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Sonic Boom (Cartoon Network - Fall 2016, Untagged Spoilers for Season 2) - Season 2 Finale

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1 minute ago, Miragnarok said:

Or, it could just be re-runs. 

According to that article, they are apparently considering getting a new team together to write a third Season. Only time will tell if that succeeds.

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8 hours ago, HywelAtTheMoon said:

If season 3 does happen, they really should add a guest star or two. No one too expensive, but well known in the VA industry, eg. Tara Strong. 

Yes we need more returning characters, but I think we at least need a new main character to join either Team Sonic or Eggman like Blaze or Rouge. Silver, Shadow, Metal and Vector would work just fine as guest characters.

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