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Big Panda

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Shadow is secretly Silvers mentor when he time hops into the present and possibly still this role to him in his future timeline. Shadow being immortal knows that humanities reliance on Sonic is foolish as the hero doesnt really have dependable actions being a freedom loving heonist without a care in the world, so shadow trains Silver, someone whos shares the same dutiful views of protecting the planet and takes it very seriously, plus it gives Shadow time to bond with someone not a sassy asshole who annoys him to no end, and Silver is probably the strongest sonic characters, so shadow is the besy one to teach him power of chaos manipulation and become a powerhouse like he is.

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SenEDDtor Missile

Alternate Eggman headcanon:

I say alternate because I don't know how much this would apply to current canon (for whatever would constitute as canon at any rate), but basically, Eggman does not and is basically incapable of seeing the potential of his robots becoming (or being) actual people, and this is arguably tragic for himself and the sentient robots that he created, like Gamma and Omega.

All of this is born from one major aspect of Eggman's psyche and motivation: a craving for absolute adulation and attention. More specifically, adulation from other humans/anthros.

His egomaniacal genius, poor and checkered family history, and his failings as a person meant that he could never form any meaningful connections with anyone personally, and thus he not only turned to a desire for world domination, but also builds his robots in order to have a facsimile of people who would want anything to do with him. Being a genius however, he does actually create robots who turn out to be capable of developing their own sentience, and thus essentially people.

However, and here is where the tragedy for Eggman comes into play: For all of his brilliance and success at essentially creating a new sentient life in robots like Metal Sonic, Gamma, Omega, MAAAYBE Orbot and Cubot, and so forth, Eggman himself simply does not recognize them as people.

His mindset cannot accept them as people, because in his mind, years of craving the adulation of his peers has conditioned him to see any adulation from his own creations as hollow, BECAUSE they're his creations. After all, how authentic can their adulation possible be if HE's the one who programmed them, at least in his mind. As a result, even if they demonstrate sentience, he cannot accept any adulation except only on the most superficial level.

It's tragic for him and his creations, because in many ways he has the ability to create the family who will give him companionship and friends and all the adulation he could ever want, but his own warped psyche can never accept anything except flesh and blood peers for the attention he craves.

For his creations, it means that no matter what they do, they'll never get any true love or value from their creator because he does not see them as anything except disposable fodder at worst, and at best his favorite shiny toy at best.

Omega can never gain any respect/be seen as the mightiest of Eggman's machines because Eggman does not respect Omega on any level. All he sees is a robot who does not obey him absolutely that needs to be destroyed or forcefully removed.

Gamma's contributions in the past gained Eggman's favor, but he is now essentially forgotten.

Orbot and Cubot can help and enable him all they want, but they'll never be seen as anything except nuisances regardless of how helpful they are.

Metal Sonic might be one of Eggman's most prized weapons of war, but that favor can easily turn against Metal if he ever betrays him, and Eggman's favor is mercurial even at the best of times.

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Sonic used to be a lot more arrogant and egotistical before softening up to become what he is today. (Think Lightning McQueen from Cars)

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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007) shows us Eggman is capable of powering up with a Chaos Emerald directly, in the Dream Race event.

Using it makes him shiny, really fast, and invincible for a brief period - i.e., exactly the same effect as when a non-hedgehog character like Tails or Knuckles goes super. They don't get the full golden treatment like Sonic does, but all those other things do happen.

Though being just one Emerald instead of the whole set, it fizzles out really quickly. 

Anyway, what I'm saying is M&S 2007 has Super Eggman.

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Eggman has a niece who looks just like his late cousin Maria. And much like Hope Kintobor from the Pre-Reboot Archie Sonic comics, she's the only living member of the Robotnik family who ISN'T an evil maniac.

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Shadow is immortal (in terms of protecting himself from aging anyway) and exists in the future with Silver, but Silver doesn't tell present Shadow that. That's because the world, including Silver (reluctantly) is going against him, just like Mephiles said.

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A thought to solve the Blaze/Silver/Eggman Nega conundrum.

What if the “alternate dimension” is just the future? Like, if you jumped through a portal to some super different-looking earth you might mistakenly believe you went to a parallel universe too. But actually, it was just time travel!

This allows Blaze to exist in the future in 06, and allows Eggman Nega to be Eggman’s descendant without contradicting the Rush games.

Also something happened to the Chaos Emeralds in that 200 year gap, I guess.

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The name of Guardian (from Sonic At The Olympic Games for iOS) is an acronym, standing for


Gather Ultimate Athletic Data Infuse Activate & Nullify. This makes the name sound less generic and random, and describes its power to copy the talent of the best athletes and weaponize it.


The “monster” machine from Team Sonic Racing is also an acronym; standing for;

Massive Offroad Nightmare Speeding Terrain Elimination Robot

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I have a decent amount of Headcanons regarding Silver's Future

In 200 years, Shadow is the current G.U.N Commander, along with being Silver's grandfather. Shadow's son/Silver's father resembles Silver's golden chested concept art and goes by the name Venice. 

E-123 Omega and Commander Shadow are still friends even with Rouge being long gone, though Shadow still checks up on her descendants every few years. Her descendants know little about him aside from the fact that he knew Rouge, and he never elaborates beyond telling them how they remind him of her. Her youngest descendant is a reporter named Nails.

Gemerl is still alive in Future Earth, though he's stood by Cream's grave for over a century. He's covered in vines and dirt, but hasn't shut offline due to a solar generator inside him. Shadow sometimes sends down a mechanic or two to make sure he's okay.

Instead of accepting a normal afterlife, Sonic's soul bounces across the multiverse like a beam of light, with him finding new people and places for eternity.

Knuckles died still guarding the Master Emerald, never failing his mission even after losing a lot of friends. By the time he died, the only ones that were aware of his passing and able to grieve it were Tikal and Chaos. Without a guardian, the Emerald reincarnated Knuckles as it's new physical form, He essentially evolves into Chaos Knuckles/Enerjak as a result of becoming a living Master Emerald. With that, he's relieved of his role of guardian, and is free to leave, though his power makes him a target to the evils of Silver's time.

Eggman Nega was originally an ambitious young man who spent his life attempting to redeem his family name. Decades of being blamed for his ancestor's actions pushed him further from society until he became the villain people treated him as. Silver even interned at his company, Negacorp, before it was bought out by Prower Technologies.

Metal Sonic went dark after Eggman's (peaceful) death, but the people in towns and cities near ruined Eggman bases will occasionally report sightings of a "metal blue hedgehog", with little evidence beyond grainy, blurry pictures. Metal still lives, but he blocks out the outside world and replays all of his positive memories of Eggman, the empire, and even fighting Sonic on loop, as they were the only times in his life where he felt he had a place.

Orbot and Cubot started a podcast and are also well known celebrities.


I like these ideas enough that I plan on putting it in my own animations in the future.

I also have a few none-future themed ones:

Sonic Chronicles is canon, and fits into the universe somewhere. Maybe before Forces?

Dodanpa from TSR was actually Infinite, and the race courses were nothing more than elaborate illusions intended to keep Sonic distracted while the Eggman Empire recovers after their massive losses from the Eggman War.

Shadow "died" in SA2 because he took off his Inhibitor rings to save the Earth.

Manic exists in the Game canon, but his portrayal is closer to how he was shown in Sonic Revved Up.


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