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Rey Skywalker-Ren

Bad things about Good Sonic games

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Sonic 1- Bad pacing, but everyone knows this.

Sonic 2- The Special stages are iconic...but they really punish you for playing the game the intended way. You're supposed to play as Sonic & Tails in canon, but I refuse to ever do that unless I'm playing a No Emeralds run.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles- Paying for two games to get one. No Sonic 1&Knuckles functionality. Way too many speed traps designed to get you to slow down.

Sonic Adventure- The characters all play in small subsections of Sonic's levels, for the most part. What's the point of playing as Amy for just three levels? Running as Sonic was broken sometimes, like in Lost World or Speed Highway it was way too hard to stay on the main pathways and run straight. Fishing sucks.

SA2- They removed the ability to track all the emerald shards at the same time. Not enough Shadow levels. FinalHazard is a borderline unplayable mess, the physics are almost as bad as Perfect Dark Gaia.

Sonic Advance 2- The Boss fights. Ugh. Just...the Boss fights.

Heroes- The controls are...finicky. The Chaotix levels were boring. Amy was flanderized.

Unleashed- Night levels lasted too long. Werehog battle theme plays ALL THE TIME. The Hot Dog missions for Eggmanland made me want to kill myself.

Colors- Story? Who needs that?

Generations- Nostalgic References? Who needs them? No DLC. No Secret Rings, Sonic 3 standalone or Advance representation. The game only had two Crisis City remakes. I needed at least six more. And two more tornadoes.

Sonic Runners- No steam/console port. :(

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On 8/24/2016 at 9:18 AM, VolatileMike said:

Sonic Generations:

My favorite Sonic game overall, but what were they thinking with the stage choices? Instead of going for the wacky variety that we love about the series, they chose absolute redundancy. Imagine how much more cohesive it would've been if they'd traded Sky Sanctuary for Ice Cap Zone (and imagine the remixed music!), Speed Highway for Emerald Coast, and Seaside Hill for Casino Park. Three levels, huge improvement. 

Agree about putting Ice Cap Zone in, but Emerald Coast was in the 3DS version!

2 hours ago, Crazizzle said:

Generations- Nostalgic References? Who needs them? No DLC. No Secret Rings, Sonic 3 standalone or Advance representation.

To be fair, Secret Rings is a spinoff game, and Generations only focuses on main series titles.

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Even though Sonic Colors is a game I do consider to be "good", it'd probably be on the lower end of the totem pole for me when it came to the amount of enjoyment I managed to get from it. It really didn't do itself any favors coming out after Unleashed for me. Yeah, it got rid of the Werehog and the Medal Collecting but everything else it got rid of were elements I greatly appreciated. 

Everything from the story, to the music, to the graphics (I know it was for the Wii), to the loss of yet another character, to the loss of the hubs, to the addition of even more 2-D platforming, to the lowered difficulty... 

I wasn't a fan. 

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Sonic Generations 3DS:

Emerald coast and Radical highway are pretty awful levels for the most part (although I enjoy modern Radical highway). But what pisses me off the most is that neither of them are based off portable Sonic games. Where is Sonic Advance? What about Sonic Neo Geo adventure? Or Sonic Rivals?? Sonic Advance series had some beautiful and amazing stages. 

Also, the rival bosses are awful. Not even a challange outside of Metal Sonic. The new system of multiple pathways was really cool and awesome IMO, but a lot of people disliked it. It definitely felt more linear than it actually was.


This is very much my opinion, but I think that Sonic Generations 3DS is only fun when you're replaying the stages and getting A-S ranks. The first time I played it I felt pretty lost and mostly got D-C ranks, and it wasn't very fun. Now, when I'm replaying the stages, I find that the entire game is a lot more fun. It's actually made me want to start getting into speedrunning, because it's really exhilerating. 

I think it's a good, but lacking game. Wish they had done some more work on it, but I'm still satisfied and happy with what they've put out. 

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