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Sonic Mania (August 15th 2017, Christian Whitehead, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) - The New Classic


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They did it.  They actually went there and did it.  I feel like I shouldn't be surprised, since the writing was on the wall, but I'm still amazed.  I mean, I know this is likely just the appetiser for Sonic Team's next contribution, but damn that looks like one hell of a starter.

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23 minutes ago, El Driver said:

Here's some video I took of Studiopolis:

I liked the game, it feels like a sequel to Sonic CD in its presentation and level design. The physics are of course 10/10 with the classic games.

I think my only complaints are that it still feels a little bit amateurish and (other than Sonic’s new move) it doesn't really push the boundaries of the classic formula . I wished I had a better word to describe what I mean but sometimes it lacks that "pop" that the classic trilogy and CD have. 

I can't wait till it comes out though.

Awesome footage dude.

Studiopolis looks very cool. I like how Sonic sometimes disappears behind the scenery. The end of the stage where Sonic gets bounced upwards - after passing the finishing post - near all those rings is kinda neat. I'm totally with you on the Sonic CD vibe. It's very gimmicky and colorful.

I don't mind it being a simple classic styled game. In terms of pushing the boundary I don't know what they could do without moving away form the simple formula which has always worked so well.

Only complaint is there's a few sequences/fast loops/de loops where you are holding right-to-win. That's the only thing I can think of in terms of "amateurish". Other than that the stage design looks excellent. We know StealthTax can make good stage design ala Hidden Palace from Sonic 2 remastered.

I'm also happy with them mixing old and new stage design like with Green Hill. This is the 25th anniversary since Sonic 1 afterall!


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If anyone is wondering who PagodaWest Games are:



We’re an award-winning indie games development team based in Portland, Oregon and London specializing in titles for mobile devices and consoles. Founded in late 2011, we launched our first title – Major Magnet – in February 2013, which was awarded Apple’s coveted Editor’s Choice Award, was included in the PAX East Indie Showcase, hit Top 5 in the Paid Apps charts and was widely recognized as a success throughout the gaming community. Since then, the team has expanded to titles such as Circle Frenzy, Nom Chops, SnapPals and Mr. Buzz.



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I just now saw the gameplay and...

*Breathing heavily*

Oh My God... IT IS FUCKING GLORIOUS!!! The gameplay looked really great (proper rolling physics <3), the animation and graphics looked smooth and stunning, and the music. The music, OMG, is just fantastic! I especially love the hell out of Studiopolis Zone.

Christian Whitehead, you and your team have done a wonderful job with this game and I hope you get a chance to continue to shine more in the future. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game next year! I salute you guys.

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So here we have Sonic: After the Trilogy or Sonic: After the Threequel.

What could I possibly say about this that everyone else isn't gushing about already? I mean...Uuuh, it's so goood. I love that we all already know it's going to be and absolutely fantastic game. The sprite works, the physics, Tails and Knuckles being playable, the Drop Dash, the music, THE MUSIC, GOOD GLORIOUS GOD THE MUSIC! <3

Wow...This is such a great time to be a Sonic fan. I can't want to get my hands on this next March. I'll probably get it as a birthday present to myself. <3

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In a way, for me this is like a smaller scale version of the NieR automata reveal, about a game that I never expected to see back despite SEGA's attempts in the last years to bring that charm back with very fluctuating degrees of success, and made by a team that seems to have just the right people for the job.

If anything so far the only concerns I could think about would be about the amount of content the game might have (because Sonic 4 offered very little and Sonic 1 also falls on the short side and we are getting Green Hill Zone AGAIN), but as of now that's just me being a downer for the sake of it since there is no reason to think they wouldn't provide a game that's meaty enough (Sonic 2 long would be nice, larger would be better).


And I think I'll leave it at that for now, it's 5:30 AM and should have gone to sleep a long time ago but man... It feels so nice to be hyped for a New Sonic game again (not dissing project 2017, it's just that I need to see a bit more than that teaser to get me going). Haven't felt like this since the Generations reveal.

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Is it just me or is that finishing pose when you complete a level a nod to the original prototype of Sonic 1? The jumping in the air fist pump was in media found before the prototype was stolen yes?

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9 minutes ago, Spooky Mulder said:

Is Green Hill Zone 1 literally just Green Hill Zone 1 from Sonic 1 or does it mix it up later in the stage?

I'm thinking that it mixes things up later in the stage and adds things on top of the already recycled structure.  There's a rather abrupt jump-cut in the gameplay video, so I'm assuming they did that namely so as not to reveal too much and let it be a surprise for the player.

Kind of unfortunate that now we're expecting the surprise, so that kind of defeats the purpose, but whatever! XD

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(Plays the trailer)

(Sees Christian Whitehead logo)

(Instant hype)


Now this is Sonic 4 as I truly imagined. Good job Sega. You just did what I was expecting from you: a new full classic 2D game and a modern Sonic game (that happens to have Classic Sonic on it... and it's not Generations 2? Well, anyway, COOL!). Thanks!


If one can ask for more, I'd say I'd like:

-Even more playable characters. Tails & Knuckles are more than welcome, but one more would rock.

-I like Sonic 3 sprite more. This design is acceptable, but if this is kind of a sequel to the Genesis classics, I'd expect an evolution from Sonic 3's.

-I hope they announce this for mobile devices as well.

-I hope the money they raise with this is used for Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remastered as well!


Anyway, CONGRATS to Da Taxman. He's finally become (or has become once again) the Classic Sonic "knight" for all the classic fans. He deserves it and we will enjoy that. I wonder if this was that new game he's been saying he was wo

I hope TSS gets Taxman for an interview anytime soon. Spring 2017 seems so far away and there's so much I'd like to know from this project: special stages, cutscenes, number of zones and acts, secrets... 

And to answer the topic, this is awesome, thanks very much, but we (or at least I) still want Sonic 3&K on mobile :P


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I wonder if each stage theme will be just 1 act (i.e just one act of Green Hill and Studiopolis). I think they should at least do two acts for each stage.

As for how many stages in the game there should be; I'd like to see at least 10 stages (with 2 acts each)......or even more. Plenty of routes for Knuckles & Tails to explore. Hopefully Knuckles & Tails will also have the drop-dash move. 

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