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Why does the Sonic Fandom get such a bad reputation?


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The Dork Knight

As a Sonic fan, i get mocked by my friends all the time.

"Why do you have so many drawings of tails?" "Ugh, i can't belive you actually like Amy!" "Enough about the Movie's characterization of Sonic!" "Enough about the Movie's redesign!" 

Well, most of those came from my Frenemy. we hate each other equally, but she's friends with most of my other friends so i can't ditch her. it's complicated. though to be fair, i do drive everyone into insanity sometimes. but really, i don't think i'm too bad of a fan. i binge cartoons, draw way too much fanart, and obssesed over the movie (After the redesign). one time at school during study hall, i let my friend borrow my computer so he could check something on his youtube channel. a few minutes later, he asks, "Why is everything in your search history related to Sonic?"  And let's not forget the time i accidentally turned in a drawing of green hill zone for my bio assignment. that was fun. I'm a little crazy, but we all are for something. don't mock People's fandoms, because "That's no good". I'm Obssesed and proud! now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go watch a few episodes of Sonic Boom. (Actually a really good show, ignore the games.) Gotta go fast!

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I've been an active participant in the online Sonic fanbase since 2003, and I can say with complete confidence that the Sonic fanbase is not worse than any other fanbase in any way. So regardless of how the image of the fanbase as being terrible developed, it has no basis in reality.

Out of all the fanbases that I've been a part of, I would say that the only one that actually sticks out is The Simpsons' fanbase, as it is by far the most negative minded fanbase I've ever known. Nearly every Simpsons fan hates everything about the modern Simpsons episodes, much more so than most Sonic fans hates the modern Sonic games.

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Probably because it's a big fan base that's notably long lived, having a number of bad games or otherwise moments that are seen as embarassing, and is notably varied to the point of being conflicted within itself at a near exponential level.

Add in other trappings of fanbases and sometimes even singular fans and there you go.

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I....dont care how we are perceived by the masses whatsoever. I care about the content coming out of this franchise, that is it. People can talk as much crap as they want, it has zero effect on how I spend my dollars or time. And it shouldn't any of you. What matters is what you like and if franchise you patron supports what you like.

I care about reviews and perception of the games to a degree because perception affects sales, and sales affects budgets for Sonic games. But I dont care how someone thinks about me as a fan, that is ridiculous. Who are they to tell me what to care for and how I should spend my time?


That doesnt mean I dont want to be a civil fan. I do. At the end of the day though, my fandom has nothing to do with anybody else, it's a relationship between me and SEGA. I care what SEGA thinks about me and how often they do. And so should you! ;) and likewise SEGA should (does) care about what I think of them and their games and products.

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