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Mario Party: Star Rush(3DS)

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I kinda liked Smash Tour, but, yeah, traditional Mario Party, or heck, amiibo Festival was better.

I really don't see a point in forcing you to play as Toad in one mode, you can't even be THE Toad or a cool Toad like Captain Toad or Toadsworth, just generic Toads, say what you want about New Super Mario Bros Wii and U, but they at least give you the choice to play as Mario and Luigi from the start. the only reasoning I can see for it is to not make characters with certain dice overpowered and picked a lot when using multiplayer.

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From what I know of the previous 3DS Mario Party, Island Tour, this is most likely just gonna be one of a couple of different board game modes, so it's porbably not fair to judge the whole on just this one thing.

As far as the mode itself goes, it makes sense to me.  In this mode, the different characters all have their own gimmicks that you can use strategically, and since most of the characters in Mario Party are unique individuals it makes sense to start players off with toads just to make sure everyone starts off equal.

I can't imagine they would force this limitation on the entire game.

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Not really interested in this game, since I'm not really a fan of Mario Party (I used to be a huge fan of it, even when the car system was implemented, but I got kinda bored with the series awhile ago and lost interest.), but I do want those Amiibos, mainly the Rosalina one.

Hopefully, you-know-who doesn't buy a ton of them and make them rare as fuck, like the Smash amiibo.

Also, not sure why there's a Boo amiibo, when they're only playable in one mode.

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