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Nightly Doodles n' Other Stuff

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2 minutes ago, Mightyray said:

That line art is just so smooth! I love it! You're doing a good job overall so keep it up! 

Thank you! ^^ I'm way too meticulous when it comes to lineart that it usually takes forever for me to finish things lol

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Here's little drawing I did of myself, laughing and/or drunk.

Here’s me either laughing at something, drunk, or both.


Also, I don't know if this really belongs here, but here's an art influence grid I did a while ago with all of my main influences as of now.

nightlycomet: “ Felt like filling out this influence grid that @badcharacterdesign made. Feel free to fill one out yourself if you want. ”

Here's the template for the grid: http://badcharacterdesign.tumblr.com/post/151742116080/just-wanted-to-post-these-because-personally-i

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Here's some animation I did for the web-series Khonjin House, which if you've never seen it before you absolutely should cause it's fantastic~

I animated the character Pent (the guy on the thumbnail) from 1:41 2:06 and 3:04 - 3:06. I'd highly recommend watching the whole video, all the animators did a fantastic job on this.


Also here's my half of an art trade with the awesome artist Cosmic-Doodle of his witch character Cindy and my detective character Wren.



And here's a couple scribbles I did while animating for the video at the top.



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