an alternate planet Earth in this continuity. The current year is 3237, but it's the gregorian calendar year rather than the Mobian year. The history of this Earth is not identical to the "real" Earth.

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Here's one I've thought about.

The Emeralds are not of Terrestrial Origin



-Dangerous MacGuffins. What is the real purpose of the Emeralds? (Other than being a plot device) They seem to serve as a counter measure. Or play the part as one.

The Chaos and Master Emerald must be as old as, or even predate time itself. Chaos energy is often referred to as power, thoughts, and ideas enriched by the heart. Because the Master Emerald is called the controller, those thoughts by logic originate within the Master Emerald. Knuckles and Tikal have spoken to it on a few occasions, so the Master Emerald must have been at some point (if it still is) sentient.

Let’s look at what we know so far… Dark Gaia’s millennium wake-up-and-stretch can be subdued by the Chaos Emeralds via the temples. The Time Eater, is negated by the Emerald’s reality warping properties. Lastly Perfect Chaos, can absorb only their negative energy. (Even if Chaos is referred to as a god of destruction, I won’t classify it as a god for other reasons. Will explain later.) Even the Black Arms, a spacefaring race, is aware their significance.

There are seven emeralds. You’re probably thinking, ‘so what?’ No worries. I'm sort of a lit nerd. In literature, 7 was considered mystical and sacred in pre-historical times. 7 is associated with completion, wholeness, perfection. The colors in a rainbow, the days in a week, seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. Biblically, the number represents God. With that in mind the Emeralds could be the pieces of a primordial being, the Master Emerald representing a dormant mind. Purely speculation, but it’s entertaining to think about. As far as we can conclude, they’re just not of Sonic’s world.


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My head canon is that Sonic 4 is actually just an average day in Sonic's life. Eggman's not got some huge planet busting scheme every day, so this is a shorter, smaller journey that tends to happen more often. It's not a big, grand scale adventure like S3K or SA2, it's just another ordinary day in the life. The levels so closely resemble past levels because they're in the same general area as the levels in Sonic 1.

In my mind the course of S4 ep 1. is just kind of a 'behind the scenes' look at what Sonic and Eggman normally put each other through inbetween their larger scale adventures. Sonic might just be thinking "Deja vu" or something like that throughout the course of the game. No big deal. 

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-Sonic is over 1000 years old. When Tikal spoke to the Master Emerald in SA1, saying: 'Please, you must stop him!' She was actually summoning the 'essence' of the Master Emerald, which happened to be Super Sonic. Super Sonic defeated Perfect Chaos in an epic battle, but the village was destroyed.

-A weakened, blue version of Super Sonic awoke with no memory centuries later, possibly discovered by Amy or Tails. Whenever Sonic acquires the 7 Emeralds, only then do we see his 'true' form.

-Tikal, having lost everything due to her people's greed and lust for power that the Emeralds gave, used the energy of the Emeralds to send Angel Island into the sky, where no one could reach them. (Bear in mind, this is centuries before the creation of airplanes)

-Gerald searched the world for cures to Maria's disease. In one of his travels, he saw the paintings of Super Sonic etched on the walls of Hidden Palace and heard fables of an 'Ancient Protector' who disappeared in a flash. 

-GUN hired Gerald to build a weapon to keep the US as the worlds leading superpower, following the events of World War 2. He was against it, but in exchange, GUN offered to give Maria free, round-the-clock medical care on the germ-free enviroment of the Ark. He couldn't refuse.

-Gerald designed the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon that can strike any country on the planet with pinpoint accuracy. The Cannon required immense energy to function, however. Chaos Emeralds of course, were used. However, Gerald had doubts about the Cannon, fearing the incredible amounts of energy would create a black hole and end all life. He secretly began work on a new project, based on his travels to Hidden Palace: A protector with unstoppable power, but born with a pure heart, and sense of mercy, watching over the people of the planet like a shadow.

-Members of congress found out about the Cannon, and decided it to be too dangerous. They ordered the arrest of Gerald for crimes against humanity. Soldiers stormed the Ark. Maria, fearing they might harm Shadow, fled. In a moment of confusion, a Soldier accidentally fired his weapon, killing her, right as Maria pulled the lever, sending Shadow to Earth.

-Gerald, learning of Maria's fate, leaves behind a video to his Grandson to claim his 'Inheritance' from the bowels of GUN HQ, knowing Shadow will avenge Maria by acquiring the Emeralds.

-In 'my' version of SA2, Biolizard doesn't exist. Shadow acquires the Emeralds and activates the Cannon. As Gerald predicted, A Black Hole forms, threatening to swallow Earth. Having a change of heart, Shadow removes his rings, becoming a red, high powered, flaming version of himself, (In my ideal Sonic Universe, only Sonic has a super form, but Shadow comes close here) He sacrifices himself by flying into the Black Hole, and preforming Chaos Control, causing the Black Hole to close in on itself.

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Cheese the Ducking Chao

Tails was created by Eggman to match Sonic, basing him of Project Shadow. He's given Tails his mechanical ability and fast speed so he could be more succesful thanhe had Metal Sonic. However, since Tails was a living being, he had free will. Tails is Eggman's failure, as Eggy threw him out, and that's when Tails meets Sonic.

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This topic is about Sonic headcanons, as in stuff that makes canonical sense to the series. Whether that's Sega, Archie/SatAM, Boom, X etc canon is your pick, but yeah. 

How did we go from that to dramatic series/character rewrites? That's not headcanon material, guys, that's fan fiction. And while I do like playing with that thought every now and then myself (but not quite to the extent being posted in here...) this isn't the place for that.

If you have ideas like that you want to share, then making a topic in the Sonic Showcase would be a good idea.

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This one's really specific, but another headcanon of mine is that only Sonic and Shadow can actually spin dash. Everyone else doing it is just down to game mechanics.

I don't really like the idea of everyone else being able to do it. It's a super speed ability that makes perfect sense to be Sonic exclusive. I'm okay with Shadow doing it only because he's an oddity who happens to share a lot of physical ability with Sonic. I like how Sonic Adventure separated Tails and Knuckles further from Sonic and removed their ability to spin dash. It makes way more sense to me. They can still roll which is awesome but leave the Spin Dashing to the real speedster =^)

(This is why I really hope the drop dash stays exclusive to Sonic)

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Your Vest Friend

Right, so this isn't so much of a headcanon as my theory for real life events. Continuing on from the Summer of Sonic Chaotix Question, I've combined that with past research pieces to make an interpretation of the timeline of the Chaotix's development from start to Heroes. So, uh, here it is. 


VEDJ-F’s [Current] Timeline Theory of the Chaotix – 1990 – 2003

1990 – Various concepts are made for a new mascot for SEGA, one of the concepts is an armadillo that may have been what inspired Mighty.

Late 1990 – Vector the Crocodile is conceptualised by Naoto Ohshima, originally planned of Sonic’s band that would have been seen in the sound test.

1991 – Vector was also conceptualised for the intro and ending, this appears to have been done later than the sound test image due to the change in species for Sharps, ultimately scrapped from the game not long after this.

1991 – Promotional art depicts later concept designs for Sonic’s band – the only way we know of these are through a British magazine released May 1992. Aside from his love of music, he appears to have been seen as a power character and a glutton by this point.

June – July 1991 – Sonic the Hedgehog Story Volume 1 is released, based on the earlier concept art. This is the only known official appearance of Vector in a story pre-Chaotix, but it’s a one-panel cameo.

September 1992 – Shogakukan Ninensei debuts Charmy Bee two and a half years before any game appearance. This Charmy is very different to later incarnations, being a hero partner to Sonic who can control time and is serious-minded. It’s uncertain whether Kazuyuki Hoshino made him and the Manga writers interpreted him differently before later appearances, or if he was designed for the Manga and Hoshino modified the design which got integrated into the Manga later.

1992 – 1993 – Charmy appears in an as-of-yet unknown Shogakukan strip which adapts Sonic 2 (or at least Chemical Plant Zone). While the whole strip hasn’t been uploaded online, it is likely the design and personality would serve as the basis for Charmy in Heroes with the helmet, jacket and fun personality. It is currently unknown if there are other strips with this design.

1st June 1993 – SegaSonic the Hedgehog is released, featuring Sonic with Mighty the Armadillo, designed by Manabu Kusonoki of the AM3 team (Ray has the same credit). Not much is said on his personality, but mannerisms and voice suggest he’s the strongman of the trio.

1994 – Espio the Chameleon was conceptualised by Naoto Ohshima for the game “Chaotix”. Originally to be a major star of the game, he had to be deliberately designed like a main protagonist and with coolness in mind. Ohshima, Hoshino and Kusonoki also bring along Vector, Charmy and Mighty respectively to add to the roster, and Vector and Charmy are redesigned (Mighty wasn’t, but he was a skinned-over version of Sonic in the final game).

1994-1995 – Before the game’s completion, the Sonic Team staff (aka Ohshima and Hoshino) have to move off the project to work on NiGHTS into Dreams.

March – 21st April 1995 – Chaotix (Knuckles’ Chaotix in the West) is released. Featuring a group of five (seven counting Heavy and Bomb) characters who go to the island for their own reasons and end up banding together to stop Eggman using the Chaos Rings for his own ends. The profiles have Mighty as a nature-loving pacifist and traveller, Espio as a private investigator, single-but-strong minded, a camper, and envious of Knuckles due to his interest in Echidna history, Vector as a group-minded optimist who is sporty and spiritual, and Charmy as a precocious and proud racer who enjoys sleeping and doesn’t like looking foolish. Due to the Sonic Team staff leaving before the profiles were likely finalised, it is unlikely they had say on these character profiles.

June 1995 – Vector and Espio debut in Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #25 as billboard cameos in Stardust Speedway, as well as on a poster of the cover art in the Knothole Base for Vector. Vector wouldn’t appear in-story until August 1995 (with the Sonic Triple Trouble Special) and the rest wouldn’t appear in-story until the Knuckles Chaotix dedicated special (November 1995). In the Archie comics before Sonic Heroes came out, the Chaotix were essentially Knuckles’ Freedom Fighter group who helped him guard the Master Emerald.

9th June 1995 – The Chaotix group debut in Sonic the Comic. In the Fleetway comics, the Chaotix are protectors of the Special Zone, that being their home and not Mobius. Sonic the Comic was not affected by Sonic Heroes as it ceased printing 9th January 2002.

June 1996 – Sonic the Fighters is released. Espio is one of the eight playable characters in the original arcade version. Nothing is given about his personality here, but his design is given some tweaking; his scale colour is made a more magenta/fuchsia hue, and the tail spikes are removed in favour of making his tail much curlier. It is likely this version of Espio that Sonic Heroes would base their redesign off. Espio’s StF model would later cameo in Shenmue as a Gacha toy.

1998 – Sonic Adventure is in production. Around this time, it seems a design document comes into play as to what elements and direction they want with Adventure onwards. Any characters not designed by someone from Sonic Team (so that means Ohshima, Yasushi Yamaguchi, Hoshino, Takeshi Yuda or Yuji Uekawa) is not included on this design document and thus not included in the series from that point on, which gets rid of Mighty. Vector, Espio and Charmy are still viable, but are not used for Adventure.

2002 - 2003 – Sonic Heroes is in development. Hoshino, Takashi Iizuka and Nobuhiko Honda (who ironically was Aspect Co. staff until after Chaotix) all have a hand in redesigning the characters. Charmy is based on his Shogakukan later self in terms of design and personality, Vector is based on his later concept art for design and personality (with a smidge of influence from the Shogakukan Manga that he never appeared in for some minor cues), and Espio is most likely based off his Sonic the Fighters self for design, although the interpretation of him as stoic and with samurai-like conduct isn’t really seen in either of his classic games so may have been from Ohshima’s concepts for him if not StF. The Chaotix profiles were likely ignored as they came from staff outside Sonic Team and likely contradicted their original ideas for them. Espio is also given a wholly new ninja twist. The Chaotix being detectives is derived from their gameplay style in Heroes, so Espio being a private detective before was likely not a factor.

30th December 2003 – Sonic Heroes is released in Japan, cementing the Chaotix Detective Agency as we know them.

Granted, there are still some small gaps here and there (most glaring being known how the whole deal with Amy and Charmy in the Manga worked, since their designs were radically different in their debuts to what different grades would have later), but for the most part I think I’ve managed to patch up the history pretty well.

You know, the Chaotix really are the best characters for me to sink my teeth into for history research. For the other classic characters, there's the mystery of the original concept arts for them (eg the different potential sidekicks in that competition, Knuckles being a dinosaur etc), but once the final design and personality are decided, that's what gets stuck with, and the transitions have all been pretty much explained (even Amy, who had the biggest changes), and for anyone in the Adventure onward era, the concept is literally the only mystery (and some characters have all of that already). But the Chaotix occupy this area where there hasn't really been elaboration and even with established final designs there have been massive changes between them. There's like a whole goldmine of information that no-one else seems to have tried tapping into before, at least not on this scale. 

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