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(Writing Project) Sonic: Universal Chaos - Side Story 1: Tales of a Hedgehog Released

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So, an earlier post I made in the Sonic X Discussion seriously made me look at what I saw as the serious issues of Sonic X's third season. A season that had plenty of potential, but ended up quite possibly being the worst season of Sonic X. However, that has led to me feeling rather inspired, and I decided. I'm gonna try a fan rewrite of Season 3 in an attempt to make a better story. There will be major changes, attempts to tie the X Canon closer to the video game roots, and tie some of the Genesis titles into the story, as well as trying to improve character arcs and developments. There won't be a real schedule to this as when I write these stories, I tend to write them when I've got the inspiration for them. With that said, constructive criticism, and general thoughts are more than welcome. I also recommend reading the below bios, as it contains character descriptions, and locations/backstories, some of which are widely different from what was present in the original Sonic X Season 3. I will be adding additional bios as new characters are added to the story. With that said, Hope everyone enjoys.

Character Bios: 


Sonic the Hedgehog:



Age: 15

Species: Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog is the self-proclaimed fastest thing alive on the planet Mobius. He's a snarky, freedom loving hedgehog with a kind heart, and a loving for chilidogs. While his cocky attitude and tendency to always run off without his friends can make it hard to get along with the blue blur, he's one of the coolest and kindest people once you look past his negative aspects. 

After years of fighting his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman, Sonic and his friends accidentally got scent to Earth in a strange explosion called Chaos Control.  However, after meeting a boy named Chris, they grew attachment to the world, and Sonic especially enjoyed seeing the new sights the world had to offer. Sonic and his friends slowly found themselves becoming celebrities after stopping several of Dr. Eggman's schemes to take over with his Eggman Empire. However, when it was discovered that their presence could cause disaster for all of them, Sonic and his friends made the decision to return to their world through use of a portal machine Tails created. However, Sonic found himself kept in Chris' world for an additional few days due to the interference of Chris who closed down Tails' portal machine.

While Sonic was a lot more understanding towards Chris for doing what he did, the rest of Sonic's friends saw it as a very selfish and dangerous move on both Sonic's part for remaining with Chris, and Chris' part for shutting down the portal machine in the first place. Despite Sonic now being back in his own world, he is still dealing with some fall out from his friends for what occured back on Earth.

Sonic is currently on a new adventure alongside his friends Tails, and Knuckles as they journey to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds in order to try secure them from falling into the wrong hands. Little does he know, he's about to meet a new enemy...

Miles "Tails" Prower 



Age: 8

Species: Fox 


Tails is Sonic's best friend, and more like a little brother to him more than anything else. He is a genius inventor, and builder who provides Sonic with technical support, and is a helpful ally due to his ability to fly using his two tails. Tails used to be a bullied loner on South Island when he met Sonic, who was currently adventuring the area. When Tails followed Sonic, and saw his plane, Tails began tinkering around with it while Sonic was gone. One day, Sonic came back early and saw the young fox working on the plane, leading to the two's introduction. From then on, Sonic helped build up Tails' confidence and self-esteem and became the first true friend the young fox had.

After entering through the portal back to his own world, and learning Sonic didn't make it back, Tails quickly began trying to do damage control by trying to collect data on the portal shutdown, learning that Chris directly shut it down, leading to the fox harboring some spite towards Chris due to placing both worlds in danger. What didn't help this was Tails having to fill in for Sonic's usual heroism by stopping Eggman's attempts at luring Sonic out of hiding by causing havoc. Tails, along with the rest of his friends also begin to harbor a little bit of anger against Sonic when they learned that Sonic offered to remain with Chris on Earth, due to the fact he'd be destroying both of their worlds over a selfish decision.

Right now, Tails had to keep his feelings of frustration in check when Sonic asked both his, and Knuckles' assistance in tracking down the remaining Chaos Emeralds in order to safeguard them. While Tails is willing to still help out and find the emeralds, he's holding back a lot of pent up aggression and frustration towards Sonic, Chris, and Eggman due to the events of the worlds colliding. 

Knuckles the Echidna: 



Age: 16

Species: Echidna


Knuckles is the sworn protector of the Master Emerald, and is a gruff, temperamental person. Despite how harsh he can be, and how easily angered he is, underneath, Knuckles is an idealistic hero who thinks that everybody can redeem themselves, and is a person with a great deal of care for his friends, and his birthplace and birthright. Knuckles has been known to be quite the prankster in his younger years, especially when he first met both Sonic and Tails on Angel Island. Here, Eggman tricked the young echidna into believing Sonic and Tails were there to try steal his master emerald, and leave Angel Island in ruins while Dr. Eggman was trying to power up his Death Egg MK 2. During this, Knuckles used a mixture of wits and raw power to outsmart and outfight Sonic and led him into more traps. However, when Eggman showed his true colours, Knuckles made an uneasy alliance with Sonic to save everyone, and the two have been friends and rivals since then. Unfortunately, his idealistic viewpoint makes him easy to trick. 

When the portal shut down and Sonic didn't return, Knuckles was one of the people who got extremely angry, due to the fact Chris had just sealed them to a fate stuck in time unless Sonic fixed it quickly. He unfortunately didn't have time to stick around to help Tails however, as his rival, Rouge the Bat quickly decided to pull a siege on Angel Island in order to steal the Master Emerald, causing Knuckles to defend it from her. Knuckles would later be the person to discover Sonic unconscious on Angel Island after having used Chaos Control to return to Mobius. After getting him back to Tails' workshop, Sonic explained what happened with the portal, causing Knuckles to get extremely angry after hearing Sonic was willing to stay with Chris, and knowingly hurt everyone else. 

Despite his anger, Knuckles decided to put his grudge behind him when Sonic came to both him and Tails, explaining his reasoning for wanting to collect the Chaos Emeralds to keep them safe. Joining them on their journey, Knuckles provides the muscle in case of any trouble that occurs. 


Chapter 1: Campfire Stories

*Windy Valley*

It was 3am, and the moonlight shined down brightly around the grassy fields of Windy Valley. As the wind blew throughout the fields, a small flame blew with it. A campfire was burning, as a blue hedgehog, and a red echidna was sound asleep around the heat of the blazing fire. In the center of the small camp was a yellow fox. Tails had been up for the last hour, silently thinking. He thought about what had happened over the last six months, and the mess that Chris had nearly caused, freezing them all in time.  It had been a week since the three had departed from his workshop in search of the Chaos Emeralds, and Tails couldn't sleep. He hasn't been able to sleep very well since they arrived back to Mobius. He had a lot on his mind, and Tails did what he always did when he couldn't sleep. He tinkered with his inventions, This time though, he had no inventions to tinker around with. He was in the wilderness, in a forest that reminded him a lot of his old life, where he was bullied for his gift of two tails. 

"....Emerooolds" Knuckles muttered as he laid sound asleep in his sleeping bag.

Tails was surprised that Knuckles decided to join them, thinking that he would be protecting the Master Emerald. According to him however, Rouge hadn't been seen in weeks, and the chaos emeralds needed to be safe. Tails poked the campfire with a stick once again, as he thought about the events that led up to this. It had been six months since Sonic returned to Mobius, and while they were on speaking terms, Sonic and Tails' friendship had been strained to say the least. Sonic had a lot to account for after agreeing to stay on Earth with Chris, and while Tails thought his best friend was the coolest thing alive, Tails had grown increasingly more frustrated by Sonic's silent act, and always running away to explore when he wanted to talk to him about what happened 

A few flickys flew over to Tails as he greeted them. "Hey little guys..." Tails said, as he pointed one of his fingers out, allowing one of the flickys to rest on it, "Sorry little guys, I don't have any food for you tonight".

The flickys remained with Tails for a few minutes later, when he heard Sonic stirring.

"...Tails...?" Sonic said, as he awoke yawning while the flickys flew off. "Tails, shouldn't you be asleep? It's 3:30am dude." Sonic asked, with a yawn, still clearly awakening fully. "I couldn't sleep...I have a lot on my mind Sonic." Tails replied, distantly. 

Sonic got up and stretched a little in order to wake up while Tails just kept looking down at the campfire. Sonic was originally going to go for a quick run to make himself tired again, but seeing Tails like this, he quickly decides to sit back down.

"Listen bro, I know things have been a little rocky since I got back, but if you have a problem, you can talk to me about it".

Hearing this seemed to anger Tails a little. "Sonic, I've wanted to talk about this for months. I've wanted to talk about it as soon as I found out who closed the portal and why they did it. But every time I tried to talk to you, you keep running off".

Sonic looked down, feeling a bit bad after realizing he was a main cause of Tails' stress. After a few moments of icy silence, Sonic decided to speak up. "I'm sorry little bro. I guess I just didn't realize what I was doing til it was too late. I know you're angry about Chris. You have every right to be, but I wasn't planning on remaining there. I didn't think he would have made that choice. Honestly, it was a test of character".

Tails looked at Sonic and replied "If that was the case, then why did you keep running? Why didn't you come back and tell us?" Sonic looked up towards the moon "I guess I was just worried. Worried you guys wouldn't understand. Running's always been my way of clearing my head. I just thought if I ran fast enough, maybe it'd become clear". 

The silence returned as the fire burned brightly. Sonic decided to break the ice once again as he began to chuckle slightly, as Tails looked at him curiously. Sonic walked over and sat beside Tails on the log Tails was using as a seat. "Hey Tails, do you remember that April Fools Day prank we pulled on Amy?".

Tails nodded in response, laughing a little "Yeah, I sneaked up behind her with a Metal Sonic costume on and you pretended I was a new model of Metal Sonic. She got so angry that she chased us both with her hammer for an hour!" Sonic laughed in response "She waited outside with her hammer all night just waiting for a swing at me".

Tails poked the fire again and looked at Sonic, "What about the time we introduced Knuckles to Amy, and Knuckles thought Amy was a jewel thief?". 

This story caused Sonic to burst out laughing, falling off the log in the process. "...A-and then Knuckles tried to bust through Amy's hammer, only to get his fists stuck in it!". That last sentence seemed to cause Knuckles to stir a little, but not enough to wake up as Sonic and Tails continued their laughing spree. 

Sonic smiled and threw some more firewood onto the burning campfire. "You remember the time Cream was sad after going to the dentist, so we convinced Knuckles to dress up like a clown while I played the acrobat, and you played the ringmaster, and we put on a small circus for her?" Tails nodded in response, yeah, and we even convinced Amy to be another clown so her and Knuckles could do a routine. Cream was so happy by the end of it that she barely even remembered the appointment". 

Tails decided to speak up about something eating his mind. "Sonic, honestly, while I was mad at you, I was even madder at Chris. I mean, he was losing us, but he had his family, his friends, and an entire world that was looking up to him now due to helping us save the day all of the time. I just don't understand why he got so selfish that he wanted to risk all of our lives just to hang out with you, especially we all explained why we needed to leave."

Sonic took a minute to think, and replied "I get where you're coming from little bro. Chris was our friend, but it really didn't give him a right to do what he did. He played with everyone's lives. I guess I just wanted to see if he was willing to really follow through with it just for my sake. Luckily, he didn't, and hopefully he's learned his lesson". 

This response seemed to make Tails' mood a little better, as he yawned, and looked at the time. 5am. Sonic gave him a thumbs up and went back to his sleeping bag. "Better catch a bit of shut eye bro, tomorrow, we're going after the final emerald!" Tails nodded and smiled, putting out the campfire, and crawling into his own sleeping bag, preparing to sleep. 

*Red Mountain, 5:30am*

A mysterious figure walked through the mountaintop, looking through the world. "Hmmm, this world. It's so beautiful. So different from my own. But also so odd. One moment, you could be walking through a beach, and then a mountain."

The figure looked down, seeing an entrance towards Windy Valley from a distance.

"Prepare yourself hedgehog. Tonight, I fix my world, and my future."


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It's a good story so far as I like the character interactions. Just some nitpicks:

Dialogue should be written in separate lines. Example:



  "....Emerooolds" Knuckles muttered as he laid in his sleeping bag.

Tails was surprised that Knuckles decided to join them....


That way, not only is it easier to read, but it is clearer to see who is talking apart from the action. 


4 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

Tails had been up for the last hour, silently thinking

This seems more "telling" than "showing". A way to make this stronger is to show us his thoughts. What is he thinking about? 

4 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

*Snore* "....Emerooolds" Knuckles muttered as he laid in his sleeping bag.

Writing out *snore* works for a script but since this isn't a script, a better alternative is:

"Emerooolds...." Knuckles muttered in his sleep as he tossed and turned in his sleeping bag.

(it's just a suggestion haha. whichever you come up with will be better.)


Also, on another note on dialogue, if the character is stating something, a comma needs to go after their line. Example:

"Hey little guys," Tails said.

Since it is all in the same sentence. Characters shouting, asking questions or spacing out (....) don't need commas. 

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15 minutes ago, Sonikku. said:

It's a good story so far as I like the character interactions. Just some nitpicks:

Dialogue should be written in separate lines. Example:

That way, not only is it easier to read, but it is clearer to see who is talking apart from the action. 

I edited the main OP to reflect the feedback. One thing I should mention is the above however.

Normally, that's how I would've written dialogue, but the forums have a rule I believe where it needs to be paragraphs (Not sure if it's strictly just RPs, or all writing in general). I've tried to find a balance between it to make it more clear.

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*Side Story: Tales of a Hedgehog*

*Another Time, Another Place*

A book had opened, showing a page of Sonic running through what seemed to be Green Hill Zone, destroying badniks as he went along.

"It had been a long life for Sonic the Hedgehog. He has had many different adventures. His adventures stretched around the world of Mobius, fighting villain upon villain for the safety of his friends." The page turned to Tails, and the rest of Sonic's friends, including Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Chris, and many others.

"There have been many stories untold about the heroic hedgehog, even unknown to his friends. There was the time he helped the princess of the Acorn Kingdom, and her band of Freedom Fighters stop an evil wizard from taking over their land..." The page flipped over to a chipmunk and several other freedom fighters.

"There was the time where he was forced to enter a pinball trap that his arch-enemy Eggman had set up, brainwashing his friends against him, and the time where he to enter the book of Arabian Nights to stop an evil genie, and many more..." The page flipped to Sonic fighting a brainwashed Tails, and two genies, one a female, and one a male. The book ends there, the rest of the pages having been destroyed beyond repair.

"So there's only one question that remains..." The book was suddenly closed and placed back onto a shelf, what little remained in a room that had been completely destroyed.

"Why did he turn against them all. Why did he kill them all? Why...has he led to my world's ruin?" We pan out to reveal a young silver hedgehog walking over to a large gap in the wall, a small hole to peek into the flaming landscape outside. This was his home. His hiding place, his refuge, his prison. He lived in a world where only the strongest survive. Where the world has become nothing but a destroyed wreck ruled by a creature of fear, pain and destruction, and he wasn't strong enough to do anything about it. 

"It appears you ask plenty of questions, and yet have received no answers my dear friend" The silver hedgehog turned, seeing a dark furred hedgehog with a very noticeable blue stripe that stood out from the rest of his dark fur. "You'll soon receive the answers when your lady friend returns with that precious chaos emerald, and we go back and fix this mess". 

The silver hedgehog didn't trust this dark figure. He'd only met him a few days ago, and already he had given him the creeps. The unnerving way he walked, talked, and overall acted was enough to send a million alarm bells through the young hedgehog's head. However, times were desperate, and the information he could place together from all of the destroyed books found in the hedgehog's hiding place was enough to make him believe this was their only chance to save their world, their future. As the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the silver hedgehog needed as many friends as he could possibly get at this point. 

A female cat soon entered into the hideout, using the one entrance that wasn't destroyed and wasn't blocked off. "Shouldn't we think about this just one more time before we jump head fir-" Of course, the black furred hedgehog had already stepped in before she could say anything that could throw a doubt into the silver hedgehog's mind. "We do not have much time my friends, the ritual must be done now if you are to go back and fix this mess". The silver hedgehog turned back to the cat. "You have all people should know, I always think best when I'm in a battle, and we don't have much time left, let's go now and we can deal with it then." 

Without any more hesitation, the hedgehog and cat took held of the emerald, and began using the ritual words, vanishing in front of the black furred hedgehog's eyes. With a smirk, he pulled out his own emerald, and simply said two words before disappearing. "Chronos Control!". 

*Tales of a Hedgehog: End* 

Yeah, so It's been a while right? Yeah, sorry about that, I've been extremely busy and haven't really gotten time to write about this, as well as having a case of writer's block. Recently however, I've been getting a few ideas about how I want to tie all of this together. Any Sonic fan likely knows who this story was focused on, and might be confused with a certain character's inclusion. Don't worry however, as there'll soon be another side story that explains that. I'm not sure if this story is as strong as Chapter 1's Campfire Stories, but I wanted to offer a look into this story's events and how it'll be tying in some of the non-canon Sonic stories in a way that shouldn't contradict anything. While Chapter 1 was based more on establishing characters and motivations, this chapter was definitely more about the world building, establishing one of the worlds that will have an effect on one of the main characters. 

Anyway, before the second side story, I'll be doing Chapter 2, and hopefully will have that and Side Story 2 done this month at least. I'd love for some guesses as to Side Story 2's main character so again, feedback is wanted :) 


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