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Sonic Mania (August 15th 2017, Christian Whitehead, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) - The New Classic


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2 hours ago, Zippo said:

Taxman isn't a fan of CD's level design either. Looking forward to seeing what he improves in the chosen levels.


This makes sense given the differences between Mania and CD (Level Design wise). Keen to see how they change up the CD stage(s) to have better design while staying true to its original game. 

The new level looks a lot tougher than other ones, or the guy playing just had too much of a grudge on some of those badniks. (That was funny to watch) 

Knuckles' new sprites look so good when watching the video a second time. There was always something about his sprite in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.... 

Tempted to go on a media black out as well. As we can see the quality of level design goes beyond Studiopolis zone.


Okay I lie. Want to see just one level remake to see how it makes the new Green Hill Zone look so tame in comparison.


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Well, that was a bolt of the blue!! (yes, I know.. :-p). Gameplay looks really good, Mirage Saloon Zone is beautiful looking, glad to finally see Tails and Knuckles in action and it didn't disappoint. Tails pose when he finishes the stage is so adorable and Knuckles being able to hang on to walls with 1 fist!!! All the signs point to a superbly made game, IS IT SPRING YET?!?!?

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18 minutes ago, Mark1 said:

This brings up another question. With how this is looking, do people believe that it could potentially top all of the Genesis games as the most critically acclaimed Classic Sonic experience so far?

Taxman/Stealth may be all that and a bag of potato chips, and this game is looking fantastic, but nothing will top the masterpiece that is Sonic 3K. /Personal opinion

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I really don't feel that the saloon and desert themes are mixing each other very well on the new level (so I hope the first part is mostly desert with some caves), but enough about me being a Debbier Downer.


I just love how cool Knuckles looks on his victory screen. Even his pupils are animated!

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