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Upcoming Sonic Games Rules

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As an addendum to the rules of conduct outlined above, I am appending a rule about discussing other communities, their reactions, their activities, etc. We all know there are some infamous fan groups and whatnot out there, but we don't really need to bring their drama and nonsense over here, nor do they need more attention. Posts of this nature will be removed on sight, and may be subject to the usual punishments outlined above if repeated.

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Making an update here for all to see, because my original post and accompanying status about behavior in the Forces threads are going to be buried, and I don't want anyone complaining about not knowing what the new deal is:


We play this silly little schoolyard game every single time a new game drops and doesn't get the most glowing impressions. People who like the game get in their feelings and act like the world is against them just because their opinion may be in the minority. Negative opinions are inherently taken as personal attacks or calls for more optimistic people to censor themselves when that may not even be the case at all. For years, people have been allowed to get away with characterizing either specific members or the forum as a whole as being unreasonably intolerant to positive opinions of contentious new releases, sometimes ironically engaging in personal attacks themselves.

This shit stops today.

I personally will be monitoring the forum for the foreseeable future and actively handing out strikes or suspensions to any people who engage in this kind of victimization and shit-stirring. I will also make sure to hand out strikes or suspensions to any people who are negative about the game if they also break the rules. We did that yesterday in one of the Forces threads and we'll happily do it again. This is your first and only warning.

If you want a more positive environment, you are free to:

A.) Put members on your ignore list who you find intolerable.

B.) Make a thread asking earnestly the things people like about the game.

C.) Report actual rule breaking behavior.

D.) Engage in conversation with members who have posted positive opinions and create those discussion tangents within the bigger topics. You are not obligated to respond to anyone and everyone

These behaviors would do wonders in better fostering an environment of just basic tolerance. You know what doesn't; constantly complaining that people are not happy, or saying people are "beating a dead horse" for reacting genuinely to new news, or insisting that people with positive opinions are "not being allowed to like the game."

Get ahold of yourselves.


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