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Spider-Man (PS4, PS5, PC) - PC VERSION COMING AUGUST 12TH 2022 - The Amazingly Spectacular Spidey game you've been waiting for


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Outside of the amazingly fluid animation, momentum, and movement, (the parkour through the cafe wasn't scripted at all holy cow) there's two things that Immidiately stand out about this game to me:

One, is that Spiderman has a huge variety of moves to combat enemies with, and looks to be incredibly emergent if you rush headlong into battle, but more than that, how many of those options have to do with the environment. We've all known about the radiator/brick move, but halfway through the demo the player fires a web behind some baddies, and takes a beam in the environment that, by all rights, should be completely stationary, and swings it around to take them out.

One of the coolest aspects of Spider Man's fighting style, imo, is the way he thinks on his feet with his environment and moveset, using any means he can think of to experiment, and take down enemies in the most efficient, or downright fun way. And although detective vision does pop up when he's standing still in one area, unfortunately, everything else seems to be denoted as interactive by a low contrast L2 promt while on the fly, so spotting and acting should be closer to how it "feels" to be Spiderman in combat with that in mind, hopefully.


And secondly, if Minibosses are even a fourth as frequent as the one in this demo, that'd be the absolute best thing ever. The other cool thing about Spiderman's fighting style, is that he thinks on his feet... And he can't do that unless he gets up and runs at his enemies full force. When in any good cartoon or comic, Spiderman knows absolutely nothing about the new supervillain of the day, and what they can do, and can be overpowered by them pretty quickly if he's not careful. So in order to rectify this, he pulls out all the stops, and tests them for weaknesses, patterns, and faults right out of the gate. And when he wins, it feels good, even though you did absolutely jack squat to help him in that media.

Compare that to this miniboss, and the fact that you know absolutely nothing about how he works with how different he is from normal mooks. You charge him, you get thrown back. You manage to get a hit in when you find his weakness, but don't pay attention to his tell, and you'll get hit into the ground. Only by squaring off against him for a good minute or two do you have any idea how to beat him, and when you do, I'm betting it'll be pretty dang satisfying. Especially when you consider what they could have used in the form of typical damage sponge boss battles, as any other AAA game would do without hesitation.


I don't know for sure how the other Spiderman games have played, (only played a 3DS demo) so I dunno if any of these aspects will be particularly new, per se, but I definitely see Insomniac handling it in probably the best way there is right now... And man, I am so down for this game. The QTEs kept me a little disillusioned for a bit, not gonna lie, but that quickly faded away to the back of my head as soon as I watched the footage further. It just looks so impressive I can't even fault them for using QTEs in a game that should be as crazy as a Spiderman game.

5 hours ago, SonicWind said:

MAN. You have no idea how hyped I am.

I absolutely knew Insomniac would deliver. Looking forward to seeing more from them on this game.



And if the linear experience shown off turns out to be actually not linear at all?


Just wow

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I was kinda disappointed by this. All of those QTE. I really don't like that. I thought games were moving away from them.

The combat looks extremely Arkham-inspired. I'm not the biggest fan of that, but I guess it's alright. I did like him using stuff from the environment. As a side-note, while it did look cool, I don't really like that proximity web-shooting thing. I'm just not a fan of Spider-Man using gadgets outside of his normal web-shooters. But it's still pretty cool for a weapon in a game, I guess.

Spider-Man himself doesn't seem to be very funny. I don't think the actor delivered the jokes very well.

While I was watching, I thought the game felt very scripted, but I don't actually think it is? I think it has to do with how Spider-Man never actually takes a normal step. He's always zipping to one thing to another. I didn't like that. That's more of a complaint of the presentation, though.

The graphics are very good. Except for the costume, which is still awful.

I feel like I need to play this to be convinced of its greatness. I definitely think it can turn me around, but for now, I wasn't the biggest fan.


Call it nostalgia, but Spider-Man 2000 stays my Spidey GOAT


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Yeah, not gonna lie it disappointed me that they were still going for this Arkham style gameplay again, made my interest in it shoot down quite a bit (not that I don't like Arkham gameplay but its not what I want out of Spider-Man). I'm hoping i'm wrong on this and its just a "you have to play it to get it" kind of thing but yeah, this game really isn't doing it for me.

(at least i'll always have spider man 2).

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13 minutes ago, Ryannumber1Scarer said:

New trailer, reveals that Miles Morales will be a main character and not a cameo, and that portions will be played as Peter Parker. Also shows Shocker as a villain.

Looking good. 

I just hope they nail the gameplay.

My knowledge of the Spider-Man universe is pretty rubbish. So much so I didn't know who Miles Morales is. I've now done a bit of research.

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Haha, Peter looks like Major from iZombie.

There's a scene where it looks like MJ is playable. That's neat, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I actually want to play as her. Miles having more than just a cameo is pretty cool!

Also, those Spidey quips still aren't landing.

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1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

New trailer, shows off a lot more of the open world and web-slinging.


Thank you for posting this. So looking forward to playing the new spidey and its shaping up to be awesome!

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we also have pre-order content as well as a collectors edition on the way (no price yet)

the pre-order content consists of

  • the Spider-punk outfit and 2 other unknown skins
  • the Spider Drone gadget (its either superior spiderman or "all new all different" related Its not the homecoming drone)
  • PS4 avatar/ps4 theme
  • 5 extra Skill points (the skill point systems is back)

The collectors edition content includes

  • white spider sticker
  • a spiderman statue (it says revealing summer 2018 )
  • Custom Steel book
  • mini artbook
  • and "the city that never sleeps"  (3 post Launch Story chapters + new missions,suits & Characters)
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4 minutes ago, Jango said:

There was a trully great and fun Spidey game in 2016 that I've missed?

Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man Edge of Time (even if it dragged at points), Amazing Spider-Man 1's tie-in game is also pretty decent.

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