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Sonic Cast as casts from other franchises

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I wouldn't be surprised if topic like this already existed, but I'm too lazy to check.

Basic idea: If Sonic characters were actors and tried to play role in other games/cartoons/comic/whatever, where would you see them? For example I think that Sonic and his friends would work greatly in... Metal Gear.

Snake: Sonic (a cool main hero, Sonic Snake)

Big Boss: Shadow (I considered Eggman, due to "Outer Eggmanland" and stuff, but cloning part fits more. Plus "Ultimate Soldier" idea)

The Boss: Maria (Astronaut that saw Earth united, with emotional contact with Shadow Snake? Perfect)

Major Zero: Gerald (Shadow's friend that became his enemy due to conflict over Boss/Maria wish? Perfect-er)

Liquid Snake: Metal Sonic (clone, wanting to prove his superiority)

Ocelot: Eggman (cunning old man, loves guns and being a bit goofy)

Otacon: Tails (obviously)

Grey Fox: Knuckles (I considered Tails for pun or Espio as ninja, but Friend/Rival theme works better with Knuckles)

Metal Gear REX: Omega (I can imagine how exited he would be for this role)

Metal Gear RAY: Chaos (Water based. Due to his shape shifting he could be every Gear, but RAY and REX have to fight each other)

Raiden: Silver (new hero, naive and being manipulated)

Solidus: Mephiles (I considered Nega, but Mephiles is Silver Raiden's enemy and Shadow Snake's perfect clone)

Eva: Rouge (double crossing spy with sex appeal)

Meryl: Amy (Young soldier, looking up to her hero, has feels for him, but he's too... busy with saving the world, Yeah, that.)

I could go a bit longer, but those are main characters and the ones I found the best counterpart, later ideas are a bit fuzzy (Cream as Paz? Yeah, maybe if we ignore some later scenes. Although I think there is comedy gold in using Deadly Six as Beauty and the Beasts: Hungry Hippo, Emo Owl, bunch of loud jerks with petty origin stories).

So what you guys think? Any of your ideas?

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