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Mario Sports Superstar(3DS)

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You ready for some sportttttttttts?


Mario Sports Superstars brings the best of the best of Mario sports(... except Basketball for some reason) and puts them in one package and adds horse riding.

So far, the only thing I can say I'm a bit disappointed is that soccer doesn't seem to be as intense as Strikers, but the horses are cute.


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I think Mario Sports Mix had the right idea of being a collection of Mario-themed sports games, its just that the execution wasn't very good. So I'm pretty glad to see Nintendo giving the concept another go with this title.

Also, maybe this could serve as a replacement to the Mario and Sonic Olympic series? The Wii U/3DS-era titles have tanked in sales in contrast to the Wii/DS-era titles. The novelty has arguably well worn off by this point.

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> has no prior interest in this game

> sees Rosalina is a playable character



On a serious note, the game looks... ok? Releasing it after the Switch launch though is pretty much commercial suicide. If I'm not completely broke from getting the new console, maybe I'll check this out. If not, it might be a neat bargain bin or Christmas present sort of game down the line.

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Just a heads-up: The two secret characters have been leaked:


File:MSS NinUK 22.png


In case you can't see them, Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach.

Also, GameXplain got a review copy, so here are their thoughts:

Personally, I'm gonna pass on this one. Like all Mario sports games in recent years, this just doesn't look like it has the magic of the N64 and GameCube titles.

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4 hours ago, kalion said:

With this quality, I would rather not hurt the Switch's sales with this..

No, in other words, I wish it was made for the Switch in mind, with Hd visuals, shading, lighting, and high frame rate. For a 3ds game, this actually looks good, but for a game made for today, it's visuals are outdated.


This is why I hope Switch ends up replacing the 3ds. It had a great long run, but it's hardware is wasting potential that would work better on HD consoles that could handle it's ideas better.

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