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Sonic's 25th Anniversary Party Livestream @ Motobug | 6:00 PM PST

The Deleter

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Thanks for this!! You guys have really put a lot of effort in!

Going to feel great being connected to everyone while watching the motobug stream in anticipation for the 25th anniversary party! 

The Sonic community is truly a great thing. We dont always see eye to eye, but that's how families work :D 

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I'm still debating about whether I'll be trying to stay up for the party or not since it's starting so late over here.

Mind you, it's a fairly special time for Sonic fans so of course I want to be around for it. Worst case scenario I'll be around for the OVA at least!

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19 minutes ago, BradAric said:

Thanks to the preshow I now know where that image of Knuckles in your signature comes from...and here I thought it was terrible fanart TnT

Sonic Underground is pretty much bad fanfiction anyway, just like Sonic 06.

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K, there were a bit of confusions with runtimes (and I made a mistake with the time zones again, augh) but the schedule should all be in order now.

Sorry about any confusion this might have caused, guys. Hope it doesn't cause too much of a hassle for you all... :\

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I honestly have no idea. Been working like mad on this, so I'm too flustered to focus on it.

Btw, the stream is going down in less than 20 mins! Currently we're watching the previous announcement trailers of the Sonic series to build up the hype!

The time is now! Drop everything you're doing and get in here!!!


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