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Sonic's 25th: 1991 - 2016 - Here's to Another 25!


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sonic_s_25th_anniversary_2016_logo__updaWell, as of this post, it's Sonic's birthday. 25. Geez. That's like older than me.


So to start this off, how and when were you introduces to a Sonic game? For me, my brother had Sonic Classic Collection and I stole it from him and followed sonic ever since. That was in 2010. So 6 years. Not too long but it's something.


Happy 25th Sanic. #gottagofast


I'm pretty sure that the 25th game is the Sonic meets all Sega characters thingy. Source: That guy who leaked Runners.




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I could never tell exactly when it happened. See, I have quite a curious story to tell!

One day I was looking through some old photo albums and I've noticed a picture of baby me riding one of these pedal cars. I was like 3 years old or maybe even younger. Nothing out of the ordinary, but when I took a better look at the picture, I saw this very familiar logo on the car. Yep. It was a Sonic the Hedgehog pedal car. It was white, with red details, I'll scan that picture and post it here later, I couldn't find on Google. So yeah, I knew Sonic before I could actually knew what Sonic was. I think it's pretty cool! Maybe when I was old enough to understand what was Sonic, I instinctively liked it! I believe my official introduction was the SatAM cartoon, as well as some friends of mine who had Sonic on PC. My first time playing it I'm sure it was on PC. I remember I had the Sonic & Knuckles Collection. And the rest is rest! :D

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Wow, time sure has flied! It's a little sublime that I'm older than such an iconic mascot. I've told my origin story with the hedgehog many times but you don't come across milestones like these very often so once more never hurt.

Although I knew of Sonic 1, my first real exposure to the franchise was with Sonic 2. Around those times, I'd chalk up video games to nothing more than "boy things" that didn't concern me. My brother would often beg me to play games with him (even more so when we learned 2 controllers let you play as Tails too) but I was pretty adamant that I didn't want to play those things. Despite this, I always enjoyed watching him play the games themselves. It's funny when I remember it. I feel like watching the game play out was like a movie so to my childish psyche that somehow made it less "boyish" and ok. Child psychology is very weird sometimes.

Anyway, although I put up a good front, when I said I didn't want to play "boy things," that was my tsun way of pretending I didn't care but I cared immensely. Whenever he was away at a friend's house or I was somehow at home without him, I'd take the opportunity to secretly hook up the console of my choice and play the game I wanted. And it was amazing fun! I have no idea why I treated it like such taboo but this phase lasted for a few years. Of course, I was pretty terrible at the things. It was frustrating. I remember a moment where I got so frustrated with a Donkey Kong Country level that I asked my mom for help. We both struggled together but she used this against me. When I became dependent on video game help from her, she told me to ask my brother. And of course I couldn't do that. That would be admitting that I liked the things this whole time! It would hurt my pride! But eventually I gave in because I really wanted to get to the end of the games by myself (or at least, with my own hands on the controller). So I broke the news to him and we had a blast! He helped me beat one of my favorites games and a very hard Barbie game (seriously, old skool everything was difficult at that time). Years later while browsing the internets, we learned about the infamous barrel in Sonic 3. Never understood this. I think it took us a few minutes tops but it was never mind numbingly difficult to get past.

Despite relishing my growing gaming skills due to his help, I never became more than a casual video game fan (or Sonic fan) until Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GCN. I'd like to think this was my peak of getting into the fandom. It was strange because the original release never really interested me, yet this one did. I think it was because the new redesign Sonic went through was off putting. I remember my dad thought Sonic became evil when he saw that grin on an ad. By the GCN I guess I got used to it. *shrug*

At this point, I had to find out everything about Sonic. I scoured the internets, I joined communities, I chatted on AIM. It was a great time to be alive with all those message boards.

And it was a good run. I've mellowed out a lot in regards to Sonic in recent years. I'm still a fan but I've reverted back to casual fan. The most recent game besides Generations I played was Sonic Colors, and I found it to be mediocre at best. I've never played Lost World. I played Sonic Boom for the Wii U but I mostly laughed at how hilariously bad it was falling through platforms. I guess I should give them a chance some day but video game backlog is a real problem nowadays.

Here's to another 25 years! Just not too soon. That'd make me feel old. :B

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Well, I don't remember exactly when it happened , I think back when I was like 5 . First of I want to start by saying I did had a mega drive back then. But I didn't had many gamesthe only one I remember and still own is a bootleg power rangers game. Eventually the megadrive broke and no, I didn't even herd of sonic until that happened. Eventualy my older brother was browsing through the internet and he learned about this thing caled "emulators" (don't hate) he evantually started using them to download all of this games that I never herd of (I live in israel) but really fell in love with and he eventually taught me how to use them .And of course my life changed when he downloaded Gens emulator and I walked in to the room while I sew him playing a game with a blue hedgehog on the screen, sonic's design was just so apealing to me, I though he looked awesome (and I still do) and when I asked my brother "who is that" and he simply responded "it's sonic" the name just ringed in my head in that moment, it sounded so cool  I imidietly relised it had to do with speed. It was just such an epic moment to discover sonic and I was playing those sonic games ever since.

And yes, I still use Gens emulator until this day even tho Kega Fusion is a thing simply for that reason

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Well, it's the 23rd here so... happy birthday, Sonic!


It doesn´t look like it, but I still love Sonic. It's just...mega man took over everything haha. But I still like it despite such disasters as Boom or Sonic 06. Heck, I liked Sonic 06. I even like games like Labyrinth or Flickies. Aanyway, while it wasn't a part of my childhood (my first game was Sonic Advance 2 at the age of fourteen), I still have fun memories of it. I liked Advance 2 so much that I bought Mega Collection Plus, which was my first introduction to the classics. And then I bought Adventure, which was my first step into the modern era. And the rest is history. Sadly, my interest for Sonic has gone a little bit since then (my last game was Sonic Generations, or Flickies if you count the SSMB 52  game challenge) thanks megaman, but still looking forward to this new game Sega is taking so long to announce. So,thanks for the memories, and here's hoping for new games! at least you are getting more games

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Holy crap, 25 GODDAMN YEARS! Yesterday, it was the birthday of my favorite Tamil movie actor (will make a post about him on my personal topic) and now I have today to celebrate Sonic's 25 years of a rollercoaster of emotions.

I've gotta say, this year has probably the most active I've been in the community. I've gotten to know and been part of some major parts, like getting to know @SSF1991 or being on the Opinion Zone to defeat the guy mentioned (and totally dunked him so hard but I gave him HunieCam Studios so he'll be fine XD) but yeah, I've really been up and around the community (granted, it came with some bad experiences but that is to be expected when you deal with a messy franchise like Sonic).

But enough of that, how I gotten to know Sonic?

Well, ever heard of this flash game called Ultimate Flash Sonic? You know that one game made to celebrate Advance 2's release, yeah that was my first experience with Sonic. I might've played a couple more Sonic flash games but the rest of those are just the cringy and edgy Sonic RPGs that either had Mega Man X or NiGHTS for some reason, so we can leave those aside. So I got a PSP and I wanted to get a Sonic game for it, fortunately there was: the Rivals series sadly (or I guess gladly), I got Rivals 2 instead. And I enjoyed it, though I never did manage to beat it (until like a year later lol) but I had fun.

It was Unleashed on the PS2 that solidified my stance on being a fan. Just that opening sold me over, it was literally the best thing I'v ever seen in my life. And it was history after that, I still really love the series to this very day. Whether it's the Classic Genesis games, the fun but very aged Adventure games or the pretty decent and fun Modern games to stuff like the Boom cartoon, the OVA and the Archie Comics. There's always something I can enjoy in the most crummy of things and I'm not going to pretend that the series is a complete hot mess but dammit, it sure is a very enjoyable hot mess!

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Happy birthday Sonic! We're about the same age, you and I. Yeah, being a teenager sucked, and our early twenties weren't exactly the smoothest ride, but the future's bright. 

Sonic 2 was the first game I ever played, but I'm unsure whether it was on Megadrive or Sonic Jam (yeah we had a Saturn, and yes I am unreasonably nostalgic for Nights and Sonic R). But those games were like crack to a 4 year old, and I'm sure that my unreasonable Sonic obsession is why my parents kept the Saturn after we got the PS1. 

Then Sonic Adventure came out and I lost my freakin mind. It's amazing going back to it and seeing how... small some of it is, I literally thought that jungle in Mystic Ruins was huge. Turns out I just sucked. But I was hardcore Sonic trash then. and I got every mainline game up until I went to Uni and couldn't buy a console. That includes Sonic 06, which I weirdly can't remember having a problem with at all when it came out.  

Generations got me back on the bus, and that sent me playing Unleashed and Colours which were massive surprises. But it all comes back to playing Sonic 2. I hear the opening fanfare to Emerald Hill Zone and it's like walking down the street where you grew up. 

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I got to know Sonic via my older brother, who liked the Megadrive Sonic games when he played them in the 90's. He showed them to me in the early 2000's, when I was just 4-5 years old, and I liked them too, though I couldn't handle many of the later, harder stages :P

I then rediscovered the Sonic series when I first got Internet at home, around 2006, and have been a Sonic fan ever since!


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I wish I could say that time has flown fast for me, but I've only been in the fandom for over a year, so I'm more of a recent fan to the franchise.

But, to be perfectly honest, I'm not too sure exactly how I got into the Sonic franchise, or came to love it so. I remember getting bored of playing Resident Evil 6, as my friends had moved on to PS4, which I couldn't afford at the time. I decided to search up Sonic stuff, since I was familiar with the current voice actors, but I wanted to go back to the classic stuff. But, since I didn't have any money, I decided to watch all of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog within about three or so days and well, it was interesting to say the least.

Started on Sonic X, got 20 episodes in and got switch off and away from Sonic for around two months. I tend got a-hold of the series with a new found passion. Classic Rooftop Run's music. I loved it so goddamn much and need to play Generations for myself. I told mum my plan, bought a PSN card and got Generations back in November of 2014 and got further into the franchise from there.

Sadly, I don't have the nostalgia like anyone else, because I had little to no interaction with Sonic in my childhood.

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25 years. That is a long time for anything and honestly surprised that despite all the bad things that happened, the series is still able to survive and having people talking about it whether the good or the bad. Just hope Sega has listened and making quality or at least decent Sonic games from this point.

How I got to know Sonic? Well to be honest, I don't have a clear memory of how I first saw the blue hedgehog even though I am older than him. Since I originally wanted a Saturn but got a Mega Drive as my first console, it shows that I was at least aware of him before playing (it was when Sonic Jam came out) so chances are that my first exposure of Sonic was Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. A cartoon that is still one of my favourites to this day even with its problems. It was on TCC and vaguely remember watching that and SatAM, do remember that I watched the Sonic and Sally episode though.

Anyway I got my Mega Drive with the Mega 6 cart (that also has Sega Soccer, Columns, Super Monaco GP, Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage) and really enjoyed the game. Sonic 1 is either my first ever game or my second, it depends on whether I really played World Rally in the arcades. To this day, the PAL speed of Sonic 1 gives me memories like no other game. The like of Sonic 1 caused me to get Sonic 2, Sonic & Knuckles (the only new Sonic game that I could get until Sonic Advance), Sonic 3, Sonic Spinball as well as a Game Gear that had Sonic Triple Trouble on in a Chinese multicart. Apart from Sonic 3, I really enjoyed the games and became a fan of the blue hedgehog. Even my mum played on Sonic 1 and Triple Trouble while I was at school! I never managed to play Sonic 3D until the PC release though. My mum bought me a AoSTH tape that I watched plenty of times. I also got a few issues of Sonic the Comic and really liked them, remembering Robotnik Rules Supreme being my favourite story. Jumped in on Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, the latter a launch title on the Gamecube and having a PC for the first time meant that I could play Sonic 3D and Sonic R both were budget releases.

If it wasn't for Sonic that developed my hobby, I wouldn't have been playing games at all. I'm not even sure what I would have done to be honest...

My interest on Sonic however started to flip flop from the early 2000s when I was disappointed by Sonic Heroes after getting it on launch (when you're a teenager and know somethings wrong with a game is not a good sign even though it had good reviews) and when I first saw a display stand of Shadow the Hedgehog, I thought that's not Sonic and realised that the series was going downhill (noticed from Sonic Adventure 2 but Heroes and then seeing Shadow was sealing the deal, yes before Sonic 06). In those days internet access was still limited for me but started getting broadband at the time so was more aware and followed the scene. Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta, seeing beta stuff on the Cult, Sonic Classic and remembering a certain event, Sonic HQ and their bias against AoSTH and pro Archie for some reason, Sonic Vegemite that also became one of my first communities (Vegemite and SSMB are the only Sonic places I've joined) and Sonic Anime when people talked about Sonic X that I wasn't keen on. AoSTH was back on TV and recorded nearly every episode, first on tape then DVD. So for a few years, my interest was mainly elsewhere still there was a bit of Sonic passion left. Even got given a Master System with Sonic 1 and bought Sonic 2 as well. Then something happened in 2006, my interest in Sonic really dropped to the point of just getting the handheld games but at least enjoyed them and to make matters worse, I was really bitter with the PS2 that it put me off consoles and survived for 6 years just on the DS and later on the PSP. Sonic Gems Collection was my last Sonic console game (ironically on the PS2, just based on incorrect info about having the JP soundtrack) and that was mainly to play Sonic the Fighters. It wasn't a complete drop out though, after all I did buy both the DVD box sets of AoSTH and SatAM plus Youtube poop meant that at least Sonic related entertainment was churned out. Even then went off Youtube poop but that is for another day. I also managed to sprite rip some Sonic games even though I am not very good at it.

Fast forward to 2012. Sonic Generations was the game that not only got me back as a Sonic fan but also redeveloped my passion with games on the PS3. Actually thanks to the enjoyment of Sonic Generations, it meant that I went back and got Sonic Colours, Sonic Unleashed and even looked forward to Sonic Lost World that I did enjoy but recognised its flaws. Also got Sonic Riders on the Xbox during my Xbox buying spree and Sonic 4 but the less said about that... Thanks to the modern Sonic games, it shows that the modern design isn't bad and liked him just as much as Classic Sonic that gives me a glit in my eyes. Yes, seeing Classic Sonic just reminds me of the olden days when things were different compared to now. The passion was enough to join here even though I haven't said much. Also the passion actually caused me to finish my childhood Sonic games that I struggled with; finished Sonic 1 for a community event here, finished Sonic 2, finished Sonic 3 last year and finished Sonic & Knuckles on Monday. Just Sonic Spinball left.

I am still weary of being a Sonic fan; just because of 06, Sonic Boom and some of the fans out there that makes it have a bad image. So I am more of a casual fan than a diehard but I just like that hedgehog.

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Sonic!

it's hard to believe that 25 years have passed already. I still remember when I first discovered Sonic 1 while I was in daycare when they rennkvated the room and got a new Sega Genesis. Instantly fell in love with the games and have been a fan since. 

While the recent games have been a disappointment, there's no denying the impact the franchise has had overall and if it wasn't for Somic, I wouldn't have met so many great that I know today, some whom I've known for over 10 years!

I'll be celebrating by playing a round of the classic games and watching some episodes of the cartoons when I get home tonight.

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My history with Sonic's been a little weird:

My first major exposure to the hedgehog was with two games. One being Sonic & Knuckles on the PC, and the other was Sonic Heroes... on the PS2. Unfortunately, I never got a GameCube or Xbox when they were the current console generation, so any future Sonic games I got when they came out (Gems Collection, Shadow, and Unleashed mainly) were on PS2. At least it meant I wasn't exposed to Sonic '06 at launch...

Since then, I've been a little on-and-off with the franchise. I enjoyed Unleashed enough, and I watched both AoSTH and Sonic X when they were on TV, but I barely heard about Sonic Colours (or Sonic 4) when they came out. I eventually got an Xbox 360 to play some of the games I missed before such as Unleashed HD, All-Stars Racing... and yes, even '06. (I still have my copy signed by Iizuka himself and the guys from Sumo Digital. Still can't believe they agreed to sign it...)

So, about this time last year was when I really got invested into the francise, both because of Sonic Generations coming out that year, and my brother introducing me to the Archie comic series, which I'm still mostly enjoying to this day (though my brother dropped it shortly after the reboot). Since then, however, I haven't really played anything new from the franchise outside of All-Stars Transformed, Sonic 4 and Runners. Partly because I don't own a Wii-U, but also because the most recent games (Lost World and especially Boom) haven't really given me much incentive to buy them.

As of now, I'm mostly just reading the comics and occasionally going back to watch an episode of Sonic Boom (which I think is an okay show). I'm hoping that whatever Sonic Team are hiding up their sleeves is enough to get me truly invested in buying their next game. Well, once I get a new console too.

Anyway, happy anniversary Sonic!

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Man, can't believe it's been 25 years since this little blue guy entered the hearts of millions.

Sonic has shaped my childhood, my interests, everything. I wouldn't remotely be the person I am today without this hedgehog. It's things like that which makes the Sonic franchise more than just a simple game series to me.

I remember being a little kid, tuning into the Fox Box just to watch Sonic X. I remember asking my parents for a Sonic game after I got my first home console, the XBOX. That's where they got me Sonic Heroes. And after that, I bought every Sonic game I can and enjoyed the living crap out of them. I remember being a little kid hyped for Sonic 06. Hell, my most nostalgic memories come from playing that game. Me and my sisters fooled around so much in the multiplayer mode. Must be why I have a fondness for that game despite the reputation.

I remember going to Canada's Wonderland every summer, playing those midway games just to score Sonic plushies and hats. I remember one day at school, during recess, I just wore a Sonic hat and ran around the place.

Sonic was what inspired me to draw and write, Sonic is what made me love music, Sonic introduced me to this very site and I made so many friends here.

Yeah, Unleashed came around and made me leave the franchise due to my fear of Werewolves, but I remember rediscovering the franchise years later and I never turned back.

Here's to even more years of great memories, Sonic The Hedgehog. You may not be a perfect franchise, but you remain my favorite. Above Skylanders, above LEGO, above Star Wars, above Doctor Who, above it all.

Happy 25th anniversary!


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Oh well I guess I'd better say something about Sonic or whatever his name is. I believe he's that red plumber guy, that has a big blue friend, and has that robot sidekick, right?

Alright let's get serious

It's been a very weird ride in terms of Sonic for me. When I was young, I liked a few of the games, but I wouldn't call myself a massive fan or anything. We should start from the beginning I suppose, and something I should probably get out of the way. Sonic Heroes was my very first Sonic game, when I was really young. To drive the point home, it was the PS2 version of Heroes.


Assuming you sticked around after hearing that point, yes Heroes was my first game, and I have great memories of the following:

  • Clearing story mode once with Team Sonic and Team Rose (No fucking idea how I pulled it off with Sonic)
  • I loved Seaside Hill and Grand Metropolis 
  • Casino Highway's bottomless pits and pinball levels were the bane of my existence
  • I couldn't beat Sonic's story again because of a glitch in Rail Canyon that caused me to keep falling off the rails when going up a loop.
  • I'm nearly sure Chaotix and Dark shared the same fate as Team Sonic above

So yeah, fun times amirite? Well in something that might not piss off every single person present here, my very next Sonic game was Mega Collection Plus, and I still own that very same copy I got when I was young, and it was near release. Case is broken up a bit (Specifically, the parts for holding the manual) and the disc has a few scratches, but it's in complete working order, and I still play it anytime I'm up for S3&K. It's honestly my preferred method of playing the older Sonic titles. With that said, the Genesis titles still proceeded to kick my ass time and time again (I've gotten beaten all of them now though). I think I might have gotten to Sonic 2's flying stage with Tails and getting a game over from there when I was young.

What was my next Sonic game?




Now? Well I replayed the game about a year or two ago, and did all ten endings, and got the final story of the game, and eh. Like the gameplay is meh, the music is kind of drab outside of a few tracks, the visuals are honestly the worse 3D graphics in a mainline title IMO, and the constant attempts at being all edgey and dark are unbelievably laughable. 

Thankfully, I did get one of the best 2D Sonic games, and one of my personal favourite titles that year.


I have so many good memories with this game, you wouldn't believe. First off, it's the first 2D Sonic game my younger self managed to complete, and on top of that, a few years after it's release, around 2008 I think, I beat the game 100% with all emeralds (Chaos, and Sol). Love more or less everything about this game, the gameplay, the music, the graphics, and the fact it introduced one of my favourite Sonic characters: Blaze. Only real major complaints I have to be honest is the level design, and special stages.

After that, there isn't much to talk about, unless we want this post to extend into the far reaches of space (Something I don't have time to do right now lol), so I'll just end with I later became a Sonic fan, played most of the games, watched most of the shows (I did watch Sonic X (which was airing on Jetix), as well as SatAM and AoSTH (Both were airing on Pop!  during the time I played Shadow/Rush), and have become a massive fan of the comics. 

Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic, and please. Don't open the door, no matter how much Knuckles Knock Knocks

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My first exposure to the series? I think it was that Ultimate Flash Sonic, or something like that. It was the most popular game in my class :D. After that there was Sonic Unleashed for Mobile. That was fun little game. But THE game that made me a Sonic fan was Generations. I got it for Christmas of 2011, because one polish letsplayer (JJay Joker) was playing it at the moment. And then, at a credits I knew, I want to experience more. I bought Sonic Mega Colection, played through Sonic 1, 2 (I never had a mood for 3 & Knuckles). And one week later, I got Sonic Adventure DX CD-ROM. And I had a blast with it. I even liked (like) Big the Cat. At that moment I knew that I am a fan. I tried to find Sonic X with polish dub. When I got X360, I experienced SA2 Battle, Sonic CD, Unleashed and both All-Star Racing (I love Transformed). Then was Sonic Heroes CD-ROM (not recomending) Sonic 4 Episodes 1&2 for Steam, and, well, here I am :) Trying to get Archie's Sonic the Hedghog Vol.1 (Worlds Collide was great) and waiting for a new Sonic game. For me this year is a fifth anniversarery as Sonic fan. And I want to be here, in fanbase, for another 5 years. And another, and another etc. No matter how much salty we can be sometimes, we are family. One, big, pathological, family. And I don't want to be anywhere else. Happy Bithday Sonic The Hedgehog. Happy Birthday Sonic's fanbase.  

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My journey with the hedgehog began around the year 2000, with the Sega Smash Pack on Dreamcast. Every time I booted it up,I would play one of three games: Streets of Rage 2, Virtua Cop 2, and Sonic 1. I loved it to death, but only ever beat Green Hill Robotnik once (I was 5 and my motor skills kinda sucked shut up). So I would just play Green Hill over and over again. But I was happy.

After I stopped playing with my Dreamcast I kinda forgot about Sonic for a while, playing other games instead. During that time, the only Sonic game I played was a copy of Sonic Riders (which wasn't good) I borrowed from my cousin.

After that, I saw a copy of Sonic Mega Collection+ for the PS2 in a store and thought "Hey, I remember that game. I want it." And so I got my mom to buy it for me. I was 12 then, and was surprised at how good I'd become at Sonic 1 after years of not playing it. I was legitimately surprised to find that there were more levels than Green Hill and Marble Zone. And from there, I was officially a Sonic fan.

Recently, I've been semi-trying to detach myself from the series (y'all know the reputation it has), but the bastard keeps finding its way back to me. Seriously, if I'm not actively seeking Sonic media, Sonic media is actively seeking me. So for better or worse, I'm stuck with it.

Happy birthday, you clingy prick.

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The first Sonic game I've ever played was Sonic Advance 2, followed by Heroes. I forgot what made me want to play that game (I think it might've been my brother who played the class Genesis games), but all I remember was playing that game, & instantly being a fan of the franchise.

This franchise is far from perfect (as we all know), but even despite all the bad games, terrible decisions made by SEGA/Sonic Team, I still love this franchise.

Happy birthday, Sonic!

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25 years... It's amazing how far the blue blur has gotten after it's first release back in 1991. I definitely grew up with the Sonic series, he was one of my idols and main inspirators for video games. I remembered playing the shit out of them,Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure being my absolute favorites, and watching as the series evolving as time went by. Yeah, we've all poked fun at the series for so long for its many problems and weird choices committed by the developers and whatnot, but it doesn't matter; I will still commend the series for trying to stay afloat, introducing a lot of new fans to the series and for moving forward no matter what. I'm hoping for a brighter future for Sonic and everyone else involved.

Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic and the Sonic community. :)

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My introduction to the series was kind of weird. See, I belonged to a message board about Petz, the old virtual pet game, since I was really young. Like many forums, it had a section for showcasing creative works. Someone posted a horrible script-based fan fiction about Sonic on it. That prompted me to look up the characters on Google Images, and immediately I became fascinated with them. From the very beginning, I had a special interest in Knuckles, since I knew about echidnas beforehand and was intrigued at the prospect of such an obscure animal being used as a character (and he was even my favorite color to boot!). I had heard of the series before, but it was that experience that actually caused me to become a fan.

Technically, my first Sonic game was this, which I think my Mom bought before I was even born from a garage sale or something:


It's probably not surprising that this didn't cause me to become particularly interested in the series. x)

I remember, before becoming a Sonic fan, I was pretend-offended by the fact that Sonic barely looked like a real hedgehog. Particularly, I thought he didn't look cute enough. Now, whenever I look at a real hedgehog, I think it looks too cute and needs more attitude ._.

Here's a bizarre fact: Before I became a Sonic fan, once I saw an ad for the Sonic Happy Meal mini-video game toys while we were going to McDonald's, and looking at Sonic, I thought to myself that someday, I could become a really big fan of his. Like, I guess it's just destiny or something :P

The strange thing about my love for Sonic is that I'm really not that into video games and never have been. I mean, I enjoy playing them, certainly, but I really don't devote a lot of time to them. I haven't even finished many games at all, including Sonic ones. But I still just...like Sonic, haha. I really do love his games when I do play them, and I just love the character (and all the many other Sonic characters!), and he's fun to draw and make headcanons about and whatever. And there is an advantage to me not having experienced as many aspects of his series as most people would if they'd been fans for 10 years: lots of stuff is fresh and new to me that would be old hat to others, and well, that's kind of a good thing.

Sonic isn't always my "number one" franchise, but in a sense, it feels like the one that I'll always come back to, and almost always have at least a little interest in. With other franchises, like Pokemon, I can sometimes vacillate between extreme obsession and almost total indifference. Sonic, on the other hand, is always lurking in the background, it seems. Something I'll always like and have fun with. In a sense, it's the franchise I identify with the strongest, and the one that will "always be there for me" (as cheesy as that sounds xP). Another way in which my love for Sonic is different from that for other series is that I tend to have at least a small amount of affection for all parts of Sonic. Okay, sometimes that affection is very small (lookin' at you Sonic X), but just in general, I feel like everything that's Sonic is a part of the "whole" of Sonic that I love, even if the individual pieces may vary in quality. I don't feel that way as strongly with other series.

The last thing I'd like to say about Sonic is that he's actually kind of inspirational. He always has self-confidence and never gives up no matter what. He just always keeps running and always keeps his head up. As someone who's easily driven to despair by the simplest things, Sonic's approach to life is something I can't help but admire and even be a bit jealous of!

Sonic may have had a lot of ups and downs and all arounds, but that doesn't change the fun times we've all had with him, so here's to 25 more years! ;)


(from Zone 0)

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I'm not one of much words but I'll try my best.

I was introduced to Sonic when I was 4, Sonic X had just began airing and me being the kid I was loved it. I don't recall what my first game was but it it sure as heck wasn't one of the popular ones. I began moving my interest to other things as i grew up, but I always came back to check up on things. It wasn't until 2009 when my interest started back up. Maybe it was just my nostalgia that brought me back, but I don't care; I'm glad to be here. Sonic, even with all your ups and downs, you have been a beloved character and franchise to me. I hope I can live through another 25 years and more with you.


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Truth be told, I can't say for certain what my first encounter with Sonic was. The first time I played a game was Sonic 2 at a friend's house, but I feel like at the very least I was already aware of the blue blur.

Only a couple of months later I would receive my own Mega Drive II with Sonic 2, Bart's Nightmare, a 3-in-1 cart (World Cup Italia '90, Super Hang-On, & Columns) and Skitchin'. Sonic 2 was clearly, by far, the best of the lot and a step up from anything on my NES or Amiga. From there, I was hooked. Sonic the Comic, AoStH, SatAM, novels, choose-your-own-adventures, a freaking joke book, even the Tiger LCD Sonic 2 game. Yeah, I was mad for Sonic, though weirdly I never owned Sonic 1 or 3 until Mega Collection. I did borrow them a fair few times from friends though.

Console choices meant that after Sonic 3D, I drifted away until I got a Gamecube. My brother and I got Mega Collection on a nostalgia kick with my new Gamecube (spent more time playing that than Luigi's Mansion and Wind Waker which I got at the same time...), and then we heard about Sonic X. I would have been about 16 then, and suddenly Sonic Heroes is due soon, there's a Sonic Adventure 2 port out and Sonic Advenure DX is out next month? I was back, in a big way, and after 100% Sonic Heroes I joined this place.

I've phased out a couple of times since then (big gap between Shadow and Colours, nothing since Generations) and i'm cautious with this year's game...there will be one, right? Right?

I can't deny my love of that bloody hedgehog though. Looking forward to a big celebration at this years Summer of Sonic!

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