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Why "Adventure Sonic" is Modern Sonic

Rey Skywalker-Ren

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Dr. Detective Mike

Classic and Modern Sonic might as well be different characters as far as my perception of them is concerned. I've been having conflicting feelings within myself over the fact that even when I was a child I always found it hard to see Classic Sonic as the same character as the one from Sonic Adventure 2. That reflex within me from when I was a child where I tried my hardest to be interested in Sonic 2 only to give up and turn the Genesis off when my Aunt brought the Gamecube to my Grandma's house so I could play Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on it always sticks out in my mind as the perfect metaphor for how I unconsciously react to Sonic nowadays.

I grew up admiring certain things about the games from afar, only bringing myself to fully experiencing it sometime later. The only thing I owned of Sonic's before hand was a video cassette tape of AoSth with two episodes on it that at the time I had to make due with re-running over and over again because the show wasn't on TV anymore and I had no internet to track down the other ones. The first Sonic show I comfortably managed to grow up with by tuning in for it each week was Sonic X. I was molded into a Sonic fan based on the way I was exposed to it.

I have no real choice but to accept the fact that seeing Classic Sonic in stuff doesn't excite me at all. It looks different. It plays different. It functions different. He acts different. Boom Sonic feels closer to the Sonic I grew up with then Classic does if I'm being painfully honest. 

Plus, I can't even beat any of the Classic games so there's that. I got close to beating Sonic CD but got stuck on the Metal Sonic boss and that was... years ago. Back when my room was a completely different set-up.

I will say, I'm glad most of the discussion is between Classic and Modern being separate characters because I seriously have no idea who honestly thinks Modern and Adventure Sonic are two different people. When people refer to Adventure Sonic I'm 99% sure they're speaking in terms of the gameplay. 

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i think adventure sonic is modern sonic simple cause the designs are the same.

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