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Sonic Adventure Concert

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14 hours ago, Chris Knopps said:

"Sonic Adventure"



That is my mindset. Compare the Sonic Colors-Today games to those from SA-Unleashed, we have what is essentially a completely different franchise compared to back then. Whereas the Genesis games have seen continued support, even getting Sonic 4, most of the franchise from SA-Unleashed is pretty much nonexistent now, the only thing keeping them in peoples minds is the CONSTANT reappearance of the ever aging Crush40 and the ever repetitive SA/SA2 music they perform at pretty much every appearance.

We have orchestrated music and a cartoony/quirky franchise, it's not the rock/punk franchise of yesterday, thus it's irrelevant content that only sticks around for fan service which really should have grown old on fans years ago.

That's not to say the current franchise is horrid, it's just to say what we see here, what they play, is irrelevant.

I expect orchestras and such, not "Crush40 appearance 1000", and being honest, orchestras would provide a much more pizazz kind of Sonic experience to me.

Fan service? At events for Sonic fans?! Someone call the cops!



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22 minutes ago, Nepenthe said:

Know that we do have rules here about posting fake logos and things in order to purposefully trick people into thinking they're actually real Sega games. So yeah, don't do that. =/

That logo is probably the most used one in SA3 topics and videos, I've seen it all around the Internet. I think most people already know it's fan made, so hardly anyone would think it's some kind of teaser. But yeah, the point still stands.

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37 minutes ago, Nepenthe said:

I didn't know about that logo, hence why I asked about the source.

I know, I just thought it's used widely enough to be recognized as a joke in that context. Then again, I do watch and read more SA3 related content than most people so I also see it more often.

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Not a big fan of the Classic Sonic SA design but I DO wish they would have kept Eggman's concept design which heavily emphasized his original design. I don't care much for his current outfit, especially since now he looks more like his classic self and would look better in said outfit instead.

And EdgytheHedgie...

That reminds me of Paper Mario : Color Splash

The moment fans saw that giant fan rising, the rage began...

I picture Sonic Adventure 3 being EXACTLY like the Color Splash reveal...


Or Zelda : Wind Waker in which the question pops up...

"Why aren't they applauding?"

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So some girl who got a CD at the event uploaded all 5 tracks on YouTube

"Regrets it" and takes down

People preserve the tracks because why the hell not ? (Bloody great) and she's on a rampage to take every video down it seems. (These tweets are deleted... I wonder why?)


Kinda silly IMO. The minute you upload something for Sonic fans, THEY WILL RIP THE CONTENTS for themselves of something that won't be easy to obtain later either seeing it is an event only thing.

Now if this was me I would upload the files in FLAC/MP3 and share with the whole fanbase who can't even get the CD for obvious reasons. Not hoard it to myself and be selfish by getting my friends and followers to report and dislike other videos that host the music. Pathetic. 

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