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Ricardo Raionhardt

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG EVOLUTION - Unreal Engine 4 fangame

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Hey people on TSMB. As some may know, I had a project called Hedgehog Development Kit, a framework to create Sonic games on Unreal Engine 4. Well, what for? For power my and some friends games. So, after 1 year of continuous work almost everyday, the engine got great, with slope physics, loop gravity, and virtually all Sonic Skills, from Insta Shield and Spin Dash to Light Attack and Light Dash, since the development is done, finally I can post my project,Sonic Evolution.

Sonic Evolution started in 2014, but the ideas that made the game was been in making since 2012 when I used UDK, but UE4 is million times better. My dedication to the project is daily, and since I work in home, I can really put a lot of time on in, while not negleting other important stuff. I also receive colaboration of skilled friends who are professional in what they do, like a musician, architect and engineer (the programmer who works with me on the HDK). So I really focus on quality beyond everything.

Since I have documented organizatelly all info about the game, I will provide links here to each thing of the game that normally goes in a post, support by liking, subscribing in the channel or even Patreon is highly appreciated, although right now I believe sharing the work is the most important thing. 

All the game info on the game site, which is: http://www.chaosforc.../sonicevolution
Game Development Log: www.facebook.com/chaosforcestudio

Also I made a guide explaining the game mechanics and moveset of both characters, and the reason behind these choices, that are very focused in classic gameplay and level design applied in 2.5d and 3d:http://chaosforcestu...cf2192cec0605d2

And the first teaser:

And since I didn't made a topic about the Hedgehog Development Kit, here is the last video, everything new is on the video description:


And that's that.

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