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What is the origin of your cover photo?

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Recently we got a new feature, it allows you to display a photo over your profile, bigger than a avatar but smaller than a flat out profile background we used to have, so what is the one you choose  exactly?

Mine is this:


It came from a card making program on Nintendo's site, it's very peachy as you can tell, I wanted something with a pattern after noticing my last few got cut off in other places, and I like Princess Peach obviously, so it was good to go.

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Mine is from visiting the house of Tim McVey, a competitive gamer and the first person to score 1,000,000,000 in an arcade game called Nibbler (in the 80's, mind you). Those cels were drawn by Don Bluth for the documentary film about him and a rival called Man vs. Snake. The cels are supposed to be him and the snake.

No, he is not related to Tom McVeigh, the unibomber.


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My cover photo is the 90’s J-POP group SPEED, they're one of Japan's most popular girl groups, and one of my favorites. 


Members are, from left to right: Takako Uehara, Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, and Hitoe Arakaki.

They debuted in 1996, disbanded in 2000, reunited in 2001 and 2003, and got back together in 2008. They've been on a long hiatus since they released their fifth album in 2012, and with Eriko in politics now, it doesn't seem like they will get back together any time soon. And it's a shame because it's their 20th anniversary this year.


This is there first song, which is also their longest charting song. 


This is their best selling and most popular song. 

It was the best selling single by a female music group, and they held that record for fifteen years until being beaten by AKB48’s "Sayanara Crawl".


And this is their last single before they disbanded, and my favorite song.



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