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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Wii ISsue


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DISCLAIMER: I don't want any negative comments on here (i.e "oh it's a cruddy game", etc.) I just want a fix.


So I first bought the game on my Wii a few years ago, I started on the first slot: no issue. However, when my sister played it, it had a weird issue. She'll finish "Splash Hill Zone Act 2" and then hit the 'A' button to take her to the next act. But instead, it takes her to the next zone, "Casino Street Zone: Act 3". Here's the video (sorry for the close-ups and such; I couldn't find anything to my "NINTENDO 3DS" camera so I recorded it single-highhandedly). I just recorded it today:



Thank you and please no snarky remarks.


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But on the bright side, it means less Sonic 4 for her to play through, and that should be a special selling point for the Wii edition of the game.

Alright, being serious though, have you tried these things?

-Finished Casino Night Act 3 after it's done this (It will let us know when you go back to the level select if Splash Hill Act 3 unlocked or not)

-Have you tested it multiple times to ensure it wasn't a one off glitch?

-Have you tried a new save file?

-Is it occurring on any other zones? (For example, after beating Casino Night Act 2, are you taken to Splash Hill Act 3?)

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I actually have recorded footage of playing through "Splash Hill Zone" act 1 and it takes me to "Casino Street Zone" act 3. I'm trying on the PC version (I have so many copies of that game). Yes I backed up my old game data before I overwrote it.

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Yeah what Sonikko said. Unlike the classics Sonic 4 Ep1 (and Ep2) allows you to more-or-less play the stages in any order before taking on the final boss in Egg Station.

So, if you already beat the acts in Splash Hill and Casino Street Acts 1&2, then go back to the title screen and select a different stage (in your case it was Splash Hill act2) and beat it, the game will then automatically load the next unplayed stage in the sequence of a "normal playthrough". A normal playthrough is playing the entire game without going back to the title screen; all Splash Hill acts, then Casino Street, Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear followed by Egg Station.

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